• American Booksellers Association concerned that rapidly falling book prices will be bad for consumers. Yes, you read that right. Low prices = bad.

    Books, books, books! The American Booksellers Association, a trade group that represents small bookstores (not Barnes and Noble and the other big guys), has asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether or not Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target have “[devalued] the very concept of the book” with their ongoing price war. Well, they’re actually asking for an investigation… Read More

  • Wal-Mart rolling out tech support services

    Hey, lookin’ good there Mr. Man. I like your protective booties. They look like slippers! Wal-Mart has contracted with service provider N.E.W. to offer tech support services, seemingly in an attempt to compete with Best Buy’s Geek Squad and similar outfits. Read More

  • Don't try to steal Nintendo DS games from Wal-Mart

    Well this is the dumbest story I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of them! Once upon a time, there was a fugitive in Lee County in Florida. His criminal background—his FourSquare achievements, if you will—included armed robbery and kidnapping. He’s thrown in jail in early September, but then breaks out using a fake ID. But then, only a little while later… Read More

  • Father's Day CrunchDeals from Wal Mart

    Father’s Day is coming up, I guess, and Wal Mart is having a fire sale on gadgets and doodad’s to fill dad’s “man cave.” The savings start on June 14th and run till June 20th. Here are a few notable items that will be on sale during that time: $128 Blu-ray player, $697 42-inch LCD HDTV, $199 Palm Pre sans MIR, and a ton of other goods. Hit the jump to see the… Read More

  • Wal-Mart testing out game and movie trade-in machines

    Trading in your used video games could get even less personal (not that it needs to be personal in the first place) the next time you’re at Wal-Mart. The company is apparently testing out kiosks for buying, renting, and even trading in movies and games. Read More

  • Wal-Mart stepping into the big-box electronics breech

    By adding higher-end, interactive displays, Wal-Mart intents to grab big box shoppers who might have once gone to dedicated electronics stores but are now looking for something a bit more interesting. That’s right: Wal-Mart looking to take over where Circuit City left off – offering high-priced electronics in a physical environment reminiscent of the canteen on a prison planet… Read More

  • White PS3 DualShock3 controller already available in the US

    Has anyone else seen or purchased a white DualShock 3 controller for the PS3 in the US? A chap by the name of Henry sent in a few photos of a white PS3 DualShock3 controller that he purchased at a Wal Mart in Florida on Monday. Read More

  • Wal-Mart sells box of rocks disguised as Nintendo DS (twice)

    I’ve worked plenty of thankless retail jobs so I can sympathize with the grind but please, customer service people, check the boxes of stuff that gets returned to your store. A Nintendo DS box filled with rocks and newspaper was apparently returned to a Wal Mart store in Florida, then put back on the floor TWICE, and sold to a mother who gave it to her son as a birthday present. Read More

  • ASUS computers to be sold at Wal-Mart?

    Looking to build on US sales of its notebooks and netbooks, word on the street is that “ASUS is expected to start marketing its notebooks through Wal-Mart in the second half of 2009,” according to a DigiTimes report. Read More

  • Holiday E-Commerce Sales Fall Flat

    Online holiday sales deflated 3 percent this year. ComScore estimates that holiday sales in the U.S. totaled $25.5 billion between November 1 and December 23, the last day orders could be delivered in time for Christmas. The comparable total in 2007 was $26.3 billion. Sales were struggling to keep up with last year’s totals all holiday season. In the end, they fell short. (Hitwise… Read More

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