• UPDATED: Turntable.fm Clone Plug.dj Has Shut Down

    UPDATED: Turntable.fm Clone Plug.dj Has Shut Down

    9/28/15 UPDATE: According to a blog post on its site, Plug.dj has shut down as of 3PM PT. A playlist export tool is available. Thank you for the fun! We’ll be shutting down at 3PM PDT today – http://t.co/yJ1WZTbSTv — plug.dj (@plugdj) September 28, 2015 For everyone asking: We had 60k “every single day” hard-core users (1m total MAU). Only 2.9k of them… Read More

  • Be A Mashup DJ With Turntable Founder’s Crossfader App

    Be A Mashup DJ With Turntable Founder’s Crossfader App

    No ProTools, no record players, no DJ skills required. With Crossfader, you just swipe between songs, pick two you like, and tilt back and forth to mix them into a mashup. This is Turntable.FM co-founder Seth Goldstein’s plot to turn legions of young ravers into creators. Read More

  • Meet Turntable’s Piki, The First Music App To Do Social Music Sharing Right

    Meet Turntable’s Piki, The First Music App To Do Social Music Sharing Right

    Turntable today introduced Piki, a Pandora-like, human-powered radio app combined with powerful Twitter-inspired social features. With Piki, the most impressive part is that Turntable is one of the first music startups to get social right. The company has been working on the brand-new service for a year. Read More

  • Turntable.Fm Co-Founders at Disrupt SF 2011

    Billy Chasen And Seth Goldstein: Turntable.fm Was Less Of A Pivot And More Of A Restart

    Turntable.fm founders Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen sat down with TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about the rise of Turntable.fm from the ashes of Stickybits, among other things. “It was less of a pivot and more of a restart,” Chasen said, on why he decided to dump the team’s original intent of making random barcode scanning an… Read More

  • Baby's Got Traction: Sir Mix-A-Lot DJs Live On Turntable.fm

    What’s a surefire sign that a web service has hit the big time? Well, when the celebrities start to pile on of course! The guys behind GiantThinkwell and the Mixnmatch game have teamed up with the Grammy award winning producer, emcee and lover of the natural female form Sir Mix-Alot for a rare Turntable.fm performance celebrating the game’s launch. “We’re huge fans… Read More

  • This is How Sacca Spends His Friday Nights: Wearing A Space Helmet On Turntable.fm

    This is How Sacca Spends His Friday Nights: Wearing A Space Helmet On Turntable.fm

    Ever wonder how super angel and man-about-town Chris Sacca spends his Friday nights? Well, right now you can find him at Turntable.fm, a stealthy, you-can-only-get-in-if-you-know-someone online DJ party. I just stumbled onto it by accident. You can only gain entry if you are Facebook friends with someone already inside. As it happens, I knew some people. Turntable.fm is a project of… Read More

  • Need A Portable Turntable? Meet the Crosley Revolution

    Vinyl is not dead, friends, and the respected record player is not without modern updates. We’ve seen USB turntables before, but turntables have, historically, been pretty large edifices of technology. That changes today with the Crosley Revolution. Stripped of the cabinetry that traditionally accompanies a turntable, the Revolution is portable features a built-in handle, and can run on… Read More

  • Pioneer DJM-2000. Turntables are out, touchscreen is in

    DJ gear is unique in audio in that more than any other equipment, it has to be flashy and able to take a pounding. Usually in the form of spilt beer. My main concern with Pioneer’s new DJM-2000 is how the touchscreen will react to the rough-and-tumble world of house music and ecstasy. But it still looks gorgeous. And you can hook in up to 4 CDJ turntables. 4! Unless you spontaneously… Read More

  • Review: Stanton T.55 USB turntable

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve looked at turntables, so I rather expected a new one to have fancy features. The Stanton T.55 USB turntable is a no-frills turntable. Aside from the USB port, there’s little obvious difference between this turntable and the ancient cabinet turntable I inherited from my grandmother. Read More

  • Japanese company sells portable USB turntable

    Here is something cool from Japan for the many vinyl fans still out there: A portable turntable for your old records [JP]. The device, made by a Tokyo-based music and DJ equipment maker called Vestax, not only plays your records but also digitizes them. Read More

  • TEAC rolls out turntable, cassette recorder, CD recorder in retro digs

    If you happen to still have LPs laying around and have sometime to dub ’em onto a digital medium, this TEAC player might be for you. Or, if you happen to have grandparents that still enjoy their LPs and their turntable died on ’em, this TEAC player might be for your. Perhaps, you are piecing together a 1970’s-style smokers room and need an appropriate sound system to… Read More

  • Denon Japan releases turntable with built-in USB port

    Denon Japan announced it will start selling a turntable [JP] that features a USB port to transfer music from analog records to USB memory sticks as digital music files at the beginning of next month. The DP-200USB will be available in black and silver  (price: $300). Denon says all that users have to do in order to save music as MP3 (in 192kbps quality) is to play their 30cm or 17cm records… Read More

  • ATTIGO TT: The touchscreen turntable that needs to be released ASAP

    Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo. This, the ATTIGO TT, is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, and I really mean that. Most of the time, meh. But this! It’s a touchscreen turntable created by one Scott Hobbs, a student at Dundee University. About the size of a regular turntable, this one is more Surface than Technics. The video says all that needs to be said. Read More

  • Sony takes up where Sharper Image left off: Vinyl to USB turntable

    The PS-LX300USB is one of the most exciting new inventions to come down the pike in a long time. See, it’s a record turntable that connects to a computer. Records are disks encoded with music or spoken word and these records spin. A needle touches these disks and transmits the audio electronically to a digital sound thingie that puts it on the USB cable and then into your computer. If… Read More

  • Video: Turntable controller for Guitar Hero

    This Guitar Hero turntable controller, designed by this guy, evokes memories of Konami’s beatmania, the original music game series. As the above video shows, it works just like a proper GH controller, complete with whammy bar and all the buttons you need to complete face shredders on expert mode. While I haven’t been bitten by the GH bug—I tried to play The Strokes’… Read More

  • Denon's HDD-based turntable looks impressive, spins

    If you’re the kind of DJ who likes to dual-wield iPods or keep your vinyl on your MacBook, maybe you should take a look at this thing. It’s got a huge amount of features, ports for USB stuff, and space for you to put your own 2.5″ drive in. It has to be PATA, formatted for FAT32, but whatever. Judging from the sheer number of buttons, dials, and toggles on the top of the… Read More

  • ION Audio Releases Two Snazzy Turntables

    iTTUSB05 If you’re not of the old guard of turntable enthusiasts and enjoy the atrocities of USB-powered turntables then ION has what you’re looking for. After all, vinyl has superior sound quality (if you’re into old and scratchy) and with these two, new models you can rip your favorites to MP3, so you can tote them around town. The iTTUSB05 and iTTUSB10 each come with EZ… Read More

  • Don't Call It A Comeback (Actually, Go For It)

    Everyone’s favorite liberal and entertaining talk station, NPR, ran a story this morning on how vinyl is making a comeback. The reason for those Talking Heads 7-inches coming back in style? NPR cites the popularity of the low-cost USB turntable and the total lack of DRM on vinyl. So far sales of new records are up 10% and seem to keep growing. Oh, and indie kids still buy a ton of… Read More

  • Numark x2 Hybrid Turntable Brings DJ Equality

    <img class="right" src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/MP3, which greatly reduces the quantity of gear you have to lug around. But it's more than just a convergence player. The x2 Hybrid has a vibration fightin' solid-core design, the industry's highest torque direct drive motor, pitch control and the Numark Beatkeeper beat calculator. The… Read More

  • Fujitsu Turntable PC: No Microphone?

    This is a concept design by Fujitsu that popped up in Japan at CEATEC. While we don’t usually talk about concepts — they rarely come to fruition — it is important to look at it from a UI standpoint. Laptop makers are just now figuring out that there is a wealth of real estate on the laptop lid and adding little WiFi buttons and other claptrap. However, this media… Read More