• Topix Aims For Citizen Journalists

    Topix Aims For Citizen Journalists

    News site will relaunch this evening under their newly acquired domain name They are also launching a new product that will allow readers to write and edit local news articles directly. The news was first written about by USA Today this afternoon. Topix is partly funded by USA Today’s parent company, Gannett, McClatchy and Tribune. Topix already has local news pages for… Read More

  • Topix Raises $15m More for Local News Search

    Topix Raises $15m More for Local News Search

    News search engine has announced that has taken $15 million in additional funding from three large media companies, Tribune, Gannett and McClatchy. The company raised a round about 18 months ago for an undisclosed sum that was only said to be under $5 million. That funding came from Tribune, Gannet and Knight-Ridder, who have since been acquired by McClatchy. Topix brings a long list of… Read More

  • finally usable after relaunch finally usable after relaunch, possibly the most feature rich news search engine online already, has relaunched and looks very cool. The Topix index of 50,000 news sources is 10 times larger than the Google News index and 7 times as large as Yahoo! News. Topix really focuses on local search. Today’s relaunch makes the search results on Topix much easier to use than they have been before. Founded in 2002 by some… Read More

  • Topix Does What Yahoo Wouldn't added 15,000 top blogs into its news engine today. Unlike Yahoo, which took the step of integrating blog search results into the news area but pushed them off to the side, Topix has integrated blog posts into results in the same manner as their other 12,000 news feeds. The Topix blog post announcing the addition gives great information on how they chose the 15,000 feeds, and how blog… Read More