• Roku Hits 50 Media Streaming Channels With The Addition Of Vimeo

    Roku is on a tear lately. After launching the Flixster movie trailer channel a few weeks back, the Vimeo channel will hit the channel list later day today, making it the 50th streaming video channel on the network. And what a great service to bring to the device. Vimeo might not be as popular as other video sharing sites, but its content is superb. There are really nice videos Vimeo from a… Read More

  • State Of The Vlogosphere: 70% of Video Blogs Are Hosted On Five Sharing Sites

    Media search and discovery site MeFeedia this morning released its first State of the Vlogosphere report since 2007. The main take-away: video blogs have exploded since the last update, but most vloggers stick to the best known video hosting sites for distribution and promotion purposes. No surprises there, but since MeFeedia’s video search engine self-reportedly tracks over 30,000… Read More

  • VidQue Aims To Do A Better Job Surfacing Online Videos Worth Watching

    Every minute, approximately 20 hours of video gets uploaded to YouTube, so it won’t surprise you if I say that it’s impossible for any human being to watch everything on there in the span of one lifetime – provided anyone would even want to. The standard of quality of videos that are uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing platforms like Vimeo or is subject to… Read More

  • Vimeo begins to play nice with iPhone, Android devices

    The lack of Flash support on the iThings (i.e. phone, touch) and all but one Android device has made it rather difficult for Flash-based video sites to penetrate the ever-expanding smartphone video-consuming market. While YouTube has implemented a workaround for this problem (by encoding each uploaded video in both Flash AND as .mp4 files), other sites (arguably with less resources) have been… Read More

  • Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in slides at Slidesix

    Todd over at SlideSix recently cooked up a couple nice additions for this slide-sharing service, to make it a more useful offering in this age of mashups and interconnected media. First and foremost, he’s added a robust API to allow third-party integration, so enterprising developers can build upon the SlideSix foundation. And it’s now possible to search for and embed YouTube… Read More

  • YouTube's Chad Hurley: "We Have The Largest Library of HD Video On The Internet."

    It is early days for HD video on the Web, but already we are starting to see jostling for position in this nascent part of the Web video market. Less than two months after YouTube started streaming high-definition videos in a major way, CEO Chad Hurley is now claiming bragging rights as the biggest HD video site on the Web. At a panel today at Davos, he said: We feel we have the largest… Read More

  • YouTube Gets More Competitive With Upload Redesign, Larger File Sizes

    YouTube has been criticized in the past for not offering the experience already being offered on services like Viddler or Vimeo where users can upload large file sizes and input video information while it’s being uploaded. But in an announcement that should make its users happy, YouTube has finally seen the light and has started offering a new Upload process redesign that will more… Read More

  • D90 and Panasonic HVX200 high-def video battle

    The Chronicle Project over on Vimeo took Nikon’s latest DSLR, the D90, and pitted its HD video capability against a true, $5200 high-def camcorder, the Panasonic HVX200. It’s a tad┬ásurprising┬áthat while the HVX does beat out the D90 in resolution and clarity, the D90 has better color depth and an overall fine picture. Camera geeks will point out that both pictures could be… Read More

  • Korea's Pandora.TV Looks To International Markets

    Pandora.TV, South Korea’s largest user generated video site, is expanding into new markets with additional language support and features. Pandora.TV launched in 2004 and has grown to become the “YouTube of Korea,” ranking as the countries 24th most popular site according to Alexa (comScore data is not available) with 20 million monthly unique visitors, 2.5 billion monthly… Read More

  • Vimeo Founder Fired, Does A Bong Hit

    Jakob Lodwick, the co-founder of IAC owned video site Vimeo, left the company today. The reason? Apparently Lodwick didn’t see eye to eye with the IAC brass on creative issues, and specifically had a run in with IAC chief Barry Diller three weeks ago. That’s not surprising, given the picture Lodwick chose to include with his goodbye post. A source close to Lodwick says “he… Read More

  • YouTube Leads, But No Sign Of Vimeo

    New figures released by comScore show that YouTube remains the outright leader in online video. Based on videos viewed, Google owned sites (YouTube + Google Video, but mostly YouTube) commanded a 28.3% market share in the United States in September with Fox Interactive Media (FIM) sites (MySpace and others) on 4.2%. The figures (see chart) demonstrate that YouTube doesn’t dominate… Read More

  • Flixster For Sale; IAC Interested

    Fast growing movie-centered social network Flixster has been making the rounds with potential buyers, we’ve heard from multiple sources. And IAC may have submitted a letter of intent in the last week or so. The San Francisco based company has had a meteoric rise since launching in January 2006, although Comscore suggests growth has stagnated over the last few months – worldwide… Read More

  • Happy 1st Anniversary YouTube and Google; Now Move Over a Bit

    Time for another roundup, and this one coincides with a notable first-year anniversary: that of Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, confirmed on October 9th, 2006. Since then, the name “YouTube” has become virtually synonymous with “online video sharing”. According to Comscore, the website maintains a sizable lead over competitors with 205,593,000… Read More

  • Comparing The Flickrs of Video

    I’ve been tracking a number of sites that offer flickr-like services for video. I’ve taken a look at as many of these services that I could find. The most well known is YouTube, which we profiled in August and which recently raised venture money from Sequoia. But there are at least eight others worth looking at as well. In addition to YouTube, these are CastPost, ClipShack… Read More