• Microsoft making a big investment in Surface

    Microsoft is spending quite a bit of money to make sure you are going to be able to use their Surface technology with Windows 7. They are the major partner in a venture funding investment to a company that makes touch screen hardware. Read More

  • You know, the Samsung P3 PMP (now with touchscreen!) doesn't look too bad at all

    Round two of eliminate the fluff, Samsung edition! This time, we’re looking at the Korean corp’s P3 portable media player. This time around it’s got a touchscreen, with haptics thrown in for good measure. Read More

  • Smart-Leaf aims to put a touchscreen PC in your wall

    Smart-Leaf is the latest company shooting for the casual PC user that needs a space saving designed ‘puter. The company seems to think that a touchscreen model with fold-out keyboard would fit-in nicely into your kitchen. Maybe they are right. I kind of want one. Read More

  • Nokia 6208c phone features pen-based input

    Nokia, the world’s most ubiquitous cell phone company, is showing off the new 6208c phone in China, which sports a pen for easy input of Chinese characters. Read More

  • Samsung S8300 AMOLED Touchscreen Slider lacks kitchen sink

    While I can’t say I agree with the color scheme (Orange and black? I can’t decide whether it looks like a Halloween toy or a cheap pair of Reeboks), it looks like Samsung has managed one hell of an engineering feat with the just-leaked S8300. According to, this thing comes packed tight with a 2.8″ WQVGA AMOLED touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera with autoflash… Read More

  • Is this Nokia's next top-secret touchscreen handset?

    After blatantly boasting about how well they’d managed to keep the N97 off the radar, you’d think that Nokia would be incredibly wary of letting on details of future handsets. That is, you wouldn’t think they’d slide a shot of an unannounced touchscreen handset into a presentation in New York yesterday. Well, if this thing turns out to be legit, that’s exactly… Read More

  • Touchscreen hack for the Dell Mini 9

    Some peeps love touchscreens and the Dell Mini 9 is the latest netbook to receive the upgrade. By using the USB lines from the Mini 9s PCI-e pins, the mod nerd semi-permanently attached an Ebay-purchased touchscreen. The results shown above are a bit janky, but at least it works. Definitely not prime-time ready, but still, kind of neat in a nerdy way. source via jkkmobile Read More

  • Turn your plasma into a huge touchscreen

    Who didn’t enjoy all the fancy TV magic that CNN and ABC used during the election coverage? Now, a company called U-Touch has developed a home based version, if you have the 103-inch Panasonic plasma that is. The system turns the whole screen into a gigantic touchscreen. Better get some good Windex. Read More


    VIA has been building a few nice built-in PCs recently including the Iceman and this odd panel PC that is supposed to fit into a wall or a kiosk. The 10.4-inch touchscreen PC is rugged and fanless and includes a resistive touchscreen and plenty of ports. This is an embedded system so it’s aimed more at heavy duty applications but I could see this as a home control system in a wall… Read More

  • LG Prada II: Tuesday in the UK

    The LG Prada II is coming, thank God. It’s scheduled to debut in the UK, the originator of WAG culture, on Tuesday, November 18. The touchscreen phone, which has a 5-megapixel camera (which was last impressive two years ago), also has a slide-out keyboard, making it more G1 than iPhone. There’s no price just yet (though it was rumored at around €600), which is fantastic… Read More

  • You can pre-order the BlackBerry Storm at Best Buy for $50

    Get thee to Best Buy as soon as possible if you want to pre-order a BlackBerry Storm, which, as we all know, is the first BlackBerry with a touchscreen. A crisp $50 bill and a smile is all that’s required to pre-order this, Verizon Wireless’ “we’re cool, too!” device. There’s the small issue of not knowing exactly what the final price will be when… Read More