• Ukrainians crash-test their startups every month. Do you?

    [Ukraine] The 10th Startup Crash Test event took place on February 29 in Kiev, Ukraine. Startup Crash Test (SCT) is a monthly event aimed at “stress testing” Ukrainian web-related startups’ market strategy, business model, distribution, roadmap, etc. Apart from that, each SCT event provides pre-selected startups with feedback and practical advice. SCT also brings together… Read More

  • Opera Mini rocks mobile browsing, according to Opera

    According to Opera’s monthly State of the Mobile Web report, smartphone users aren’t the only ones enjoying mobile browsing. Worldwide, six of most popular phones for browsing using Opera’s Mini are from Nokia, two are from Sony Ericsson, one is from RIM and one is from Samsung. Though in the U.S., nine of the top 10 phones using Opera Mini are BlackBerrys. The report can… Read More

  • Ukrainian hacker runs for office, would like to be having date with your sister

    Dmitri Ivanovich Golubov aka Script has started the Internet Party of Ukraine and is running for office in Kiev. Script, 24, was arrested in 2005 for creating, a forum dedicated to sharing credit and debit card numbers. “I belong to a rare category of people who go into politics is not for the profit, but for the sake of ideas,” Golubov wrote in a (rough… Read More