• A Scary Line Has Been Crossed For VCs

    A Scary Line Has Been Crossed For VCs

    At a recent presentation at Harvard Business School, Adeo Ressi argued that the VC model is broken. That is nothing new for Ressi, who is the founder of the VC-rating site theFunded. He is kind of like the Nick Denton of the VC world, always saying that the sky is falling. It's just that at this moment he happens to be right. The slides from his presentation are embedded below, but really all… Read More

  • TheFunded Goes From Criticizing VCs to Helping Members Court Them

    TheFunded Goes From Criticizing VCs to Helping Members Court Them

    If startup CEOs want to anonymously rate, review, and criticize venture capitalists, they can still do that on TheFunded. But the site added a feature today called TheFunded Connect that lets members help each other with what they really want: introductions to those same VCs. CEOs looking for funding can put up brief pitches, solicit comments from other members to refine those pitches, and… Read More

  • Don't Look For BFFs When Pitching For VC Dollars

    TheFunded started publishing a list of top rated venture capitalists today. The ratings are based on reviews (either anonymous or not) written by entrepreneurs who’ve pitched those VCs. Should you pitch VCs that have higher ratings? No. Their rating is irrelevant, and some of the VCs that have the best track record at picking, building and selling companies also have the worst reputations on… Read More

  • Wondering Which Partner at a VC Firm to Pitch?  TheFunded Now Breaks Out Individual VC Ratings.

    Wondering Which Partner at a VC Firm to Pitch? TheFunded Now Breaks Out Individual VC Ratings.

    Up until now, if you wanted to see the ratings of individual venture capitalists on TheFunded, you had to be an invited member, which meant that you had to be the CEO or founder of a company (or pay $200 for six months access and prove that you are a senior adviser or consultant). But now anyone who visits the site can see the ratings for 17,000 individual VCs without logging in (before only the… Read More

  • TheFunded Founder Gives Startups Some Advice

    TheFunded Founder Gives Startups Some Advice

    The Next Web conference that I am moderating in Amsterdam just kicked off, and the first speaker was Adeo Ressi, the founder of TheFunded, the invite-only community for venture-funded CEOs to compare notes about building startups and bitch about VCs. (VCs are not allowed on the site, which inspired a mock site, the Unfunded, for them to bitch about entrepreneurs). I met him last night at a dinner… Read More

  • Venture Capitalists Fight Back Against TheFunded

    TheFunded, a site where entrepreneurs can leave anonymous feedback about their experiences with venture capitalists, has created quite a stir on Sand Hill Road. Rarely do I meet with a VC without the subject of it coming up, and how unfair it is. The fact that the site is now publishing confidential term sheet clauses as well only exacerbates the angst. Now VCs are fighting back. Someone has… Read More

  • TheFunded Creating Database of VC Term Sheets

    Venture capitalists already don’t much like TheFunded, a site that launched last March that lets entrepreneurs post stories about how they’ve been treated during the fund raising process. But now they’re really going to be angry – the site is encouraging users to upload term sheets so that people can compare and contrast individual terms from each VC. Venture capitalists… Read More

  • The Funded Founder(s) To Unveil Themselves Tonight (Updated)

    The Funded Founder(s) To Unveil Themselves Tonight (Updated)

    Mark this one down as a major PR stunt, but they certainly have our attention: The founder (or more likely, founders) of venture capital gossip site TheFunded, who have been keeping their names anonymous since March when the site launched, will spill the beans tonight and announce themselves. Staying anonymous was probably smart, since more than a few VC’s have been miffed at all the… Read More

  • New Forum Site To Gossip About Work

    I’m just going to touch on Wurkpal briefly. It’s a very simple forum site that is designed specifically for people to gossip/complain/etc. about their work environment anonymously. The site takes a guess as to where you are logging in from based on a reverse hostname lookup and tries to direct you to the correct company forum. You can also view the directory and go from there. The site… Read More

  • TheFunded: Venture Capitalist Feedback Site Lets VCs In

    TheFunded is now two months old and has turned into a somewhat controversial place for entrepreneurs to provide feedback on the venture capitalists they’ve pitched. Until now, membership was restricted. You have to be invited by another member, and you have to prove your identity as an entrepreneur by linking to a bio page or other evidence. There are some really ugly comments on the site. Read More