• Know the temperature inside and out (of the house)

    The USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer from Brando lets you record the temperature with your computer. Then, if you are so inclined to do, you can paste the results into Word or Excel. Temperature can be captured from every second to 12 hours. I’m not sure who would benefit from such a detail-oriented thermometer. Amateur meteorologists, I suppose. Then again, anybody who is so inclined… Read More

  • In Vino Veritas

    I’ve always been a liquor guy myself, but there are a few of us in the CrunchCamp who are certifiable winos (see: Biggs and Josh). But if you’ve ever found yourself confronted by a wino hissy fit over improper wine serving conditions, you know it’s not a pretty picture. The Nuvo Vino takes steps to ensure this never happens again. Using an infrared thermometer, the Nuvo… Read More