• Pair vs. Pair: Pair The App Is Getting Sued By Pair Networks, The Hosting Company

    Pair vs. Pair: Pair The App Is Getting Sued By Pair Networks, The Hosting Company

    It was less than a week ago that Tenthbit, the developers of the buzzy, new social-networking-app-for-couples (or other partners) Pair, picked up a $4.2 million seed round, money the founders said would be used to expand its mobile development and design teams. Now it looks like some of those funds might also need to go to legal bills. Tenthbit is getting sued by pair Networks, a hosting… Read More

  • Wapple Wins Trademark Battle Over Apple

    Wapple Wins Trademark Battle Over Apple

    While Apple is busy fighting Proview over the iPad trademark in China, it has lost a different trademark battle in Europe: Wapple, the mobile web developers, have won a suit filed by Apple over its name. The suit, originally filed in 2007, claimed that Wapple was trading on Apple’s brand association and name, although Wapple had filed for a trademark on “Wapple” in 2006. Read More

  • Sues Facebook, Says Its New Timeline Feature Could “Eliminate” Them Sues Facebook, Says Its New Timeline Feature Could “Eliminate” Them

    Timelines Inc., a small venture capital-backed Chicago company that operates the website, has launched a trademark-infringement suit against Facebook on Thursday, claiming that the latter’s recently announced Timeline feature could “quite possibly eliminate” its entire business. is a website that basically allows people to record and share personal… Read More

  • Apple attempting to trademark 'thinnovation'

    The European Trademark Office has today published an application by Apple for dibs on the word “thinnovation”. And what’s more, it’s not just for computers and notebooks, but for “all manner of telecommunications,” hinting that Apple may have some broader WiMax plans up its sleeve. In related news, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers all… Read More

  • Futuremark attempts to pwn trademark law

    I don’t know if this is more or less ridiculous than Marvel claiming sole ownership of “super hero.” At least they had a hand in, if not creating from scratch, at least popularizing the term. But Futuremark, while an established company in an area where pwnage is rampant, has neither pwned anybody (ever) or even been in a situation where pwning was an option. And let’s… Read More

  • Cisco Grants Stay of iPhone Execution

    Today was supposed to be the iPhone trademark’s Judgement Day for Apple, as Cisco had set a February 16 deadline for Apple to respond to its lawsuit regarding the name. In a move that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside, Cisco has given Apple a five-day extension to February 21, at which point the two giants will hopefully have reached a “mutually beneficial agreement.” For… Read More