• Study Finds That Varying Your Desk Walking Routine Burns More Calories

    Study Finds That Varying Your Desk Walking Routine Burns More Calories

    I sit on a ball on top of my desk treadmill which I barely use these days because it is too hot in my attic. I am not a smart man. But I have just become smarter. Researchers at the Ohio State University have discovered that you burn more calories walking at varying paces than plodding along at one pace. In short, if you’re on a treadmill you need to slow down and speed up to get… Read More

  • VR treadmill comes with 270 degrees of outdoorsiness

    Walking: fun. Leaving the house: not fun. Enter the virtual reality treadmill, a project by geniuses at Japan’s University of Tsukuba (go Panthers!). Alas, this apparatus appears to be for hospital-use only, as it’s aimed at rehabilitation programs (stroke victims, mostly). Still, I’m sure this setup might not be impossible to replicate with five or six HDTVs arranged in… Read More

  • Oh puh-lease: A treadmill bike? Get the hell outta here

    I’m going to go on record and say that this is fake. Sure, there’s a product page that appears to be selling it for $2500, Canadian, and sure, it’s got some customer reviews, but I refuse to believe it’s an actual product. It’s too dumb. Plus, watch the above video. Why can’t anyone finish a sentence without smirking and/or laughing? Anyway have fun with… Read More

  • Hey Geek! Get Back In Shape the Nerdy Way

    I can tell you about what it’s like to be a guy who was once in shape and is not. When I was in my 20s, I was a slim yet hunky piece of man flesh. I had a defined jaw, broad chest, and a single chin. Now, however, at the beginning of my 30s, I find a second chin resting firmly between my face and neck. I do not like this chin, as it makes me look older than my real age. I also do not… Read More