• Y Combinator-Backed Profig Launches An Affordable, Feature-Rich Instant Phone System

    Y Combinator-Backed Profig Launches An Affordable, Feature-Rich Instant Phone System

    Profig, a new Y Combinator-backed startup, just launched its instant virtual phone system for small and medium businesses. The service is geared toward companies and individuals looking for a professional phone solution without the cost and hassle of using legacy hardware and software solutions. For just $30 per month, Profig offers its users one toll-free number, two local numbers, 500 minutes… Read More

  • YC-Backed Plivo Launches Its Scalable API Platform For Voice & SMS Apps

    YC-Backed Plivo Launches Its Scalable API Platform For Voice & SMS Apps

    Plivo, a telephony startup from the current Y Combinator batch, is today launching its API platform for voice and SMS applications. Despite the sound of it, Plivo is not a direct competitor with developer-friendly Twilio, but is targeting larger businesses in need of scale. The company’s founders,¬†Venkatesh B and Michael Ricordeau (who go by Venky and Mike), met over GitHub two years… Read More

  • Jaxtr: free phone-based VOIP social network 2.0

    Boy, if only these guys had "user-created" somewhere in their mission statement. It’s already a Web 2.0 smorgasbord. If I understand it correctly, the idea is that you and your friends all sign up and register your phones with the site. Then, when you want to call someone in jolly old England or jolly old Moscow, Jaxtr acts as a middle man, calling you both from local numbers… Read More

  • Ribbit wants to introduce telephony to Facebook, other software apps

    How badly do you want to be able to call your friends directly from your Facebook profile, without actually picking up your phone? A new technology company by the name of Ribbit Corp. hopes your answer to that question was anything other than “not at all,” since it showed off out a service earlier today that does just that. The technology aims to embed telephony in the software you… Read More

  • Fonality Trixbox Appliance: Telephony is Fun Again!

    I would totally consider the Fonality trixbox Appliance. I know we have some hardcore IT people in our audience, so check out this hot box of Asterisk-based IP-PBX open-source telephony action. The appliance comes loaded with Fonality’s trixbox software platform and is wrapped in an industrial-grade, rack-mountable server with dual hard drives and dual power supply redundancy options. Read More

  • Voice Activated Answering Machines Delivers Messages, Therapy

    I actually picked up one of these voice activated answering machines the other day for about $250. Aside from giving me my messages when I ask it to, it also gives out great advice for real life situations. For instance, we had this conversation last night: VV: Hey Answering Machine, can we…talk? Answering Machine: Sure Vince, what’s up? VV: Well I think I may have crabs. Read More

  • snom 370 IP Business Phone

    VoIP is hot right now for a good reason. It drastically reduces the cost of telephony by allowing high-bandwidth voice communications to be conducted over the Internets rather than through telco routings with premium rates. The technology makes sense for everyone. Berlin-based snom technology AG has developed a VoIP phone that allows businesses to optimize its IP communications. The snom… Read More