• The red TomTom EASE is probably meant to be a Valentine's Day gift because it's red

    It’s probably a safe bet that nearly every retailer and consumer electronic manufacturer forms a committee with the sole purpose of exploiting Valentine’s Day. We’ve  already seen the Nook Valentine’s Day edition today and now it’s TomTom‘s turn with the red EASE GPS unit. Because nothing says love like a cheap personal navigator. I kid, I kid. Read More

  • TomTom wises up, releases $49.99 USA-only GPS app

    Most agree that the original TomTom iPhone app is a tad overpriced at $99 for just the app. That doesn’t include the $119 windshield mount. Esspecially now that Google has made its mark on the GPS market with the free Google Maps Navigation app. And so that brings us to the latest TomTom GPS app. This one is US-only, but only costs $50. Read More

  • Review: TomTom Car Kit for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Short Version $219.94. The price says it all. The TomTom Car Kit is great; it works perfectly, and I loved using it. In fact, I wish I could keep the review unit that TomTom sent me. That said, would I ever spend 2 bills and change on it? Mayyyybe, but it’s unlikely. A standalone TomTom GPS unit can be as cheap as $100, which is half the price of the TomTom Car Kit ($119.95) + TomTom… Read More

  • Google didn't kill the standalone GPS

    Alright, everyone, settle down. I know the Google Maps Navigation stuff is pretty amazing, but let’s not write off the traditional GPS makers just yet. They’re not going anywhere for a while. Your parents and friends will see to that. Hopefully the sudden market loss that companies like Garmin and TomTom saw yesterday will wake the companies up and see that they are doing it wrong. Read More

  • TomTom’s iPhone car kit no workie with iPod touch, first-gen iPhone

    Bad news, you guys. If you were thinking of dropping $120 on TomTom’s iPhone car kit and then another $100 on TomTom’s navigation app for use with your first-generation iPhone or second-generation iPod touch, it now looks like you’d to run into some compatibility issues. AppleInsider is reporting “that although the Car Kit dock is compatible with all iPhone models… Read More

  • Google's New Mobile App Cuts GPS Nav Companies At The Knees

    Google released a new mobile navigation app today and GPS navigation companies such as Garmin And TomTom saw their shares take a plunge. The announcement shaved $1.2 billion off of Garmin’s market cap alone. Its shares are down more than 16 percent so far today to $31.60. TomTom’s shares are down 21 percent to $8.11. And this is just for an Android app. But Google could very… Read More

  • TomTom Car Kit for iPhone now selling in the U.S. for $120

    TomTom’s iPhone car dock is now available from the U.S. Apple Store for $120 with a shipping time of 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll recall that the actual TomTom iPhone app runs for $100 on top of that. Read More

  • Here's the TomTom XL 335S, everyone

    TomTom is here with yet another GPS device. The 335S packs a 4.3-inch touchscreen and text to speech functions into a small package with a somewhat competitive MSRP of $239. But like most other GPS units, that MSRP will probably be undercut by retailers as they try to push these GPS units onto holiday shoppers. Thankfully, the XL 335S seems to be decent for that price although I… Read More

  • The TomTom XL 340S LIVE uses AT&T to deliver Google data

    The one major draw of having GPS navigation software on your smartphone is that the phone is probably connected to a network that can give more info than just directions, but the screen is just so damn small. TomTom knows this and just launched its second Internet-connected GPS device, the 4.3-inch XL 340S LIVE. This guy uses AT&T as its data provider and can update the users on a whole… Read More

  • TomTom releases the US pricing for the iPhone Car Kit

    The TomTom iPhone Car Kit has been getting a lot of media play the last few days. It briefly appeared on the UK’s iTunes Store and then TomTom announced that it will be available there for EUR99.99. But until now the company hasn’t said squat about the retail price here in the good ol’ States. Read More

  • TomTom rolls out two new XXL GPS units

    Despite the fact that some feel they are whistling in the dark, TomTom just released the latest generation of their “PND” (don’t call it a GPS) the XXL. Featuring a large 5 inch screen, the new PNDs also have improved routing technology that learns your route, and helps to determine the most efficient way to get where you are going. Read More

  • TomTom and Garmin say standalone GPS devices ain't licked yet

    Standalone GPS devices are a dying breed. Anyone with a half-way decent smartphone can get from point A to point B with a few taps of an onscreen keyboard and it’s abundantly clear that standalone devices will end up being the the province of old folks. That said, TomTom and Garmin are seeing roses and puppy dogs. Read More

  • Video of TomTom's iPhone accessory and app

    We saw photos of the TomTom accessory for the iPhone yesterday but now we have video of it. This is basically a little dock with a USB cable and a GPS booster. Not a huge deal but this could feasibly mean the end of standalone GPS devices, which is kind of important. What think you? Read More

  • Tele Atlas to load realistic 3D city images onto PNDs

    Remember this day. Today is the day that you saw the future of GPS navigation. Tele Atlas has partnered with Norway-based BLOM to provide photorealistic maps to personal navigation devices. So far only 40 cities in Europe have been ported to the service, but many more are scheduled to be released in the coming quarters. Soon the days of having basic 3D boxes to represent buildings will be gone… Read More

  • Microsoft tells TomTom where to go

    TomTom announced today that Microsoft is suing them for patent infringement, however they denied that they had violated any of Microsoft’s patent rights. Microsoft said that it it taking legal action against the GPS maker after the two failed to reach a licencing agreement after more then a year of negotiation. Read More

  • TomTom teams up with Fujitsu Ten for one expensive ass semi-embedded PND

    TomTom and Fujitsu Ten have announced the ECLIPSE AVN4430 in-dash nav system and it’s pretty darn expensive at $850. But, I’m not sure how much in-car GPS units go for from manufacturers so correct me if I’m wrong. The plus side is that you can remove the TomTom GPS unit whenever you please and use it elsewhere. It sports a 4.3-inch screen and controls all of your… Read More

  • TomTom and Radio Shack launch GO 630 GPS unit

    Radio Shack is gaining yet another exclusive GPS model after the Motorola and NAVIGON units. The TomTom Go 630 seems similar in specs to the GO 720 with even the same $399 price. IQ Routes Technology Advance Lane Guidance Access to TomTom MapShare Text-to-Soeech 4.3-inch widescreen Bluetooth handsfree call Side note about why Radio Shack is selling “exclusive” models after… Read More

  • Garmin comes out on top of J.D. Power GPS rankings

    The J.D. Power and Associates just released the 2008 Portable Navigation Device customer satisfaction rankings with Garmin taking the top seat and TomTom following closely behind. These scores are a composite of six factors that include: ease of use, routing, system appearance, speed of system, voice direction, and navigation display screen.  Garmin ranks highest among portable… Read More

  • 2008's Black Friday to have $99 GPS units and $149 Blu-ray players

    Ah, Black Friday. After working at Circuit City from 2000 to 2006, I don’t care how good the deals are, I’m sleeping in that day. This year is shaping up nicely though if the $99 GPS and $149 Blu-ray player rumors are true. Reportable, the GPS units are going to be top tier units from Garmin, TomTom, or Magellan and the Blu-ray player should be the Samsung BDP-1500. Still, I… Read More

  • Kim Cattrall adds her voice to TomTom, makes you hate driving

    Sorry Kim. I’m sure you’re a nice lady and all, but after being forced to sit through umpteen seasons of Sex and the City and the 3 hours of bonus drivel provided by the movie, I don’t think I could handle it. If anybody hopped in my car with your new voice pack installed on a TomTom, I would smash said TomTom with a brick. If you think you can bear your way through such… Read More