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  • Cleantech Investor Raj Alturu Moves From DFJ To Silver Lake Kraftwerk

    On Thursday, Raj Atluru announced that he was stepping down as a managing director with Draper Fisher Jurvetson, where he served as a key cleantech investor since 2001. He will join a private equity group that invests in later-stage clean energy companies, Silver Lake Kraftwerk, which was formed earlier in 2011 by Silver Lake Partners and Soros Fund Management, led by Adam Grosser. Atluru… Read More

  • U.S. Venture Funds Raised $7.7 Billion In First Quarter, Highest Influx In A Decade

    U.S. venture capital firms raised more money last quarter than in any period since 2001. The total raised for new funds was $7.7 billion, according to Dow Jones LP Source. The capital going into VC funds was up 97 percent from a year ago, when they raised $3.9 billion. (Venture capital funds benefited from an overall influx of money into U.S. private equity funds overall, which attracted… Read More

  • Andreessen Horowitz Announces Yet Another Growth Fund of $200M

    I guess $1 billion under management just wasn’t enough. Andreessen Horowitz has just announced a new growth fund of $200 million. The fund with co-invest alongside the firm’s most recent $650 million fund, providing more capital for the kinds of late stage deals that have been raging in the Valley of late. (Check out our three part series on the trend here, here and here.) That… Read More

  • How We All Missed Web 2.0's "Netscape Moment"

    How We All Missed Web 2.0's "Netscape Moment"

    (Editor’s note: This is the third installment in a series about the late stage, secondary investing craze sweeping the venture capital business. For the first two installments go here and here.) On May 26, 2009 Mike sat down with Yuri Milner, Mark Zuckerberg and a Flipcam to talk about the then-scandalous $200 million investment DST made in Facebook, at a price that valued the company… Read More

  • 9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month

    9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month

    Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Mark Suster (@msuster), a 2x entrepreneur, now VC at GRP Partners. Read more about Suster at Bothsidesofthetable I’m a very big proponent of the “lean startup movement” as espoused by Steve Blank & Eric Ries. The part of the movement that resonates the most with me is that entrepreneurs should keep their capital… Read More

  • Benchmark Capital's Stand: We Will Never Do a Seed or Late Stage Fund

    Benchmark Capital's Stand: We Will Never Do a Seed or Late Stage Fund

    Editor’s Note: This is part two in an in-depth series exploring the ramifications of the explosion of late stage capital being raised by the Valley’s elite venture firms. For part one, go here. In the mid-2000s when nearly every top venture capital firm was expanding to India and China, Benchmark Capital did not share its peers’ worldly ambitions. In fact, while the firm… Read More

  • Is Late Stage the New Early? Behind the Staggering Return of the $1B Venture Fund

    Is Late Stage the New Early? Behind the Staggering Return of the $1B Venture Fund

    In Silicon Valley it’s not just who you invest in that matters– it’s also when you invest in them. The earlier the investment, the riskier the bet. But the more jawdropping the returns if the company hits it big. It’s so lopsided, that typically just 5% of those unsure early bets create some 95% of the entire venture industry’s returns. Miss one of them, and it… Read More

  • Collaborative Fund Aims To Seed Startups That Compete On Values And Crowdsourcing

    Angel investor and entrepreneur Craig Shapiro is starting a new seed fund based in Los Angeles with the help of friends and advisors like YouTube founder Chad Hurley and Kiva co-founder and Profounder CEO Jessica Jackley. Investors in the relatively small $6 million fund include GM O’Connell, Nicholas Negroponte, Jason Krikorian (co-founder of Sling Media), Ben Goldhirsh (founder of… Read More

  • The Top 20 VC Power Bloggers Of 2010

    A lot of venture capitalists and super angels are not only active investors, but also active bloggers. Below is a list of the top 20 VC power bloggers as compiled by Larry Cheng of Volition Capital based on traffic data from Compete. The metric being used here is average monthly unique visitors during the fourth quarter of 2010. Compared to last year’s list, there’s been a… Read More

  • Union Square's New $165 Million Fund Is All About Growing With The Network

    Back in December, we spotted an SEC filing indicating that Union Square Ventures was raising between $135 million and $200 million for a new “Opportunity Fund.” The offering wasn’t complete and the firm could not discuss it, but today partner Fred Wilson explains in a post what the new fund (which ended up being a $165 million fund) is all about. The fund is not about… Read More

  • Andreessen Horowitz Hires a New Partner…from Sales?

    When Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz launched their venture firm, they talked a good game about things being different; about having a smorgasbord of partners skilled in different areas that could tag in-and-out of portfolio companies as appropriate. And a lot of that sounded like the usual “value-add” venture capital spiel. But two funds into the firm’s life, that vision… Read More

  • Not Just IPOs: The Surprising Increase of Big Liquidity through Buyouts (TCTV)

    Around 2006 there was a sudden increase in so-called “partial liquidations,” where entrepreneurs could take some money off the table during a mid-stage funding round. Considered unheard of at the time, now they’re the norm for companies doing well. Then in 2009, we saw the rise of secondary markets, which allowed early stage investors and employees to take some money off… Read More

  • Exits Lag in the Fourth Quarter, but IPO Hype Boils for 2011

    There is a lot of hype swirling that 2011 is going to be the big comeback year for the venture-backed IPO. And we’re talking about big, gaudy IPOs, not small ones that essentially function as another funding round. And interestingly, pundits and investors expect some new $1 billion companies to debut in both cleantech and Internet sectors. So maybe the fourth quarter was just the calm… Read More

  • Back off SEC: Let's Put the "Risk" of Secondary Markets in Perspective

    Back off SEC: Let's Put the "Risk" of Secondary Markets in Perspective

    Back in early 2009, I was concerned about the development of private stock secondary market exchanges. I was concerned that it would affect retention of top executives if people were able to cash out before an IPO too easily. I worried companies wouldn’t be careful enough about who they would allow to own chunks of them. I thought it would be just a band-aid for a larger industry… Read More

  • Wu vs. Lacy Round Three: Is the Enemy of an Open Web Apple or Is it Apps and Flips?

    Last week, Tim Wu challenged me to another, longer debate about the future of the Web. His new book, The Master Switch, argues that every time there is a major communications innovation, a handful of big companies find a way to close it off, keeping the future spoils for themselves. That hurts incremental innovation and ultimately hurts consumer choice in the name of convenience and low-prices. Read More

  • John Doerr: "Bigger than Billion-Dollar Greentech IPOs in 18 Months"

    John Doerr: "Bigger than Billion-Dollar Greentech IPOs in 18 Months"

    In the peak of the Internet bubble, a company’s valuation– and press attention– would soar simply by whispering the words “John Doerr is an investor.” But in early Web 2.0 days, the once-everywhere venture capitalist seemed to fall off of the tech press’s radar, at least when it came to Internet investing. But boy, has Doerr made up for lost time this… Read More

  • It's the Community, Stupid!

    Last week’s guest on Press:Here was Tim Wu, author of the new book Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires. Wu also wrote this guest post for us about why we should all fear Steve Jobs. In general Wu — who gets credit for coming up with the term “Net Neutrality” — has a really important mission whether you agree with him or not: Raising alarm… Read More

  • Did America Lose its Cleantech Mojo, or Did Brazil, Germany and China Just Get More? (TCTV)

    Nat Goldhaber of Claremont Creek Ventures thinks that 2011 will be the year of the cleantech IPO…finally. So does that mean that America hasn’t totally lost the cleantech race after all? The most optimistic case is that we’re in a clump of countries leading the pack. The glass-half-empty version: Politics, boneheaded legislation and our lousy capital markets will saddle… Read More

  • Will 2011 Finally Be the Year of the Cleantech IPO? (TCTV)

    In retrospect, Tesla may have been cleantech’s Netscape moment. It didn’t get off to the world’s greatest start, but like a few other venture-backed IPOs, lately it has been trading at nearly double its opening price. Meanwhile, a few other cleantech companies have filed S-1s and several more are waiting in the wings, watching to see what the market does. To continue the… Read More

  • Venture or Angel Capital Isn’t the End—It’s the Means

    Prashant Gulati says that TechCrunch should be banned in the Middle East. That’s not because he isn’t a big fan of the site, but because he says it “puts some naïve and green young ones at a disadvantage”. The Dubai-based technologist and angel investor funded a startup recently. Soon after he made the investment, he learned that the majority of the money had… Read More

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