• Sony prepping touchscreen Vaios for Windows 7

    Sony prepping touchscreen Vaios for Windows 7

    Looks like the work Microsoft has put into making Windows 7 touch-friendly is paying off. Sony (and doubtless many others) are looking forward to offering touch-based designs. A Sony VP of what-have-you has confirmed that they will be offering Windows 7-based laptops with touchscreens. That's good news for everybody — except those of us who can't afford the entire Vaio lineup. Read More

  • Third episode of Laptop Hunters: $1,500 and they still don't buy Mac

    This episode of Laptop Hunters has been brought to you by Microsoft and Sony VAIO. Spoiler: the actors don't buy a Mac, instead wander aimlessly around the dozens of PC models until finding a Blu-ray equipped Sony VAIO. Sorry to ruin the surprise. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Netbook Capoeria with the VAIO: A tale of Twitter

    @webmarketingguruUK What's really going to shake things up for this new line of netbooks? @sonymarcomdude Viral videos. Like dudes in pajamas like doing doing dude things. @webmarketingguruUK like what Read More

  • It Works: Sony VAIO P + Windows XP

    It Works: Sony VAIO P + Windows XP

    Do you want to install Windows XP on your Sony VAIO P (don’t call it a netbook!)? Do you even have a Sony VAIO P yet? If you answered yes to both questions, read on. Read More

  • Hands-on with the Sony VAIO P

    Hands-on with the Sony VAIO P

    My, oh my. The Sony VAIO P is a popular netbook. After using some Peter Ha-taught ninja skills, I made my way through the crowd to this tiny netbook. Overall, the netbook feels Sony solid. The nub was a tad finicky but it works. The resolution though is astoundingly high on the small screen. I love small font but at the default setting it was too small for me. Thankfully the P Series does support… Read More

  • Sony VAIO TT Notebook: James Bond Edition

    Sony VAIO TT Notebook: James Bond Edition

    The ultraportable 11.1-inch Sony VAIO TT notebook is available in a “James Bond 007 Edition” for $2,399. Sony’s only selling 100 of these, so if you’re really into Bond you might want to get a move on. The rig itself isn’t all that different from the standard TT series except for that little 007 logo down in the left-hand corner, a leather case, and some… Read More

  • The ultra-portable Sony VAIO TT laptop gets torn apart

    The ultra-portable Sony VAIO TT laptop gets torn apart

    The Sony VAIO TT launched last week and we already get to see what’s inside the uber-portable laptop. Kind of amazing piece of technolgy when you think that the lappie has 4GBs of memory, a Blu-ray drive, 3G wireless, and 256MB SSD hard drive all shoved into a package less than an inch thick. At least with this pic, no one can pull the ‘pic or didn’t happen.’ Here is the… Read More

  • The Sony 11-inch Vaio TT laptops get official

    Details of the Sony TT lineup have been seeping onto the Interwebs for the last few days, but ultra-mobile laptops are finally official from Sony. There aren’t many surprises after the spec sheet was found yesterday, but the addition of a 256 GB SSD (128×2 RAID) and Sprint EV-DO mobile broadband options are more than welcome additions. Plus, all these goodies come in a laptop thiner… Read More

  • Sony specs out the impending Vaio TT laptops The upcoming Sony Vaio TT just got a little more official today with some specs and model numbers. The top of the line VGN-TT190UBX is sure to draw some curious looks from travelers with its Core 2 Duo SU9400 1.4 GHz CPU, 4GB of… Read More

  • New ‘TT’ series of Sony VAIO ultraportables soon?

    New ‘TT’ series of Sony VAIO ultraportables soon?

    There are some average to above-average tremors going around concerning a new series of Sony VAIO ultraportables to be announced on Monday. The buzz began over on the NotebookReview forums when someone spotted the above ads and was further researched by SonyInsider. These are still rumors at the moment, but the evidence looks pretty legit, especially in light of FCC filings that have been found. Read More