• Maide Turns Your iPad Into A 3D Controller

    Maide Turns Your iPad Into A 3D Controller

    The best demos are the ones that extend your sense of what’s possible a little, and Maide‘s did just that. I usually think of iPads as display devices that also support input; but Maide Control uses the tablet almost exclusively for input, which vastly expands the potential richness and repertoire of the interface. They’ve targeted 3D design and modelling as their initial… Read More

  • Inspiring: Kik Founder Donates $1M To Kickstart University of Waterloo Seed Fund

    The founder of messaging app Kik, 23-year-old entrepreneur Ted Livingston, has donated $1 million to The University of Waterloo’s VeloCity Residence, a residence-based mobile and digital startups incubator (dormcubator?) where his own startup ambitions were sparked. The University of Waterloo will now also establish a $1 million seed fund for student startups and intends to provide… Read More

  • Hands on galleries of Velocity Mobile’s new handsets (103, 83, 301)

    Velocity Mobile brought a trio of shiny new handsets to CTIA today, and we got to spend just a bit of time with all three: the 103, 83, and 301. In the flurry of crazy that is CTIA scheduling, I wasn’t able to spend enough time with’em to write a full hands on for each. Velocity hooked us up with a 103 to review, so we’ll have more to say about that one in just a few… Read More

  • Velocity Mobile launches at CTIA

    Launching at CTIA is Velocity Mobile, a new smartphone player. The only downside is they run Windows Mobile. Heh. The company’s first two WinMo devices, the Velocity 103 and 111 will run on 3.5G, has built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and 2-megapixel cameras. We’ll get a hands-on shortly. The V103 will be available Q2 while the V111 comes out in Q3. Both will be unlocked. Details on both… Read More