• UStream.TV Gets Some Cash And General Wesley Clark

    UStream.TV Gets Some Cash And General Wesley Clark

    What does General Wesley Clark know about live Web video? Apparently enough to land him a seat on Ustream.TV’s board of advisors. Or maybe they just liked his shiny medals. The company also announced a funding round today from Band of Angels and Western Technology Investors, which specializes in debt financing for startups. The amount was not disclosed. Ustream.TV is a site for live… Read More

  • Meebo Platform Launches With Big San Francisco Party

    Meebo Platform Launches With Big San Francisco Party

    After speculation from last week, Sequoia backed Meebo launches Meebo Platform this evening, allowing third party developers to create applications for the Meebo web chat service. They’re celebrating the launch with a big party in San Francisco with hundreds of the company’s closest friends. Like Facebook Platform and the recently announced MySpace Platform it consists of a set of… Read More

  • Check This Guy Out

    Check This Guy Out

    Bill Snitzer, one of the tech guys at BitGravity, is driving to Los Angeles and showing it live on the Internet. He’s got a webcam up showing the drive and a Google Map mashup with a GPS device showing his progress. Bitgravity, located in Burlingame, California, hasn’t officially launched. But the company is the content delivery network (CDN) for Revision3 and other video sites. Read More

  • Now With More Interactivity Now With More Interactivity

    Earlier this month we tackled the evolving space of online live video. In its raw form, live is a very different format when compared to recorded video. There’s no post production editing to cut out your gaffs or nab the best parts. Pushing the most interesting content in front of viewers in real time is a challenge. But there’s an audience to interact with, and that makes all… Read More

  • Who Will Be The YouTube Of Live Video?

    Who Will Be The YouTube Of Live Video?

    The growth of Youtube and its subsequent $1.65 billion buyout left behind a bevy of competing video sites. Since then competitors have been seeking to differentiate themselves by focusing on longer videos, higher (bitrate) quality videos, professional content, and paying their users. However, one of the more unique approaches to differentiation has been streaming live video over the internet. Read More

  • Justin.TV Network Launches: More Shows to Come

    Justin.TV Network Launches: More Shows to Come

    24/7 reality online TV show has has turned into a bit of a mini-phenomenon since launching just two months ago. Their apartment was raided by the police, and they were later evicted by their landlord. They were on the Today Show. Justin has hung out with famous rappers. They’ve taken extravagant dares from their audience, and a crowd always surrounds Justin and his… Read More

  • Build Your Own With Ustream launched a week ago, and is rising steadily in popularity. It’s a simple idea – the site shows live video of Justin, who lives in San Francisco with his buddies and spends his time meeting with local startups and personalities. At any given time hundreds of people are watching and chatting real time on the site. Just this moment, at 2:46 AM PST, 126 people are watching… Read More