• UFC Sends Google DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice Over Illegal Streams

    Pirates may have had a hard time finding illegal streams of UFC on Saturday night, and that’s because UFC has decided to strike at the heart of the beat: Google. Zuffa, the parent company of UFC, sent Google a notice of copyright infringement (under the DMCA) the other day, asking Google to remove links to sites hosting illegal UFC streams. That way, once 10pm rolls around, it’s not… Read More

  • EA Sports MMA: ‘Dead On Arrival’ At Retail

    EA Sports MMA went on sale last week. The first week’s sales? Not too good, which furthers the idea that it’s not mixed martial arts (MMA) that’s hot right not, but rather it’s UFC that’s hot right now. A Cowen & Company analyst has called the game’s sales “more or less DOA at retail.” Ouch. Read More

  • Can Paul Heyman Save EA Sports MMA?

    On the left, Fedor Emelianenko, probably the greatest mixed martial artist to ever live. I don’t want to hear any arguments on that point, either. On the right, Randy Couture, the UFC star who appears in the game courtesy of a short lived dispute with UFC brass. Throw in some Alistair Overeem, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Fabricio Werdum, and Nick Diaz (and more, of course) and… Read More

  • UFC Continues Its War Against Piracy, Sues British (!) Stream Provider

    UFC‘s war against piracy continues, with word that Zuffa, the promotion’s parent company, has filed a lawsuit against an English fellow who is alleged to have provided an illegal stream (~!) of UFC 119. No, it’s not the first time UFC has gone after pirates, and it sure as heck (gotta keep in PG) won’t be the last time. Read More

  • Despite Legal Threats, UFC Streams Still Easy To Find

    Last night was the first big test for the stream police after Zuffa, parent company of UFC, had subpoenaed Ustream and Justin.tv last week for the IP addresses of its users caught illegally streaming pay-per-view events. A quick look around the Internet during last night’s UFC 117 event showed one thing: streams haven’t gone away. Read More

  • Ustream Vows To Stop UFC Streamers, Makes It Easier For Copyright Owners To File Complaints

    A few days ago we learned that the UFC had subpoenaed Ustream.tv and Justin.tv for the information of people who had ilegally streamed pay-per-view events. Having spoken to these people in the past, I knew they weren’t sitting around in their offices, rubbing their hands together as intellectual property was being violated all over the place. No, these are legitimate businesses looking… Read More

  • UFC subpoenas Justin.tv, Ustream.tv for names of illegal streamers

    If this were the AP, the following would be the lede to this next story: “UFC President Dana White wants to put pirates in a kimura.” (That, of course, assumed the AP funny lede guy even knows what a kimura is!) Man, those soft ledes are terrible. Moving on… yeah, Dana White is upset at pirates. The promotion has subpoenaed Justin.tv and Ustream.tv, demanding to know the… Read More

  • Yikes: UFC Undisputed 2010 falls 60 percent from last year

    Hopefully THQ has learned that you can’t release UFC games like you would Madden. For one, there’s not enough year-over-year change in UFC to warrant a new game. The same fighters who were main-eventing last year (Brock Lesnar, Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, etc.) are main-eventing this year. There’s no excitement of seeing, I don’t know, Brett Favre put on a… Read More

  • Supremacy MMA: Is there enough interest for a video game not based on UFC or Strikeforce?

    Word on the street (Wall Street, that is) is that UFC Undisputed 2010 didn’t sell nearly as well as the previous game. There could be a few reasons for that, chief among them that people already had their UFC thirst quenched, so to speak. It was genuinely exciting to play a game with the modern roster (the last game before UFC Undisputed 2009 came out in 2004). The question now becomes… Read More

  • You can now watch UFC on your Roku box

    UFC President Dana White believes the Internet is the future of television, so this Roku deal makes all kinds of sense. Beginning with next week’s pay-per-view, UFC 114, Roku owners will be able to stream live UFC events right to their TV. It’s in HD, too. Nothing but the best for you guys! Read More