• Nirvanix and CDNetworks Combine Forces

    Nirvanix, an Amazon S3 competitor that launched last Fall, has partnered with CDNetworks, a content delivery network that competes with the likes of Akamai and Limelight. The partnership makes Nirvanix’s cloud storage service available to all of CDNetworks’ customers, who will be able to store an unlimited amount of data on Nirvanix’s servers and then push this data out to any of… Read More

  • Ready Steady Vote.

    Ready Steady Vote.

    The nominees for the 3rd annual “Website of the Year 2006” have just been announced today. Beginning today through December 1, UK internet users can vote for their favourite websites by ranking the nominees content, navigation and design. Website of the Year is a pan-European people’s-choice award initiative run by online research agency Metrixlab and supported by… Read More

  • dotMobi Launches Today

    dotMobi Launches Today

    dotMobi, the Internet new top level domain for mobile content, launches to the public today, opening up registration to the public. I won’t say much about it here, because I am not exactly unbiased*, but read what BBC and Financial Times are saying. Whatever your opinion on the usefulness of new top level domains, it’s clear that the launch of dotMobi is creating a lot of buzz about… Read More

  • Who are you going to call?

    Who are you going to call?

    If you read sites like TechCrunch, then it is a fair guess that your friends and family probably think you are some sort of computer expert, someone they can turn to when they need computer related help and advise. This is often a blessing in disguise because once you’ve been successfully identified as an expert, often what was supposed to be a five minute quick question soon becomes a time… Read More

  • UK2YOU


    If you are a British expat like – Alex Barnett and Ben MetCalfe - then getting hold of Tetley teabags, Heinz Beanz and/or Marmite can prove difficult. Asking friends to send you food parcels every now and then maybe one solution. Another maybe to use UK2YOU, a new UK focused website with more than 200 shops ranging from Hamleys to Harrod’s to Thornton’s chocolates… Read More

  • It's so stupid it just might work!

    They say there is a mug born every minute and the internet is clearly no sanctuary for mugs. Irish Actor Stephen Francis Brady recently launched a new website with the intention of giving away £1 Million ($1.8 Million) to someone out there. How very nice and grand of him but it’s not his money! He has setup a website called “Step up to a Million” or should that be pyramid… Read More

  • Geek Dinner tonight

    Geek Dinner tonight

    Ian Forrester from BBC BackStage is holding a VERY last minute Geek Dinner tonight.   “If your in London today and would love to meet up for Dinner with Howard Rheingold of the SmartMobs and Virtual Community fame please email on mobileian at cubicgarden dot com or text me on 07870554816. This is very last minute and we are going to have a meal rather than the usual geekdinner. So expect… Read More

  • ShoZu 3.0 to launch soon with ZuCasts

    ShoZu 3.0 to launch soon with ZuCasts

    In the world of Mobile Web 2.0 applications, ShoZu has been an early winner. When it was launched last October, it was the first widely distributed application to support Photo sharing directly from the mobile. and promotion on Flickr and other sites gave it an early boost. Cognima CTO Andy Tiller wowed the attendees of Mobile Monday London in March of this year with a live demo of ShoZu… Read More

  • BT toss Vodafone a broadband bone

    BT toss Vodafone a broadband bone

    It seems the expected merger of BT and Vodafone has taken another step forward. Currently BT have an MVNO agreement with Vodafone to provide BT Mobile and today Vodafone announced it has signed a deal with BT Wholesale to sell the telco’s fixed-line broadband services alongside its traditional mobile packages.  According to VNU, “Vodafone refused to comment on whether there would be a… Read More

  • Terapad goes beyond blogging

    Terapad goes beyond blogging

    I first started blogging in November 2002, using Dave’ Winer’s Radio Userland. The blog was called Second Thoughts and it covered topics such as web services, DRM, open source, start-ups, Microsoft and Google. Oddly looking back at some of the posts, nothing seems to have really changed, other than the fact I moved my personal blog to Six Apart’s Typepad in July 2003 and changed… Read More

  • No more boo-hoo bills with Mobiboo

    No more boo-hoo bills with Mobiboo

    London based Mobiboo, the UK’s first commercial VoIP phone network to be allocated a UK mobile number range, 07911, today announced the official launch of its mobile VoIP service. “The cost-savings of VoIP have already been proven by companies such as Skype. Mobiboo has gone one step further to replicate a true mix of traditional mobile, DECT and landline phone services to provide… Read More

  • Servoy


    Dutch company Servoy , a supplier of development and deployment tools for business software, has recently raised an undisclosed venture round. Lead by the Private Plus Fund, this funding joins several private investors who have already provided financial support to Servoy. Servoy has been growing rapidly with more than triple-digit expansion over the past three years. Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy… Read More

  • Factonomy develop .NET framework

    Factonomy develop .NET framework

    Scottish company factonomy has recently secured €300,000 of funding. Factonomy develops strategic frameworks for the agile development of powerful internal and online business solutions. “A framework provides a foundation structure for the development of numerous applications using a consistent schema. The consistent schema is used to declare what an application should do rather than… Read More

  • Microsoft's PR agency admits it doesn't "get" blogs!

    Microsoft's PR agency admits it doesn't "get" blogs!

    Tom Foremski has written a post on Silicon Valley Watcher about Waggener Edstrom UK boss, Paul Abrahams, admitting he doesn’t get the value of blogs.  I feel a Gerald Ratner moment coming on.     Basically Paul Abrahams, heads up the sizeable UK office for Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft’s long standing PR firm and advises Microsoft on many strategic aspects of its Public… Read More