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  • Xiaomi Launches Its Own Text Message Service

    Xiaomi Launches Its Own Text Message Service

    Users on Xiaomi devices will now be able to send international text messages faster and more reliably, it said. The Chinese smartphone maker just announced its enterprise international SMS platform at the Mobile Asia Expo event in Shanghai. The new service looks like it’ll rival Apple’s iMessage service in function, but is based entirely on SMS technology. That means that while… Read More

  • Mobile Messaging Consolidates: Myriad Group Buys Synchronica For $38M

    Mobile Messaging Consolidates: Myriad Group Buys Synchronica For $38M

    Some consolidation afoot in the evolving world of mobile messaging: one messaging provider, Switzerland’s Myriad Group, is buying a UK-based rival, Synchronica, for £23.9 million (around $38 million), in what looks like an all-share deal. Myriad says the deal will make it one of the biggest providers of messaging services in the world. Together they provide messaging services to a… Read More

  • YC-Backed SendHub Lets Businesses Text Their Customers, And Teachers Text For Free

    YC-Backed SendHub Lets Businesses Text Their Customers, And Teachers Text For Free

    Y Combinator and Start Fund-backed startup SendHub, which offers a simple SMS solution for businesses, is killing it…and it never “officially” launched. Instead, the company soft-launched a couple of months ago with zero fanfare, and already has several hundred customers, 40% of which are active monthly users, sending some 30,000 SMS text messages per month. Although… Read More

  • California outlaws text-messaging while driving

    Drivers in the great state of California will no longer be able to TXT while driving starting this January. This includes sending, reading and writing, folks. Those found conducting the soon to be illegal action will face a $20 fine the first time and a $50 for each recurring violation.  “Banning electronic text messaging while driving will keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and… Read More

  • Man lands airplane via text messages

    A small airplane in Ireland suddenly found itself in a dilly of a pickle of a jam when it "lost all onboard electrical power, communications and weather radar soon after take-off from Kerry airport," according to The Irish Times. The twin-engine Piper contained a pilot and four passengers. The pilot was unable to make contact with the nearest air traffic control tower, so he tried… Read More

  • Smart Berry is not RIM’s new handheld, it’s a toy for girls

    If you like spoiling your kids and buying them things they will use for a week and then lose, then Bandai’s Smart Barry is worth a look. If you’re wondering why I’m being so hard on this device/toy, read on. The Smart Barry is a game/text messaging device that allows you to send messages to 4 other devices that are no more the 10 meters away. On top of that your message can… Read More

  • Vatican embraces social networking, text messaging for Il Papa

    For World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, the Vatican is going high tech. It will be setting up a social networking site much like a Catholic Facebook where people can sign up to get prayers online and text messages from the Pope. Wait, I can get a text message from the Pope!? I’m not even Catholic but that sounds so awesome! Think he’ll use texting shorthand? Like for the… Read More

  • Video: Texting your way to love

    http://current.com/e/88906818 I admit it: I’m a text messaging fiend. And many of the recipients of my texts are cute girls. Texting is a modern form of flirtation, and this video totally nails how it works. It’s so true I found myself blushing. For those keeping score, that’s an iPhone, RAZR, Nokia 6100 series, a Treo, and our star is a Helio Ocean. Read More

  • Cops foil ephebophiliac's kidnapping with text messages

    [photopress:201_2M26FABOO.standalone.prod_affiliate.4.JPG,full,center] David Anthony Faboo, pictured, is in trouble. The 37-year old allegedly met a 16-year old girl on MySpace. He then went to her house a short distance away and picked her up, likely for illicit underage sex. After a few hours of driving north, the girl changed her mind and started texting her friend. With the help of her… Read More

  • NEWSFLASH: Text messaging is a huge rip off

    I was spoiled. The first phone that I had when this whole “texting” (as the kids call it) craze hit was a T-Mobile Sidekick, which included unlimited SMS messages with the data plan. Then somewhere along the lines, I fell off the wagon and switched to Sprint in order to get my hands on a Treo 650. Imagine my surprise when I got my first bill and found out I’d all of a sudden… Read More

  • Reminder: Washington's "texting while driving" law goes into effect January 1

    If you live in the state of Washington, as I do, you’ve a scant six days left to legally drive whist text messaging, as a new law forbidding just that practice goes into effect on the first. Egads. Thankfully it’s a secondary violation, you can’t get pulled over for it, but really, we all know if a Washington state trooper sees you initiating a booty call at 60MPH on I-5… Read More