• Six Apart Equips TypePad For Microblogging, Posterous-Style

    Six Apart Equips TypePad For Microblogging, Posterous-Style

    Microblogging is one popular type of cake, and Six Apart damn well wants a piece of it too. The company has just added a new element to its TypePad offering: a so-called 'microblog-style blog', which I imagine could just as well simply be dubbed a microblog. If you know what Posterous is and does, it's easy to explain what the new TypePad feature does: exactly the same. If you're a TypePad user… Read More

  • WordPress and TypePad Spawn Mobile Blogging

    http://v.wordpress.com/bMa9CH71/fmt_dvd Forgive us while we navel-gaze for a minute, but we were particularly pleased to learn that a mobile app for WordPress will debut in the iPhone store soon. The app will work with both WordPress.com blogs and on-premise installations of version 2.5.1 and newer. Its announcement comes just over a month after competitor TypePad showcased its iPhone app onstage… Read More

  • TypePad AntiSpam, A New Open Source Comment Spam Fighter

    Blogging infrastructure company Six Apart is launching a new free open source product this morning into beta called TypePad AntiSpam. While the product is new, the technology behind it has been used by Six Apart since May 2007 on millions of hosted TypePad blogs. Now they are offering it as a web service for other blogging platforms, too. TypePad AntiSpam is clearly aimed at Akismet, a similar… Read More

  • Feedburner Partners With TypePad

    Feedburner and TypePad will announce a partnership on Thursday that will allow TypePad users to automatically redirect their existing TypePad RSS feed into Feedburner. Until now, if a TypePad user wanted to transfer RSS subscribers to a Feedburner RSS feed (and take advantage of Feedburner stats for those subscribers), each subscriber to the old feed would be required to change their subscription… Read More

  • Typepad is launching blog widgets

    Typepad is launching blog widgets

    SixApart’s Typepad is about to announce Widgets for bloggers. And this is about to simplify the life of million of bloggers who until now had more or less to deal with placing html code in their template to customize and enrich their blogs with third party features. First this has nothing to do with Yahoo/Apple desktop Widgets. Typepad will offer users a much easier and seamless way to add… Read More

  • SixApart Moves Into Business Space

    SixApart Moves Into Business Space

    SixApart, the creators of popular blogging platforms TypePad and MovableType will be releasing a set of new features and services for their products directly aimed at the growing business market for blog software. Currently there are a large number of corporations already publishing blogs using SixApart software and the latest releases are part of a broader strategy to better support and to grow… Read More