• Steam steams ahead to 25 million users, 205 percent increase in sales

    Steam, Valve’s digital distribution for video games (as well as a kind of “social network” for gamers, though the phrase “social network” makes me nauseous), is really quite successful. In 2009, its fifth year of operation, sales were up 205 percent over the previous year. The service has more than 25 million users, of which 10 million have full profiles. Read More

  • Valve puts the future of TF2 in the players hands with Soldier-Demo feud

    Sorry to break the gadget flow here with this bit of rather specific gaming news, guys, but this is awesome. Over the next week, all Team Fortress 2 servers will (they say) be monitored and a tally kept of how many demomen kill soldiers and vice versa. At the end of the week (during which time their new unlockable gear will be revealed), the class with the higher score gets a special item. Read More

  • Steam has many deals for you to peruse

    Interrupting your Thanksgiving Day weekend (and my Team Fortress 2 Sniper marathon) with a quick deal that will appeal to many of you (I should hope). You know Steam, right, Valve’s digital distribution deal? There’s a crazy, multi-day Black Friday sale going on right now that includes Left 4 Dead 2 at $37.99 (25 percent off the regular price) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old… Read More

  • Man alive: Valve owns 70 percent of the digital distribution business

    There really is something to be said about being the first to the dance. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Steam was the first big digital distribution service for video games, and I also think we can all agree that it was something of a success. But how big a success? Stardock, which owns the Impulse distribution service (and published Sins of a Solar Empire), believes that Steam… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-order L4D2, get a cool hat for TF2

    Let me translate that for those of you out there that aren’t “down with the lingo”. Pre-order Left 4 Dead 2, get Bill’s beret (from the original L4D) in Team Fortress 2. That’s it. That’s the deal. Well, you’ll save 10% on LFD2 because it’s a pre-order, but the only extra schwag you get is a cool hat in TF2. Read More

  • Dear Valve, where is Episode 3?

    Sometimes less is more. In the case of a fan comic recently posted to Valve’s forums, it definitely raises a valid question. Where on earth is Half-Life: Episode 3? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Stalker – Shadow of Chernobyl for $5.00

    Heads up FPS fans. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl is on sale this weekend on Valve’s Steam store for a fiver. That’s quite the discount off the already quite reasonable price of $20. Read More

  • Valve has a censored, Australian version of Left 4 Dead 2 ready and waiting (in case it needs it)

    Australia’s crazy anti-violent video game restrictions strike again! Valve submitted Left 4 Dead 2 (aren’t we boycotting that game?) to whatever board is in charge of rating video games down there, and the board replied with this: yeah, this game is too violent for anyone under the age of 18. Read More

  • Left 4 Dead 2 may be sold in Australia after all

    Good news everyone! Turns out that Left 4 Dead 2 will most likely be sold in Australia after all. If you remember, we told you a few weeks ago that the governing body in Australia that rates game had in fact banned the new L4D game on the grounds that it was just too violent for people between the ages of 15 to 18. Well, Valve decided to work with the ratings board to try and resolve the issue. Read More

  • Valve on Left 4 Dead 1-2 cross-play: "That's something we're trying to work out"

    It seems like Valve is hitting on some unexpected obstacles with its sequel to last year’s smash zombie hit, Left 4 Dead. Although they must have expected it, since every one of their games has featured huge differences between “1” and “2,” as well as expansions (free or paid) that were worth the money. Left 4 Dead 2 seems to be little more than a medium-sized… Read More

  • Valve won't develop for PS3 because it's too hard

    Homer Simpson once said, “You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try.” Valve must take that second part—“never try”—pretty seriously, since it told some dude at E3 that it has no interest in developing for the PS3. Reason being? It’s too hard. Fair enough. Read More

  • Valve's Orange Box is $10 this weekend – best deal ever

    Why are you still here? Are you insane? You read the headline! Get over to Steam and buy, buy, buy! Half-Life 2 and its two episodes so far, the Lost Coast, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 for ten freaking dollars, are you kidding me? Come on! Read More

  • "Still Alive," bedroom electropop style

    An act of unparalleled nerddom. This talented fellow performs the gamer anthem “Still Alive” with the piano part on his keyboard, the other orchestration with a midi controller, and his own voice through a Rocktron Banshee Talkbox. Nicely done. Read More

  • Team Fortress 2's Scout Update is rolling out

    The long-awaited update for scouts is hitting this week. In other news, I’ll be quitting Team Fortress 2 for about a month while you all get it out of your system. I enjoy killing scouts as much as the next guy (perhaps a little more), but I have no desire to be overwhelmed by them, or to play on a team of them. Sweet lord, no! Read More

  • What's this, a replica gun from Portal?

    The New York Comic Con is this weekend, and while my initial plan to show up dressed as Tifa fell through—you have no idea how hard it is to find pants that match hers!—this Portal gun replica could make a fine Plan B. But then I’d also have to show up dressed as an Asian women (the main character from Portal is an Asian woman, right, or did I totally make that up?), so… Read More

  • EA to release games on Valve's Steam completely free of DRM

    Not only are EA games going to be released on Steam henceforth—in and of itself a big deal—but the games will be totally free of DRM. It seems the largest video games publisher has learned its lesson, and the hard way: legitimate gamers (that is, non-pirates) want nothing to do with digital rights management. Read More

  • Go! Now! Team Fortress 2 is $10 on Steam

    Here’s a fine way to spend that $10 you still have in your pocket after last night’s Crazy Night Out: Team Fortress 2 for $9.99 on Steam for the PC. For the uninitiated, Team Fortress 2 is still the reason I have The Orange Box handy, despite the fact that it’s the lesser Xbox 360 version. Though, as you know, my patience for shooters has pretty much run out, TF2 is well… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Left 4 Dead for $39.98 (Xbox 360) has a double dead on Left 4 Dead, a favorite of some of the staffers here at CrunchGear. Xbox 360 owners can scoop it up for $39.98, which is a good $20 off the regular price. The PC version is going for $29.98 – also $20 off the regular price. For the uninitiated, Left 4 Dead is a co-operative shooter “set in a modern day survival-horror universe” from Valve… Read More

  • Valve: Mind if we take a look at your brain while you play?

    Suddenly that logo makes sense. They’ve been planning to tap our heads all along! Well, maybe it’s not quite that serious, but Gabe Newell recently said in an article for Edge that he’d like to hook players up to, among other things, heart rate monitors and EEGs. That way they can tell if you’re really scared. Let me make things easier on you, Valve. Yes… Read More

  • Half-Life turns 10, Valve sells it for a buck

    I hope you’ll all join me in celebrating 10 years of Half-Life! One of the most beloved games in the world has been around for a decade, and what better way to remember it than to fire it up and play through a few chapters? Or if you feel like waiting a while, you can play it all through again shiny and new in Black Mesa Source when it’s released. Congratulations, Valve! Now… Read More

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