• Vizio Becomes Top Shipping LCD HDTV In North America

    Vizio has been one of the top selling LCD brands the last few years. It seems Vizio and Samsung are constantly leap-frogging one another as the top dog. Well, Vizio’s back on top. The company just posted an iSuppli report indicating the brand reached a 18% shipping marketshare for all of 2010 in North America and a 21% level for just the US. Both Vizio and Samsung saw increased… Read More

  • LG And Vizio Settle Patents, Become Friends

    After two years, LGE and Vizio have settled their differences over patent-infringement disputes in both the US and Taiwan. This legal battle had to do with their flat-panel TVs, but terms weren’t disclosed as to what and how it was settled. But the settlement did end in a licensing agreement “that will resolve all outstanding patent disputes and related actions.” Read More

  • Vizio's VIA Plus Brings AirPlay-type Features To The Company's Google TVs, LCDs, Tablet, and Phone (Yep, All Of Those)

    Vizio might just be the next big consumer electronic’s company with a set of announcements that should make the rest of the industry take notice. The company has long been a top player in the US domestic LCD wars and seems to be set to utilize their brand with a host of new software and hardware options. VIA Plus: Think the video transporting features of Apple’s AirPlay but instead… Read More

  • WSJ: Amazon, Onlive Developing Netflix-like Subscription Streaming Services

    Netflix is currently the big dog of the movie streaming game but offerings from several established companies might put up a bit of fight. Amazon and Onlive are both said to be working on a similar service, but let’s kill something straight away. These are not Netflix killers, m’kay? Just because a massive entity such as Amazon or a lively start-up as Onlive decides to wet their… Read More

  • The Twitter- and Netflix-equipped Vizio HDTVs are now shipping

    Vizio announced the 1080p LED XVT line way back in June of ’09 and they are just now starting to ship. These are the sets that come with that oh-so-awesome QWERTY remote to work the TV’s collection of Internet apps. It’s too bad that most owners will still need a cable or satellite box because this TV line is nearly an all-in-one solution for home entertainment. Read More

  • Vizio launches Mobile Razor LED TV

    Uh oh, looks like the mobile TV might be heating up. Vizio announced today that they are launching a mobile TV unit, the “Mobile Razor LED”. Read More

  • Vizio announces a slew of 3D HDTVs that you want

    Vizio has grown up from a bargain brand to a top tier nameplate. The companies latest release reaffirms that stance as the just-announced XVT line is as feature filled as it gets. These HDTVs pack everything from 3D to a 480Hz technology to wireless HDMI built-in to a sliding keyboard with a full QWERTY keyboard to better control apps like Twitter and Facebook. These sets are hot, folks. Read More

  • Vizio Internet-connected HDTVs delayed

    Well this is no fun. If you’ve been patiently waiting for the Vizio HDTVs that bring Twiiter, Facebook, Netflix, and Yahoo into you living room, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. Santa isn’t going to bring one this year. Read More

  • Samsung overtakes Vizio as top LCD seller

    Samsung and Vizio have been playing a game of leapfrog the last couple of years. It seems every couple of financial quarters, the manufacturers switch between the number one and number two spots on the top LCD sellers chart. But as of right now, Samsung is king of the mountain again. Read More

  • Vizio outs 19-, 23-inch LED-backlit LCDs

    Vizio has two new LCDs set to hit retailer’s shelves just in time for the depressing holiday season. Yippie. These two boys use LED backlighting to light the LCD screens and to be honest, they’re not to shabby in the specs department. The 23-inch is a 1080p model with 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 300 nits of brightness. The 19-inch however is a 720p model but it too sports… Read More

  • Green: California getting closer to banning power-hungry TVs

    Uh oh, another vaguely political post on CrunchGear. As you already know, the Consumer Electronics Association, the trade group that organizes CES, is fighting tooth and nail against possible regulations that would see California essentially ban the sale of power-hungry HDTVs. This mostly affects plasmas because they consume the most electricity of the different types of TVs out there. Read More

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