• The New Multiply 3.0 vs. Vox

    The New Multiply 3.0 vs. Vox

    Privacy-centric multimedia social networking service Multiply is releasing what it calls version 3.0 of its service tonight; Multiply targets users who are interested in sharing content with people they know in real life and exercising strong privacy controls. Privacy in social networking is the big selling point for SixApart’s newest service, Vox, as well. Vox is also strong on media… Read More

  • There's Still Room for More and Better Social Networking: An Interview with SixApart's Andrew Anker

    Last week social software company SixApart launched Vox, its newest social networking and blogging service. The launch was high profile, the site is beautiful and many people (myself included) thought Vox was bringing something important to market. Not everyone agreed. In the following QandA I queried Andrew Anker, Executive VP of Corporate Development at SixApart, about some of the biggest… Read More

  • Vox Lifts Off and You'll Love It

    Six Apart announced last night the launch of its newest social networking site, Vox (Vox announcement here). The company that owns LiveJournal, Moveable Type and Typepad has done a lot of things right with this new site. The benefits of having waited for consumer desire to mature before launching a social networking site are clear in Vox. The service developed a reputation among some people during… Read More

  • SixApart To Launch Comet, Renamed Vox, on June 1

    SixApart To Launch Comet, Renamed Vox, on June 1

    San Francisco based SixApart, which owns the Typepad, MovableType and LiveJournal blogging platforms, will start letting users test their new Vox (formerly Comet) hosted blogging platform on Thursday, June 1. Initially a few thousand people will be let in, and they will ramp up from there. Vox was initially introduced last fall at a DEMO conference (click here for details and a video archive of… Read More