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  • The Steve Jobs Movie With Seth Rogen And Michael Fassbender Will Open Oct. 9th

    The Steve Jobs Movie With Seth Rogen And Michael Fassbender Will Open Oct. 9th

    Michael Fassbender is quite the talented gent. He pulled us in as a young Magneto in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, terrified as a sadistic slave owner in 12 Years A Slave, and proved he could still own the screen while wearing a big ol’ fake head in Frank. But can he pull off Steve Jobs? Hell, can Seth Rogen pull off Woz? We’ll find out in October. After being dumped by Sony and… Read More

  • Netflix Renews Agreements With Universal, Twentieth Century Fox

    Netflix this morning announced renewed distribution deals with two major content providers, Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Both agreements encompass physical and digital distribution of movies and, in the case of Fox, TV programs. And yes, they include 28-day windows between street date and Netflix catalogue availability for new releases. Details after the jump. Read More

  • Universal to release first Blu-ray iPhone app with Fast & Furious

    Universal Studios announced today that they would be releasing the first iPhone app to control Blu-ray features in upcoming Blu-ray releases starting with the two-disc Special Edition release of “Fast & Furious” on July 28. iPhone and iPod Touch owners will be able to control certain features over their local Wi-Fi network and in the instance of Fast & Furious, they’ll… Read More

  • New Universal Studios roller coaster to have onboard YouTube video recording

    [photopress:coasterrrr.jpg,full,center] There’s gonna be some sort of super roller coaster opening at Universal Studios in Florida next year. Drudge picked it up, so it must be newsworthy. Not only will it be the tallest in the Orlando area (wow!), but riders will be able to obtain, which probably means “buy,” a YouTube-friendly video of their entire trip on the ride. Read More

  • HD DVD Backers Says "So What" To Blockbuster's Support of Blu-ray

    Universal Studios, which exclusively supports HD DVD, basically thumbed its nose at Blockbuster in its response to the rental chain’s decision to favor Blu-ray. A marketing manager for Universal said that rental income from places like Blockbuster only brings in less than one percent of its revenue. No big loss, in other words. So much for the predictions of it being the end of the world… Read More