• Tech In A “Surprising Slump”? Hardly

    Tech In A “Surprising Slump”? Hardly

    What is the forecast for tech? It depends on whom you ask. For some, it’s contraction. For others, the money is flowing. Cisco is in the tank and has layoffs planned, even as Microsoft mints new billion-dollar businesses. Yahoo can’t keep its hands off the kids. Some companies are cribbing business models from Asia to monetize their social products.  Even the tech deities appear… Read More

  • Facebook’s Focus On Mobile-Inspired Consistency Is All About Getting Facebook “Out Of The Way”

    Facebook’s Focus On Mobile-Inspired Consistency Is All About Getting Facebook “Out Of The Way”

    Today, Facebook vice president of product Chris Cox discussed Facebook’s newfound focus on design consistency, something the company calls “mobile-inspired.” Today, with its news feed and Photos redesign, you’ll notice consistency no matter what device you’re on. This hasn’t always been the case for Facebook. The idea of “desktop only” design… Read More

  • The Weekly Good: The Problems Of Today Will Be Solved By The Minds Of Tomorrow

    The Weekly Good: The Problems Of Today Will Be Solved By The Minds Of Tomorrow

    If you’re looking for a great story to end your week, here’s one. Below is a mission statement that’s brief, to the point and something that is easy to get behind: StudentRND inspires students to work on tech projects in their spare time. Read More

  • Innovation: Where Can We Go From Here? A Lot Of Places, Actually

    Innovation: Where Can We Go From Here? A Lot Of Places, Actually

    Just when you think that we’ve innovated all that we can, something new comes along and completely blows our mind. It could be an advancement in hardware, software or just a new way of thinking of things. Humans are pretty resilient when it comes to thinking up new things to tinker with and making our lives easier. This year was pretty awesome when it comes to innovation, and not the… Read More

  • A Switched-Off Christmas

    A Switched-Off Christmas

    Martins Ferry, Ohio is a little town nestled close to the Ohio River. For decades it was a steel town, built up and brought low by the rise and fall of Wheeling Steel. When the smoke cleared and the barges left, my grandmother and grandfather built a little house on North 8th Street and settled in, raising my dad, and, later, making our holidays there just about the most magical times of my life. Read More

  • Here’s Why Cheap Cameras Are So Bad

    This Khan Academy Project video by Karl R.C. Wendt shows you what’s exactly inside a cheap digital camera. Wendt explains a bit about what’s inside a camera and, more important, why this camera in particular is so bad. Read More

  • The Best Part About Google+ Hangouts Is That The Technology Itself Completely Disappears

    The Best Part About Google+ Hangouts Is That The Technology Itself Completely Disappears

    One of the underlying features launched originally with the Google+ project was its video conferencing platform, Hangouts. It’s been a success from the perspective of user adoption and also grabbed a partnership for Google with the NFL. Video is an extremely tough space to tackle, just ask companies like Skype, Airtime and countless others. Nailing an intimate experience that supports two… Read More

  • Students Put Out An Issue Of The School Paper Using Tools Of Yore

    Students Put Out An Issue Of The School Paper Using Tools Of Yore

    Remember film? Remember when “cut and paste” actually involved scissors and glue? Remember when typewriters didn’t have a 1 key? Probably not, right? I’m old and I barely even remember that stuff. Well a group of students at Florida Atlantic University had to learn the old ways again in an end-of-school-year experiment. They used 35mm film, actual typewriters, and… Read More

  • I Don’t Want To Be A Diversity Candidate

    I Don’t Want To Be A Diversity Candidate

    Editor’s note: Guest author Bindu Reddy is the CEO of MyLikes, a word-of-mouth ad network funded by former Googlers.  When we were raising our angel round, I had a phone conversation with a prominent Silicon Valley investor who did not have time to meet me face-to-face but was interested in investing in MyLikes because I was a female entrepreneur—aka the “diversity… Read More

  • Apply For Your Geek Card Here

    Lists may be utterly pointless, but on a Friday where the biggest tech news is Wayne Rooney’s new contract with Manchester United, hey, they fill a void. TechRepublic has a list of 10 things that will result in the REVOCATION~! of your Geek Card. I think I lost my card at E3. Number 10: Admitting you like iTunes. This is true: any geek worth his salt should be using foobar2000. Well… Read More

  • Does anyone in tech pay attention to unemployment numbers? Hard to buy that new gizmo when you don't have a job, right?

    Writing about tech is so peculiar. On one hand we’re expected to be enthusiastic about the things we cover; no one wants to see us being negative and dismissive about every little thing. That’s no fun. On the other hand, you don’t want a bunch of ninnies bleating on about how great this year’s piece of plastic is compared to last year’s. How is that useful to anyone? Read More

  • Palm Pixi specs pour out

    Since the Pixi has been announced, there’s been much curiosity about how it’s going to be different from the Pre. Looks like we’re finally getting some (leaked) information on what exactly is going to be inside. Read More

  • Back to School: Buying cheap tech stuff

    Back when I was in college – nigh on fifteen years ago – I remember reading a book by John Seabrook about his experience on the Internet. Now I was pretty plugged in back then and I got everything he was talking about. But there was one paragraph where Seabrook went down to the store and just bought a 9600 baud modem. Man alive! He paid for it just like that. I was so unaccustomed… Read More

  • Scoble, Newmark and Foremski talk about the Traveling Geeks trip in London

    Robert Scoble, Craig Newmark and Tom Foremski discuss what they have learned so far on the Traveling Geeks tour in London and what differences they see between Silicon Valley and the London tech scene. Read More

  • Tech bargains may be going the way of jobs, housing, food

    The NPD Group is reporting that consumer electronics sales will fall .6% while prices of gadgets to go up in reaction to the Great Depression II. Read More

  • The Early Adopter Gets the Worm

    There are a dizzying number of cool new services, applications, and gadgets available to citizens of the world today. New stuff is coming out all the time and it can be hard for us Internet experts to keep up, let alone average human beings. For example, my dad — no Internet slouch — had no idea what Hulu was. How is he expected to care about the difference between Twitter or… Read More

  • NPR picks text messaging as tech of the year

    Flickr’d NPR’s Morning Edition program declared that text messaging was the best technology of 2008; specifically the use of text messaging by the political campaigns this year. It’s probably not a surprise that boring ol’ NPR would pick something so staid, but is this perhaps an indication that the gadgets we love are less important than the services they provide? Read More

  • The Sony lampshade that turns light into energy

    This is a rarity, something actually innovative from a major consumer electronics company. (Not merely “bigger” or “faster” than the previous widget, then.) It’s from Sony, and it’s a lampshade of sorts that captures its own lightbulb’s energy. We use “lampshade” in only the most general of terms. It’s loaded with dye-sensitized… Read More

  • Who Are the Richest People In Tech?

    Forbes has once again released its list of America’s richest people and, not surprisingly, Bill Gates topped the list with an estimated wealth of about $57 billion. But Gates isn’t alone as the only technology titan on the country’s list of the richest people. On the list again this year is Gates’ old partner Paul Allen, Sergey and Larry from Google, and Steve Jobs. … Read More

  • Wired magazine is not for geeks anymore

    After reading an article about Wired Magazine in the New York Times, I realized why I stopped reading it a few years ago. During the late 90’s new Geek and Tech Magazines were popping up like weeds in a garden. Then the dot com era came to an end, and so did most of the magazines. Magazines like The Industry Standard, Red Herring, Business 2.0, eCompany Now all went down the digital… Read More