• Twitter Strengthens Its Mobile Platform: Buys A/B App Tester Clutch.io, Shutting Down Service In November

    Twitter Strengthens Its Mobile Platform: Buys A/B App Tester Clutch.io, Shutting Down Service In November

    Have the API wars around Twitter opened on a new front? Today comes news that the social networking site has made another acquisition: Clutch.io, a specialist in A/B testing for mobile apps. The news was announced on Clutch.io’s blog. The founders Eric Florenzano and Eric Maguire say that today was their first day working at Twitter on the company’s growth and international team… Read More

  • AppThwack Takes On Android Fragmentation With New Automated Testing Service

    AppThwack Takes On Android Fragmentation With New Automated Testing Service

    Android development doesn’t always have to look like this. Smaller developers without their own in-house QA departments often outsource their testing to services like  Testdroid, for example, which tests their Android apps on physical devices. But today, Testdroid and the like will have some new competition from a company called AppThwack, which plans to not only match… Read More

  • Video: Smartphone Test Robot Simulates Countless Flicking And Tapping

    Tokyo-based Japan Novel Corp. is offering a robot that can simulate the process of flicking and tapping on a smartphone touch screen over and over again. Dubbed Quality Commander [JP], the machine can be programmed so that it touches the display of smartphones and perform said movements in lieu of a human. Read More

  • Freezing the Boeing 787 using weather control technology

    So where exactly are you supposed to go if you need to freeze one of largest passenger jet planes ever made? Well if you’re Boeing, you go to the McKinley Climatic Chamber at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. This facility is designed to simulate anything from the most extreme freeze, to the hottest desert. You have to wonder though, what is the military doing with this technology? Is… Read More

  • The Lab vs. The Real World: product testing is hard

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months, you know that Toyota has had problems with sudden acceleration of some of its vehicles. Apparently, the root cause of the problem is still unknown, which is a little troubling to the average consumer. Toyota claims to be doing everything they can to investigate, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Now everyone… Read More

  • Why Apple's battery life has gone down: Testing methods

    I used to test laptops en masse at Laptop Magazine and I’m well aware of the various problems with the testing methods available. Your battery test — playing a DVD over and over to recreate the experience on a plane, for example — might be different from mine — watching furry porn in a constant loop while Twittering college students. That said, there has been some… Read More

  • T-Mobile testing home phone service via Internet

    [photopress:uma.jpg,full,center]T-Mo is doing something interesting. Not only do they want to be your cell carrier, they want to provide your home landline service, too. Of course, with its new all-you-can-talk plans this is redundant, but for $10 including long distance, why not have a landline? People will call you “old school”, in a good way. The new system uses your current… Read More

  • Google Engineers Go Geek on Hard Drives

    After using hundreds of thousands of hard drives in their quest for world domination, Google knows a thing or two about spinning platters. All of their hard work has been distilled into one academic paper describing correlations between hard drive age, manufacturer, and data density. The most interesting finding? SMART, the system used to test hard drives for imminent failure, is all but… Read More

  • Cellphone Talk Time in the Real World

    Cellphone purveyors quote lots of appealing talk time specs, but we want to know the truth about how much time you can get in the real world. Now after months of testing, Norwegian website amobil has the goods on 45 of their favorite phones, with telling results: “Not surprisingly, there were huge differences from phone to phone. The winning phone let you chat away for two-and-a-half… Read More