• Sit! Stand! Tome!

    This Desk Will Tell You When To Sit And When To Stand

    Standing is better than sitting. Most of the time. Sometimes your body needs a rest and that’s where the Humanscale OfficeIQ powered by Tome comes to play. Tome’s Jack Sigal stopped by the TechCrunch broadcast booth to show me how this desk can help me lose weight. Software and hardware developed by his new company is built into the Humanscale desk and chair and will send… Read More

  • Facebook’s Categorial Imperative Crunch Network

    Facebook’s Categorial Imperative

    Facebook’s newest feature adds some much-needed relevance to the huge proportion of its data hoard that no user has seen or, if we’re honest, thought about, in days, weeks, or years. But Graph Search is ultimately nothing more than a handy sorting algorithm, and it’s indicative of the fact that really, Facebook doesn’t understand the first thing about us. Read More