Valentines Day

  • Valentine's Day love from Agent18

    Valentine's Day love from Agent18

    CrunchGear readers should feel loved this Valentine's Day, even if, like me, you'll be spending it alone. Agent18 is offering a 40% discount on their FlowerVest cases! Buy a FlowerVest for the special someone in your life, or buy one as a consolation prize for yourself! Read More

  • Loved 4 Dead valentines infect my heart

    Loved 4 Dead valentines infect my heart

    Well, these are just adorable. The 14th is coming up, and if you're not too hot for the idea of a home stripper pole or shmoo-looking vibrator, maybe a Left 4 Dead-themed valentine is in order. Read More

  • It's almost Valentine's Day; do you know where your stripper pole is?

    It's almost Valentine's Day; do you know where your stripper pole is?

    If you're like me, you're always misplacing that pesky stripper pole. And after you went to all that trouble to have the man install it! No worries, my dears, Peekaboo has got you covered. Their home stripper pole kit (with DVD!) will make sure your February 14th goes off just as planned. I've also got your sexy music inside. Woudn't want to miss that, would you? Read More

  • Contest: Worst. Valentine's. Ever.

    Contest: Worst. Valentine's. Ever.

    Now that the worst Hallmark holiday has passed us it’s time for a contest! Once again, TeleNav has been generous enough to give the lucky winner three free months of service. So how do you win? It’s pretty easy, really. Tell us over at BFF your worst Valentine’s Day horror story – getting lost on the way to your date, being stuck in traffic, not knowing where the hell… Read More

  • YouTube gets a nifty Google-like holiday logo

    [photopress:shat.jpg,full,center] YouTube is borrowing a page from parent Google with today’s Valentine’s Day inspired logo. Just thought you’d all want to know. Also: There are close to 2,200 clips that are returned when you search “Shatner” on YouTube. Some are better than others. Read More

  • Happy Valentine's day, CrunchGear readers!

    [photopress:tetrisval.jpg,full,center] Just wanted to say thanks for reading us today when you should be scrambling around, trying to find a way to impress your certain someone, which you won’t do, because his or her friend bought their signif a ride in a horse drawn carriage, and while your homemade dinner and expensive wine and diamond necklace seemed perfect, it just doesn’t… Read More

  • Video: My Apple Genius

    It’s Valentine’s Day, and this is cute as hell. And for the young lady in the video, I can fix your broken iPod. I’m kind of known for it. Read More

  • Help-Key: How to make a book into a sexy, nerdy gift box for Valentine's Day I am a single blogger. I have no girlfriend or even anyone I’m actively dating, so this Valentine’s Day I’m going to be drinking whiskey at a rock show here in Seattle with a couple cute girls I know as we commiserate about being in that unenviable position. But you, you’re a stud. You’ve got a wife or… Read More

  • New lovey-dovey Pleo download for Valentine's Day

    New lovey-dovey Pleo download for Valentine's Day

    Oh Pleo, you’re the best almost-real dinosaur friend a guy and/or gal could ever have. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day comes a new behavior download for your Pleo pet. He coos, he flirts, he slices and dices! From the website, Has Pleo been bitten by the love bug? He sulks when left alone, but pet him … he wiggles, coos, and sighs happily. Cuddle Pleo and his… Read More

  • Zune gets red in the face

    Zune gets red in the face

    Just in time for one of the worst holidays ever created is the worst PMP ever created. Haha! Just kidding. I like the Zune (and it’s not the worst PMP by any stretch of the imagination), but I just refuse to run Windows on my Mac. So, if you’re significant other is looking for a Zune and loves the color red and you’re being ultra cheesy then this is the right gift for V-day. I… Read More