• Fake USB Cable? Check. Hilarity? Guaranteed!

    This $5 fake USB cable connects to almost anything (bananas included) and lets you pretend you have some of the coolest gadgets in the office. Want to make a Bananaputer? It’s only a click away. Read More

  • Inventables: For Your Weekend Fun

    I remember poring over Uncle Milton Catalogs as a wee lad but I doubt old Milt has rubber glass, oil-absorbing polymers, or conductive foam sensors in his bag of tricks. That’s where Inventibles comes in. These guys are a one-stop shop for wild materials and scientific tools and I’m kind of salivating just going through the lists of items. Read More

  • Ned Strongin, Co-Inventor Of Connect 4, Dead At 92

    Ned Strongin, co-inventor of Connect 4, passed away on April 9 of this year. He also invented Weebles, the little toys that wobble but don’t fall down. Strongin was 92. Read More

  • Toys R Us Soon To Be iPads R Us

    While at first glance, it may seem a little strange that Toys R Us is apparently planning on selling the iPad 2, it really makes a lot of sense. Apple is pursuing different market angles, and one of them is the e-reader one, and kids love the big full-color interactive titles in iBooks. To be honest, I’d expect a whole section of Toys R Us to be dedicated to color e-readers soon. Read More

  • Video: Talking Parakeet Toy Repeats What You Say, Randomly Blurts Out Phrases

    Takara Tomy in Japan has started selling Manekko P-Chan [JP], a small parakeet toy that repeats what you say (4 seconds maximum), twice, and just seconds after “hearing” your voice. You can also “teach” P-Chan phrases that it stores in its memory and repeats at random times later, just like a real bird would do. Read More

  • Actually A Fantastic Idea: Hasbro's My3DNow 3D iPhone ViewMaster

    Most people over the age of 20 will remember the ViewMaster toys that let you see slideshows from your favorite movies and cartoons in 3D. Shabby, static 3D, but still. Well, Hasbro has put out a product that, while it sounds ridiculous at first, is actually sheer genius. Replace the slide wheels with an iPhone! It’s brilliant! Read More

  • Video: Cute Teddy Bear Charatter Reads Tweets For You

    On Friday, we’ve shown you Twimal, a super-cute USB toy for Twitter users that can read specific tweets out loud (so you don’t have to look at the computer screen to follow your time line). But before Takara Tomy, a smaller Japanese toy company called WiZ has brought the so-called Charatter [JP] to the Japanese market, a teddy bear that’s able to do the same. Read More

  • Twimal: Super-Cute Twitter Toy Pet Reads Tweets For You (Video)

    Japan is crazy about Twitter, and today local toy maker Takara Tomy has announced Twimal (short for “Twitter Animal”) [JP], a super-cute toy “pet” that can reads out tweets loud for you. The white version does this with a female voice, while the blue Twimal uses a male voice. Read More

  • Double Rainbow, In Your Room

    Uncle Milton knows what’s up. This $23 device will throw a beautiful rainbow across your room, complete with multiple colors. Sadly, as one Amazon reviewer notes, “the product projects a rainbow onto the walls, not through the air as displayed in the illustration, but I do have to say that my seven year old and my three year old are completely enchanted.” So it’s not a… Read More

  • Hela Disc: The Aerobie, Evolved

    When it comes to flying discs (“frisbees” to the vulgar), there are many to choose from. I personally like the Koosh Woosh, but as they don’t sell that particular relic any more, I’m forced to recommend other options for summer fun. The Hela Disc looks promising: it’s like an Aerobie donut-style disc but unlike that worthy item, won’t slice your head off if… Read More

  • Learn Your Young Ones To Tazer Fools With This Toy Tazer

    People are getting tazered pretty much every minute these days. Could it just be that they’re not familiar with what Tazers are? I think so! Our kids should know the look and shape of a Tazer, so in case they’re hopped up on angel dust and can’t understand what an officer is saying to them, they’ll at least recognize that object and know to hit the deck, hands behind head. Read More

  • Exterminate Enemies With The Ride In Dalek

    Here’s a toy for the youngsters: a Ride In Dalek. It allows your kid to be the mutant in a mechanical shell. There is an electric motor that allows for 360-degree movement and there is an illuminated cockpit with 10 different sound effects and Dalek phrases. Also, the manipulator and arms can be moved. The whole thing breaks down into three pieces for charging and storage. (Kinda jealous… Read More

  • Sega Toys Shows 3D Spray Art Toy

    The 3D craze we’re currently witnessing isn’t limited to the home electronics market and movie theaters, it seems: Sega Toys in Japan announced [JP] the so-called 3D Spray Art Pro, a toy that makes it possible to spray “graffiti” on paper, which can then be viewed in 3D. Read More

  • Video: Those Flying Fish Are Called Air Swimmers

    Would you buy a toy fish that flew in the air wagging its tail as if it were swimming? If you answered yes, then check this out: it’s called Air Swimmers. Air Swimmers consist of a¬†helium-filled balloon with motorized fins that flap in the air. From the video you can see it looks pretty cool and the ‘swimming’ doesn’t look too bad either. One battery in the fish, three… Read More

  • NERF Licenses Its Name To Make Electronics

    NERF goes way back — all I’ll say is that I hated those foam arrows. Now, NERF wants to do something else, because they just licensed their name for a ton of electronics. The new toys will make their debut in time for the holiday season this year. Read More

  • Lightning McQueen Alive 1:55 Robotic Car Is Slightly Scary

    Remember when kids used imagination when they played with cars? You may be too young to remember driving a die-cast Hot Wheels Ford across the carpet while making vroom-vroom noises, but now that this Lightning McQueen Alive 1:55 scale car is around, you’ll never have to use your brain for fun again. Read More

  • Augmented Reality-Powered Fishing Reel Toy

    So you like to go fishing but have to sit in school or in your office all day? Takara Tomy might have the solution for you: their so-called “Virtual Master Real” [PDF] is essentially a fishing game built into some kind of “electronic fishing reel”. Read More

  • Another Day, Another Desk-Mounted Rocket Launcher

    Say, for example, you’re a self-styled office despot. Grown men fear you, women are in awe of your power, and children cower at your feet (all of this is in your head and your co-workers actually hate you, but pay that no mind). What can you do to add that delicate touch of insanity to your already vicious reign? Desk mounted ordnance, that’s what. That’s where the $39 Brando… Read More

  • Toy DSLR Actually Shoots Stills And Video, Has Swappable Lenses

    Although this might actually also work as a gag gift your favorite photographer, it might be a pretty cool thing to give a kid, too. I mean really, if you want them to like the idea of interchangeable lenses and cameras, a little thing like this would be great way to introduce them. Read More

  • Gift Guide: The 10 Worst Toys Of The Season

    Every year around this time, we rush to the toy store in search of bargains for the wee ones, hoping to find that one glorious item hidden among the picked-over dross that is a post-Black Friday Toys ‘R’ Us. But be warned, shoppers: all is not as it seems. You see, lurking in the depths of our nation’s toy shelves, are some of the worst, most horrific toys you can ever… Read More

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