• Privacy Disaster At Twitter: Direct Messages Exposed (Update: GroupTweet Is Likely Culprit)

    Twitter user Orli Yakuel, with 650 followers, had a nasty surprise this morning – her direct messages (private messages between two Twitter users) showed up in her normal Twitter stream (and were subsequently published to her FriendFeed account). Friends messaged her to tell her about the embarrassing issue. At first she tried to delete the private messages and posted the notice above… Read More

  • Twitter! Japan! Ads!

    Twitter! Japan! Ads!

    Twitter Japan launched today at via a partnership between Twitter and Digital Garage. It’s basically Twitter, in Japanese, with display ads. A sizable Japanese userbase has grown up around Twitter, despite the fact that it is only available in English. So this certainly makes sense. I’d expect support for other languages to follow shortly as well. And since Twitter is now… Read More

  • Twitter May Not Have To Care About Uptime Any Longer

    Twitter May Not Have To Care About Uptime Any Longer

    We used to speculate that Twitter’s persistent downtime and overall poor service quality could result in a Friendster-type nose dive. But after a three day weekend outage I realized that in the last two months a subtle shift occured: I now need Twitter more than Twitter needs me. So while Robert Scoble speculates that FriendFeed is the big winner when Twitter goes down, and Dave Winer… Read More

  • Founder Creates Fireball (Fire Eagle + DodgeBall + Twitter) Founder Creates Fireball (Fire Eagle + DodgeBall + Twitter)

    Remember DodgeBall, the early social mobile network that languished after Google bought it? So does Leonard Lin, a founding member of who recently left Yahoo, where he organized Hack Days. He helped write the code for FireBall, a clever mobile geo-location app that brings back the promise of DodgeBall using only other existing services with public APIs. FireBall is a way for… Read More

  • Web 3.0 Will Be About Reducing the Noise—And Twhirl Isn't Helping

    Web 3.0 Will Be About Reducing the Noise—And Twhirl Isn't Helping

    It’s my own damn fault. I should have never listened to Mike. This morning I installed Twhirl on my desktop in a failed attempt to keep up better with Twitter and Friendfeed. I was hoping it would help me manage the never-ending flow of information from those two services—which, I admit, I’ve been increasingly ignoring. Instead, it took over my desktop and I… Read More

  • The Twitter/FriendFeed Desktop Client Arms Race Continues

    A lot of people are addicted to Twitter (microblogging), and a lot of people are addicted to FriendFeed (friends’ activity streams). While both are web services, each offers an API that lets third parties build on top of them, including desktop applications. Twhirl, recently acquired by Seesmic, has emerged as the leading desktop client for Twitter, and Alert Thingy launched days ago on… Read More

  • Look Out Twhirl, Alert Thingy Adds Twitter Support

    Alert Thingy, the FriendFeed desktop application that launched just three days ago, just launched v 1.2 of the service, with Twitter support. In addition to viewing FriendFeed data streams and posting directly to FriendFeed, users can now also post directly to their Twitter account as well. Users cannot directly view Twitter streams through AlertThingy, although they can get that information… Read More

  • Twitter Saves Man From Egyptian Justice

    Twitter Saves Man From Egyptian Justice

    Twitter. Don’t leave home without it. I don’t know if this is as good for Twitter as the Charlie Rose incident was for Apple, but it’s close. UC Berkeley graduate journalism student James Karl Buck was arrested on April 10 without any charges in Egypt for photographing a demonstration. He used his mobile phone to twitter the message “Arrested” to his 48 followers… Read More

  • Twitter Testing Advertising In Twitter Streams

    Twitter Testing Advertising In Twitter Streams

    Twitter was down tonight, nothing really unusual for the San Francisco based startup (to be fair though downtime has improved since they dumped Joyent), but what was different is some reports of users spotting ads in their Twitter stream during the service difficulties. There were no ads evident when I visited Twitter, which may indicate testing only in preparation for a broad-scale… Read More

  • TwitLinks: Not Useful, Not A TechMeme Killer

    TwitLinks: Not Useful, Not A TechMeme Killer

    It’s clear that Twitter is the place that a lot of news breaks first (example), hours before blogs and days before mainstream media. No one has created an application yet that harvests that information and presents it as breaking news or breaking memes with anything like what TechMeme has done for blogs and other news sites. The newest entrant is TwitLinks, which RWW calls the TechMeme… Read More

  • Why is a TV following me on Twitter?

    Why is a TV following me on Twitter?

    Thank God I got into Twitter just before it became flooded with spam. Now I can watch it slowly crumble under failed commercialism, just like the Internet! Something that appears to be an RSS feed of Sony Bravia news — with a direct link to an Amazon shopping page — just added itself to the account. Luckily this is just amounts to two robots reading each… Read More

  • Rocketboom Founder Puts His Twitter Account On Sale How much is a Twitter account with nearly 1,500 followers worth? Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron… Read More

  • The Decline And Fall of Western Civilization Part III: The Twitter Years

    The Decline And Fall of Western Civilization Part III: The Twitter Years

    Are you feeling Twitter overload, or just sick of hearing about it? Blogger/Cartoonist/Ad Man Hugh McLeod feels the same way. He illustrated a post titled Why I Deleted My Twitter Account with the following cartoon: Kind of says it all. CrunchBase Information Twitter Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Native iPhone Twitter app: Awful nice

    Native iPhone Twitter app: Awful nice

    Twinkle is a new native Twitter app with location sharing for the iPhone. That means you can twitter folks nearest to you with your location and do all the regular twitter-jive from your handheld. It’s not available right now but JustAnotheriPhoneBlog has an exclusive sneak peek. Head on over and check it out. Read More

  • Comcast, Twitter And The Chicken (trust me, I have a point)

    I’ve had a very odd weekend. First, I’ve taken a dozen or so phone calls from concerned relatives and friends over this NYTimes article. But a bigger issue is that the Internet was down in the house starting late Friday night, so I haven’t been online much. On Saturday I called Comcast, my service provider, and a recorded system said it would be back up in 30 minutes. That… Read More

  • Reminder: We twit

    If you love you some twitter, you can follow: * – Live feed of new stories.
    * – John Biggs
    * – Nicholas The rest of the guys send up smoke signals. Read More

  • ReVou Lets You Host Your Own Twitter

    ReVou Lets You Host Your Own Twitter

    There’s a joke that no good Web 2.0 service has come of age until there’s a script available to clone it. Digg has Pligg, Popurls has ezUrls (both predated AllTop). Now Twitter has ReVou. ReVou promises “Twitter clone software made affordable” for $399 as a self hosted script. The script offers all of Twitters features, including SMS support, and even comes with its… Read More

  • Finally, FriendFeed Answers The Twitter Conundrum

    Finally, FriendFeed Answers The Twitter Conundrum

    One of my largest issues with FriendFeed has been the duplication between commenting on Tweets (Twitter posts) which make up nearly half of all entries on FriendFeed, when Twitter itself is a two way communications tool. The folks at FriendFeed seem to have been listening. Available now is the ability to respond to Tweets via FriendFeed on both Friendfeed itself and have those responses… Read More

  • Quotably: The Perfect Tool To Make Sense Of Twitter

    Quotably: The Perfect Tool To Make Sense Of Twitter

    A new service called Quotably may be the best third party Twitter-related service so far. That’s because it reformats Twitter messages into threaded conversations, making it significantly easier to follow actual discussions that are occurring on Twitter. Until now, it’s been hard to follow conversations, even if you are in the middle of them. Sometimes responses come back tagged… Read More

  • Tracking Web 2.0

    There’s been much discussion lately around ways to follow and keep up with friends and the latest news in the tech world. There are plenty of new startups looking to make life easier; many have merit, but here’s a few tips to help you know what’s going on. A Good FeedReader Many consider that understanding and subscribing to feeds is a given, but the reality is that terms… Read More