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    Study: 37% Of U.S. Teens Now Use Video Chat, 27% Upload Videos

    Study: 37% Of U.S. Teens Now Use Video Chat, 27% Upload Videos

    Video chat is still something quite a few people don’t feel comfortable with. For U.S. teens, however, it is quickly becoming a pretty routine way of communicating with each other. According to a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 37% of teens now regularly use Skype, Google Talk or iChat to talk to each other. There are significant differences between how many… Read More

  • Pew Internet report reveals what everyone already knows: Teens like to text

    If you’ve seen a teenager in the last two years, then you’ve seen a teenager texting. Seriously, I can’t think of a situation in the last couple of years where I saw a teenager without a cell phone. The teenagers in my extended family send text messages seemingly all day long, every day. Now the Pew Internet and American Life project has released a pretty comprehensive… Read More

  • Stupid teens still text and drive because they're stupid

    Despite the fact that you’d have to be a stupid idiot to still text and drive, plenty of teens in the U.S. still text and drive. “By the time [the police] pull you over, the chances are you are going to be done with your text anyway so they can’t exactly prove that you were texting.” Good thinking there, sport. Read More

  • Survey: 13 percent of teens have posted nude photos of themselves online

    A new poll, conducted by Common Sense Media, suggests that teens are complete idiots when it comes to comporting themselves online. A whopping 13 percent of teens have posted online nude or semi-nude photos of themselves or someone they know. And then some 25 percent of teens have posted something online that they later regretted. You know, drunk photos and the like. Read More

  • Morgan Stanley report shows that teens don't use Twitter, don't buy music (but still go to the movies)

    There’s a fantastic report coming out of Morgan Stanley that analyzes the way teens consume media in this day and age. The source was a 15-year-old boy; he interns at the company. The results will the music industry, make Hollywood very happy indeed, and put to bed the notion that everyone is head over heels in love with Twitter. Read More

  • How do you compare? Teens spend 31 hours a week online

    How much time do you spend online, America? [Waits for answer.] That’s funny because the average teenager spends a cool 31 hours per week online. And what does the average teen do? The usual, I guess you can say—instant message friends, surf YouTube, get homework help, view porn, etc. Just another day in Anytown, USA. Read More

  • Ford announces MyKey feature for 2010 fleet

    Debuting with the 2010 Ford Focus is MyKey, a teenage drivers worst nightmare. With the MyKey feature enabled, parents will be able to govern how fast their child can drive and annoy them with other regulations. A chip in the key of said teen driver will trigger software that restricts the vehicle from going over 80 mph along with limiting the audio system’s volume and a six-second beep… Read More

  • Google Earth: Throw a party in someone else’s pool

    Some no-good kids in the UK have been harnessing the power of Google Earth to find houses with nice pools. Once a suitable house has been found, the kids use Facebook to send out some sort of “Crash This Pool” app or whatever the hell it is that you kids do on Facebook these days. Everyone shows up at the pool, beer and cigarettes in tow, and starts doing “the bump”… Read More

  • HP launching teen PCs

    Hey, Bro! HP is launching some gnarly teen PCs and they’ll be cold lamping in the house with sexy new designs. Ameer Karim, directory of HP’s future and innovations group, announced the new line at a Teens and Tech conference. He said they used a group of teens to help them design the PCs from the ground up, adding cool features like an abstinence sensor and a soda shop… Read More

  • Paramount hooks up with Habbo, plans online content based on its awesome movies

    WORD LIFE Do you know what Habbo is? I sure as hell don’t, but it’s apparently very popular with the kids. These kids, so Paramount hopes, have plenty of money to throw around—recession be damned—which explains the deal it struck with the kiddie social networking site. In the deal, of which no financial terms have been… Read More