• Will Vivendi Acquire Ubisoft And Gameloft?

    Will Vivendi Acquire Ubisoft And Gameloft?

    Slowly but surely, Vivendi is trying to get back into the video game industry. After selling back its stake into Activision Blizzard in 2013, the company is looking at another video game giant — Ubisoft. Here’s a quick recap. Read More

  • Vivendi Buys 80% Of France’s Dailymotion, Valuing The YouTube Rival At $295M

    Vivendi Buys 80% Of France’s Dailymotion, Valuing The YouTube Rival At $295M

    The long-running saga of who would become the new owner of online video site Dailymotion has finally come to an end. Vivendi has announced that it’s acquired an 80% stake in the company from French carrier Orange for €217 million ($241 million). In a short statement, the media company outlined its ambitions to continue growing in OTT services and finding new audiences that go… Read More

  • French Telco SFR Cuts Up To 2,000 Jobs Following Free Mobile Entry Into The Market

    French Telco SFR Cuts Up To 2,000 Jobs Following Free Mobile Entry Into The Market

    As the telecom company Free disrupted the mobile landscape in France, employment and investment are at risk in that industry. Vivendi-owned SFR is one of the first to suffer from the ever increasing competition and the union Force Ouvrière announced that SFR is planning 1,500 to 2,000 job cuts. Read More

  • Vivendi's $11.5B acquisition of Vodafone's 44% stake in SFR approved by EC

    The European Commission yesterday granted French entertainment and telecommunication services conglomerate Vivendi approval for its acquisition of Vodafone’s 44% stake in SFR, the company announced this morning. The transaction, which is valued at 7.95 billion euros (roughly $11.5 billion), should be completed in the next few days. Vivendi will then own 100 percent of SFR, a French… Read More

  • Universal Music Group Reports 8.4% Growth In Digital Sales For 2009

    French media conglomerate Vivendi this morning reported financial results, posting a decline in full-year profit but beating estimates because the net loss was much narrower than expected. You can read more analysis of the media and entertainment giant’s performance elsewhere, but there was a particular passage in the press release regarding Vivendi’s music subsidiary, Universal… Read More

  • Warner Bros. acquires F.E.A.R. name, renames Project Origin to F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, announces launch date I won’t go into all the gory details, but here’s a quick recap. Monolith and Sierra pushed out F.E.A.R. in 2005, but Monolith was acquired in 2004 by Warner Bros. and Sierra kept the rights to the F.E.A.R. franchise. Sierra was supposed to make the sequel with another publisher, which never transpired while Monolith and WB announced Project Origin. Read More

  • Judge evokes WoW in ruling

    In a decision last week a Delaware court rejected a request by the Wayne County Employees’ Retirement System for a preliminary injunction against the proposed Vivendi-Activision merger. Though the decision is a score for the continuation of the companies’ plans, game fans will be impressed by the judge’s reasoning. Known for his pop culture savvy, William Chandler III… Read More

  • Vivendi and Activision combine to create Devastator

    I wish. Actually, these two big boys merged to create the decidedly more predictable and tame-sounding “Activision Blizzard,” which sounds a lot like a spell you might cast in D&D. The deal, worth a reported $18.9 billion dollars, with Vivendi ending up with a 52 percent stake. This seems strange considering its franchise contributions were the colossally unhip Crash Bandicoot… Read More