• Tesla To Join The Ranks Of The Big Three?

    Being called “America’s fourth automaker” is good for stock prices. That’s what Tesla was recently labeled in a report from Morgan Stanley and it caused their stock to shoot up nearly 20% to close at $27.75. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re projected to hit $70 by the end of the year. Read More

  • Tesla Sues BBC For Libel Claiming Top Gear Rigged Tests, BBC "will be vigorously defending"

    Top Gear fans? Remember the episode from a few years back where the crew tried to flog the Tesla Roadster? Yeah, it didn’t end so well for the Tesla after Clarkson started off praising the little electric supercar. The entire segment is embedded for your viewing enjoyment after the jump, but the skinny is that the Top Gear testers sort of died prematurely — a few times. The… Read More

  • Tesla Roadsters Rack Up 10 Million Miles

    Considering that only 1,500 Tesla Roadsters are out on the roads, it’s amazing they’ve been able to clock up 10 million miles since 2008. Even more impressive is that the Roadsters have collectively saved 500,000 gallons of fuel and over 5.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, while maintaining supercar performance. Read More

  • Elon Musk Says Super-Capacitors Not Batteries, Will Be Breakthrough For EVs

    When Elon Musk first came to Silicon Valley he was researching advanced, highly-energy-dense super-capacitors at Stanford. Coincidentally, when speaking at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco about the future of electric vehicles Musk said, “If I were to make a prediction, I’d think there’s a good chance that it is not batteries, but super-capacitors.” Read More

  • Tesla Model S Will Support Third-Party Apps On Its Massive 17-inch Touchscreen

    The Model S, is the most hyped electric car due to come out soon. Everyone is waiting to see what the Model S will feature and whether or not it’ll be worth the wait. Today, at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model S will support third-party apps and text-to-speech, pretty much confirming many rumors. Read More

  • Tesla Announces Model S Rollout Date And Prices

    To those awaiting the most promising electric vehicles to ever enter the market (Tesla Model S), the company has given some more insight as to the Model S rollout. Today, on Tesla’s blog, George Blankenship, Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Ownership Experience, gave an update to the progress of the EV startup company. Read More

  • PlugShare Helps Electric Vehicle Drivers Find Free, And Paid Charging Options

    A newly released app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, called PlugShare aims to alleviate so-called “range anxiety” for electric vehicle drivers by giving them a map of an area’s available, paid charging stations and homes or lots that will allow them to plug in and recharge for free. Xatori co-founder and chief executive Forrest North —who previously worked as… Read More

  • Tesla Opens Showroom In Nation's Capitol, Very Close To White House

    Today, Tesla opens its new Washington, D.C. showroom and starting tomorrow, February 11, Tesla will begin offering test drives of the Tesla Roadster. The showroom, located a few blocks from the White House at 1050 K St. N.W., is Tesla’s 16th store to open globally. Not only will customers be able to purchase Tesla Roadsters – and soon the Model S — but they will also be able… Read More

  • Video: Tesla Model S On The Road

    I feel like there’s something missing from this video. Oh yes, the thumping music and roaring engines that usually accompany these road-type videos — on Top Gear, anyway. Isn’t it a little creepy how quiet it is? If you’re looking for more Model S love, we got a bunch of shots of a nice red one at CES. I actually like the silver color better, though. Read More

  • Will CODA Pull A Tesla? Electric Vehicle Makers Raise Another $76 Million

    CODA Holdings (or CODA Automotive) the Santa Monica, Calif. company that plans to sell all-electric sedans in the U.S. this year, raised another $76 million according to a company statement today. The company’s total equity funding, with this round, reached about $200 million. CODA’s new backers include Harbinger Capital Partners and Riverstone Holdings, who were joined by… Read More

  • Tesla's Latest "Model" Even Smaller Than The Roadster, Perfect For Barbie Joyrides

    Tesla Roadster owners get all the cool toys, don’t they? Not only do they hoon around in one of the hottest EVs ever made, but it seems the company is shipping special RC Tesla Roadsters to owners for the holidays. Bah! Humbug! Click through for one owner’s demo reel. Read More

  • Toyota's Electric RAV4 Expected To Bring $60 Million To Tesla

    While Tesla is still working on making itself profitable, it has to do what it can to pay the bills. I mean sure, they’ve got investments from big auto and power companies, but that money disappears pretty quick when you’re losing $50m per year just to stay in business. But the fact is they’re here to stay, and they’ve got a good product. Toyota knows that, which is… Read More

  • Will 2011 Finally Be the Year of the Cleantech IPO? (TCTV)

    In retrospect, Tesla may have been cleantech’s Netscape moment. It didn’t get off to the world’s greatest start, but like a few other venture-backed IPOs, lately it has been trading at nearly double its opening price. Meanwhile, a few other cleantech companies have filed S-1s and several more are waiting in the wings, watching to see what the market does. To continue the… Read More

  • The Toyota RAV4 EV Is Back! This Time Powered By Tesla

    The Toyota RAV4 EV just debuted at the LA Auto show. It’s not much of a surprise, really. It’s been known for a while that Toyota and Tesla were working together on the CUV EV. Tesla was tasked with the developing the power train, battery, electronics, electric motor, gearbox and software — pretty much the heart of the vehicle. The first crop are already on the road and seeing… Read More

  • Tesla Co-founder's Wrightspeed Raises $5 Million Series A Round

    Wrightspeed, a maker of fuel efficient, electric drive systems, has raised a $5 million Series A round from an unnamed private investor. According to the company’s press release, co-founder and EVP of Infinera, David Welch, will also join the company’s board. The company’s founder and CEO is Ian Wright, one of the co-founders of Tesla. Although Wright was an important figure… Read More

  • Panasonic Invests $30 Million In Tesla, For 2% Stake

    Consumer electronics maker Panasonic is cozying up to Tesla with a $30 million investment, in exchange for a 2% stake. Although Panasonic and Tesla have worked together in the past, under the new partnership, the duo will closely collaborate on the development and marketing of new Tesla battery packs that feature Panasonic lithium-ion cells. “Panasonic offers the highest energy-density… Read More

  • Don't Tell Tesla: In 2020, Sales Of Electric Vehicles Will Be Less Than 8% Of The Global Market

    Given all the apparent excitement surrounding electric vehicles and the billions invested by automakers, financial firms and government incentives, you would assume there was a groundswell of consumer support for hybrid and battery electric cars underlying this momentum. Unfortunately, according to a J.D. Power and Associates report released this morning, we may be on the electric car… Read More

  • Aryta Tesla Squelette Quadri Rotor Watch

    Let’s talk about weird. There is a good weird, and there is certainly bad weird. Which category any particular “weird” falls into it highly subjective. On most accords this watch is weird. I mean look at it? It is unlike almost everything else out there. A one of a kind creation by Yvan Arpa’s Artya brand, this watch belongs to the “Coup de foudre”… Read More

  • Tesla Reports Q2 Financials (updated)

    Tesla has released the details of their 2010 Q2 financial performance, and it looks like things are coming up roses for the nascent auto maker. Sales are up, with nearly $27m in sales coming in — translating to a total of around 250 Roadsters shipped. Their gross margins are up, though; their business is growing, and hopefully cash on hand will suffice to pay for R&D and… Read More

  • Cleantech Investment On The Rise Again In The US – $1.5 Billion In Q2 2010

    Cleantech Investment On The Rise Again In The US – $1.5 Billion In Q2 2010

    According to an Ernst & Young analysis based on data from Dow Jones VentureSource, venture capital investment in US-based cleantech companies hit $1.5 billion for the second quarter, in 68 financing rounds. That translates to an increase of 63.8 percent in capital and a 4.6 percent increase in deals compared to the same period last year. The $1.5 billion mark also means the highest level… Read More

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