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  • Blue Jeans Network Brings Its Video Conferencing Software To

    Blue Jeans Network Brings Its Video Conferencing Software To

    Cross-platform video conferencing company Blue Jeans Network announced today that it will integrate with Blue Jeans developed a cloud-hosting video conference service that makes it possible for people using different video conferencing and telepresence systems to talk to each other. So far it works with products from Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize and others, as well as software… Read More

  • Panasonic Japan to sell full HD video-conferencing system

    Panasonic Japan today announced the KX-VC500 [JP], a new video-conferencing system that makes it possible to communicate using full HD screens. The system mainly consists of a device Panasonic calls HD communication unit and a remote control, connecting users via the web. Read More

  • Dick Tracy-esque touchscreen videophonewatch from LG

    Oh man, does this look awesome or what? As soon as I touch down in Vegas for CES, I will make it my business to touch it all over and tell you how it felt. It’s got a 1.43″ touchscreen and a built-in camera for 3G video calls. But do you think we’re going to see its beautiful form stateside? Not likely. Read More

  • Video Conferencing Now Available On The iPhone (Sorta)

    Normally, the iPhone doesn’t look like it could be used for video conferencing at all. The camera is on the back of the device and there’s no available software for it either. Luckily, the minds of Ken and Greg Aspeslagh were brainy enough to figure out some hacks that enable video conferencing on the iPhone. Using a special Huckleberry mirror and the built-in WiFi, the two were… Read More

  • New Camera Lenses Capture Every Nook and Cranny

    Once summer’s over and you have to return to the harsh realities of work, family, and prayer, how are you going to keep in touch with your distant loved-ones and secret/imaginary girlfriends? Sure, you could call them on the phone or maybe fax them a funny doodle, but why not show them how messy your room is from every imaginable angle? Olympus has just unveiled a new lens that… Read More

  • Do you ooVoo?

    There are plenty of ways to video conference on the Internets, but the new service ooVoo lets you do just a little bit more than the other options. You can have one-on-one chats or talk with up to six people at once, with everyone on screen simultaneously. Like IM, you can send text messages and files. If you try to call someone and there’s no answer, you can leave a text, voice or… Read More