• The Pirate Bay to launch VPN service (to keep prying eyes away from your Torrenting)

    Looks like The Pirate Bay is branching out into paid services—for your protection, of course. The popular BitTorrent tracker is expected to launch a VPN service of sorts called IPREDATOR, only it’s supposed to be EVEN MORE secure than a traditional VPN outfit. The Pirate Bay claims that it won’t keep any logs of who’s connection through the service, so, should The Man… Read More

  • $50 for a lifetime of anonymous internet access: too good to be true? UPDATE: Yes

    VPN4Life is a new site that is promising a lifetime of private and anonymous access to the internet through their servers for a one-time fee of $50. Their mission statement is to “free the world from ISP monitoring, government restrictions, and capitalism’s growing influence on the Internet.” Pretty bold words there, but how else are you supposed to sell the lowest tier of… Read More

  • Don't Think The iPhone Will Appeal To Business Folk?

    It remains to be seen whether or not business users will be breaking their crackberry addictions when the iPhone launches next week, but a couple of features could sway you at the last minute. I know a few of you have asked us to cease and desist all coverage of the iPhone from here on out, but hey, there’s nothing else worth telling you about. The iPhone will ship with the standard OS X… Read More

  • snom 370 IP Business Phone

    VoIP is hot right now for a good reason. It drastically reduces the cost of telephony by allowing high-bandwidth voice communications to be conducted over the Internets rather than through telco routings with premium rates. The technology makes sense for everyone. Berlin-based snom technology AG has developed a VoIP phone that allows businesses to optimize its IP communications. The snom… Read More