• Bill Clinton misses out on Tesla ride

    Bill Clinton misses out on Tesla ride

    Apparently Bill Clinton was mere moments away from picking up chicks experiencing the finest in green transportation all over Burbank, California in a Telsa Roadster. Jeremy Snyder, general manager of the Los Angeles Tesla Store, handed a set of keys to Mr. Clinton at the end of a President’s Day luncheon after the former president expressed interest in driving a Roadster. Read More

  • Tesla to actually be profitable in six months' time?

    Tesla to actually be profitable in six months' time?

    Despite some early worries, bad press, and several crashed prototypes, it looks like Tesla isn’t going to go down in flames, zeppelin-like, a warning to those who would challenge big oil. No, actually it seems they may turn a profit by midyear, and they say they’re selling the $100K Roadster as fast as they can make them. Read More

  • Tesla scraps Model S manufacturing facility plans

    Tesla scraps Model S manufacturing facility plans

    Bad news for treehugging gearheads this morning. Tesla had originally planned on opening a new facility in San Jose to build the Model S electric sports sedan, but the financing fell through. (Welcome to America, Tesla) So as it stands now, the company is going to redirect a $450 million government loan that was originally going to help build the facility into the general budget which will… Read More

  • This 1972 electric Datsun will smoke your 'Vette, Civic

    <img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/whitezombie2.jpg&quot;?Everyone knows that the Tesla Roadster is a quick car and can beat most Porsche’s down the quarter mile. That $100k+ ride doesn’t have anything on this Datsun powered by lightweight lithium ion batteries dubbed White Zombie. This little guy can scoot down the strip in under 11.5… Read More

  • Tesla jacks up the price of the Roadster, hippies enraged

    Tesla jacks up the price of the Roadster, hippies enraged

    Tesla might be in bigger trouble than we first thought. The company has redone the options sheet for the upcoming year and took what was previously standard equipment, and slapped heft price tags on ‘em. For instance, the High Performance Charger which replenishes most of the battery in 3.5 hours now costs $3,000. Plus, the alloy wheels now add $3,200 to the invoice; is the standard… Read More

  • Tesla accuses Top Gear of foul play in roadster test

    Tesla accuses Top Gear of foul play in roadster test

    In case you missed it, British auto show Top Gear took a Tesla Roadster for a drive and found it exciting but unreliable, as both cars appeared to fail on the track. Tesla alleges that the BBC either misrepresented or actually made up one or both of the problems in an effort to play on viewer expectations for an all-electric sports car. Read More

  • Top Gear throws around the Tesla Roadster

    The Tesla Roadster is a must-have vehicle for any Californian-based venture capitalist or Silicon Valley suit. The Top Gear crew took the electric roadster and ran it through the paces. I don’t think the results are surprising. It’s quick, not a track car, and kind of a pain in the boot. Clarkston explains it best, but it doesn’t seem that this car is exactly meant… Read More

  • Bad news for Tesla: nerdy econo-EV whups it on the drag strip

    This is funny. It’s like an algebra nerd lining up next to a cocky track star to race, and everyone laughs and laughs, but then someone says “woah, that nerd’s on fire.” Unfortunately, it won’t be doing much to help Tesla’s image. The embattled electric vehicle manufacturer is having enough trouble getting its car on the road without having to worry about… Read More

  • Calacanis Rips NY Times' Stross Over Tesla Editorial

    I’m with you on this one Jason. Randall Stross’ article (it’s really an editorial, but not marked as such) rips into Tesla as “not much more than a functioning concept car” and suggests it would be foolish of the government to grant it a loan under a 2007 Federal loan program designed specifically to encourage development of vehicles that conserve fuel. Read More

  • Tesla Wants A Piece Of The Hypothetical Auto Bailout Fund

    The big three automakers are clamoring for a piece of the hypothetical $25 billion auto-bailout fund. And newcomer Tesla wants a piece of that too, apparently. The startup auto-maker has requested $400 million in low or no-interest loans to fund two upcoming projects (likely their new $70k electric sedan and a low priced third car). Tesla has raised nearly $200 million in capital since… Read More

  • BRABUS manages to tune the Tesla Roadster with virtual enhancements

    BRABUS manages to tune the Tesla Roadster with virtual enhancements

    BRABUS is big in the car tuning scene and generally installs some spectacular performance mods, squeezing the utmost ability out of a particular vehicle. This time around though, the BRABUS boys claimed to have produced the world’s first tuned Tesla Roadster but all they did was add a “space sound generator” that simulates the sound of a V8 engine, race car, or even a… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster crashed at 100MPH during demo

    Tesla Roadster crashed at 100MPH during demo

    During a demonstration run of a Tesla Roadster in Southern France, the driver (who was demoing it for the passenger) attempted to take a wet corner a bit too fast and ended up going off the road, smashing the front left and rear right quarters of the car. The passenger was thrown clear, luckily not through the windshield, but miraculously neither party was seriously injured. What is it about… Read More

  • Plug-in hybrirds to the rescue, in 2010!

    Plug-in hybrirds to the rescue, in 2010!

    Not quite… How are those gas prices treating you? Thought so. Good news, though, as plug-in hybrid cars aren’t too far away. In fact, if you’re keen to wait only 18 months, you could soon be driving out of your local dealership while thumbing your nose at Big Oil. Big Oil is Evil, remember. Cars like the Chevrolet Volt, which is due for release in 2010, run on both… Read More

  • Former Chrysler executive joins Tesla Motors

    Former Chrysler executive joins Tesla Motors

    Tesla Motors has hired former Chrysler Executive Michael Donoughe to oversee the company’s engineering and manufacturing processes as executive vice president. The 220 miles-per-charge electric Tesla Roadster that sells for more money than most people make in a year will soon be joined by a more consumer-friendly four door sedan. Donoughe should be well-suited for his new role, as… Read More

  • HUGE NEWS: Tesla electric Roadster popular with the rich

    HUGE NEWS: Tesla electric Roadster popular with the rich

    Greenwich Time, the newspaper for denizens of Greenwich, Connecticut, got to look at the Tesla Roadster and came away awed, if a little empty. Greenwich is a town famous for being the home to many New York millionaires who wish to lay their red, pulsating egg sacs under stately old oaks. Colin Gustafson, a “special correspondent” (read: someone related to one of the editors)… Read More

  • Governator to help announce new Tesla sedan tomorrow

    Governator to help announce new Tesla sedan tomorrow

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is holding a press conference tomorrow with Tesla Motors, makers of some of the coolest electric cars on the planet, to announce their 4 door, 5 passenger sedan slated for release in 2010. Not much information right now but rumor has it that it will be called the Whitestar and should be as efficient as the Roadster model now making the rounds. The… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster getting upgrades

    Tesla Roadster getting upgrades

    We’re fans of the Tesla Roadster, the all-electric hot rod that may well change attitudes towards electric cars as well as luxury cars. And the sports car is getting an update, with a new powertrain that replaces the 2-speed gearbox with a 1-speed box for a smoother ride and faster acceleration. It’s also more power efficient, though to what degree isn’t clear. The electric… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster now in full production

    [photopress:tesla_roadster_on_the_road_2.jpg,full,center] The car that may go down in history as game-changing, the Tesla Roadster, has officially started production, according to the manufacturer. For those not yet caught up, the Tesla is an all-electric sports car capable of top speeds beyond 125MPH, with super-fast acceleration and good looks. The prototype was powered by laptop batteries… Read More

  • Tesla coil Super Mario Brothers theme: Don't tase me, Wario

    How does this even work? I’m really confused. Essentially, these are two Tesla coils sending out signals based on MIDI input. But how do you control the frequency of the shock to make the music? There are no speakers involved. Engineers? A little help? via Make Read More