• How To Get 83 Miles To The Gallon I can’t tell which one I like most; the fact that this guy rigged a leaf blower motor up to his bike, the fact that he found the leaf blower on the side of the road, or his quasi-amusing accent. Hell, I don’t need to choose — they’re all good! 83 Miles To The Gallon [Metacafe] Read More

  • I'll Jack You: Super Mario 64 Completed In 6:47

    I was never the type to try a speedrun of a Mario game and this video is living proof as to why. Super Mario 64 was always a huge pain when it came to getting every star, every level. But thanks to some glitches (there’s tons in this game), the player was able to get past certain doors and entryways with only one star total. Six minutes later, the game is finished, Peach is saved and… Read More

  • Leopard Screenshots and Video Leaked Macgeeks have just reported that there are minor UI improvements in the current developer Leopard build including new icons and iCal now reflects the current date in the icon even when not running — finally. This news isn’t enough to wake your mom up for or anything, but it’s still fairly cool. Read More

  • AT&T Cell Phones, Now with Live Video

    At the NXTcomm trade conference this morning AT&T Chairman Randall Stephenson announced live video sharing on their 3G enabled handsets. If both users have a compatible handset and are in a 3G coverage area, you can invite the callee to see your video by just pressing your camera button. The functionality is based on Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem and runs on compatible phones such… Read More

  • Viral video comes in from the cold

    Video circulated on email and generating viral buzz, for years considered not worth tracking, is gradually taking its place among the TV show ratings universe in the form of Unruly Media’s viral video chart which we previously reviewed here on TechCrunch. Last week they did a deal with the Guardian, syndicating their weekly viral video chart. Unruly’s Scott Button says the… Read More

  • Viral Video Chart

    London-based, Unruly Media recently launched Viral Video Chart “the first chart to independently monitor the popularity of videos” from the world’s most influential video-sharing sites i.e YouTube, MySpace and Google Video. They tried looking for references to videos on Yahoo AOL MSN for a while, but nothing ever made the top 25 so they stopped!? This is surprising given… Read More