• iFixit Goes Speaker Hunting In HTC Surround Teardown

    Spoiler: The inside of a Windows Phone 7 device looks like the inside of an Android or iOS device — just so you know. Didn’t want you proceeding expecting to see something like little Redmond gremlins hobbling around the circuit boards and modems. Yeah, if you’ve seen one teardown, you’ve seen them all. So unless you get a tech chubby from circuit board pr0n, proceed… Read More

  • New MacBook Air Teardown Reveals Relatively Few Apple Design Secrets

    In classic iFixit fashion, the latest Apple laptop has been torn to pieces a mere day after its release event. How exciting! Now we get to find out how Apple managed to cram so much of 2007’s technology into that gorgeous case. Unsurprisingly, Apple has made the new MacBook Air nigh-impossible to service on your own. Not only is the interior secured by five-sided Torx T5 screws, but most… Read More

  • TC Teardown: 13 Ways To Get To $10 Million In Revenues (Part I)

    TC Teardown: 13 Ways To Get To $10 Million In Revenues (Part I)

    After last month’s TechCrunch Disrupt, and to provide a business companion to the popular “Lean Startup” customer development methodology, this TC Teardown focuses not on how one specific company makes money but rather seeks to provide a breakdown of the main general ways consumer Internet startups try to make money. Consider it a guide to Internet business models. If you… Read More

  • Tearing Down The iPod Shuffle: Harder Than You Think

    Tearing down the iPod Shuffle may look easy – it is, after all, made of a few pieces of aluminium press-fitted and glued together – but the poor lads at iFixIt had a dickens of a time. Their complaint? Although this step makes it look super-simple to open the Shuffle, it’s not. It took us a good half hour of prying and heat-gunning to open the little guy.
    Pro tip: Aluminum… Read More

  • The Dell Streak Gets Its Obligatory Teardown

    If you’ve ever wanted to know what was inside of a Dell Streak, have we got a web page for you. Our buddies at iFixIt ripped up the Dell Streak, revealing its sweet, sweet circuit boards and tiny camera. One interesting point: the LCD is bonded to the front glass which means you can’t replace just the LCD assembly. Weird. Read More

  • The Motorola Droid 2 Gets Released And Ripped Apart In The Same Day

    The Droid 2 hit VZW stores earlier today, but yet the mad scientists over at iFixit already got their hands on one and tore it apart in the name of gadget pr0n. The process didn’t revel anything terribly surprising, although while the battery is rated at the same 1390 mAh, Motorola is claiming twice the battery life. That’s neat. Click through to iFixit for the rest of the… Read More

  • TC Teardown: Chegg Is A Money Machine

    TC Teardown: Chegg Is A Money Machine

    Editor’s note: Book rental startup Chegg is making money hand over fist. Guest author Steven Carpenter does a teardown of its business model and estimates its revenues will reach $130 million this year.  Carpenter was the founder and CEO of Cake Financial, which was sold to E*Trade earlier this year.  Previously, he’s written TC Teardowns on Groupon and Zynga. Chegg may very… Read More

  • TC Teardown: Zynga's Profit Machine At Risk

    TC Teardown: Zynga's Profit Machine At Risk

    Editor’s note: In this guest post, entrepreneur Steven Carpenter does a teardown of Zynga’s business model and calculates an estimate of its profits. Like YouTube, Twitter, and Groupon, social gaming pioneer, Zynga is a member of the “fastest from founding to $1B valuation” club, having earned its membership in just 19 months. There are two significant traits that… Read More

  • iPad 3G gets torn down

    Desperate to see what’s under the smooth exterior of your new iPad 3G but don’t want to crack it open and void the warranty? Fear not, friend. iFixit has done the dirty work (very cleanly, I might add) and taken the iPod touch jumbo edition to pieces. There aren’t a lot of surprises, but hey, it’s Saturday afternoon and you want to see the guts of an expensive gadget. Read More

  • The Droid receives the obligatory teardown treatment

    Did the HTC HD2 teardown from this morning leave you wanting more? Here’s the Droid splayed out for the whole word to see. Read More

  • Open ye 27-inch iMacs while ye may

    iFixit has torn up the new iMac to reveal the delicate inner workings of both the machine and its attendant Magic Mouse. Obviously the biggest issue here is removing the massive piece of glass on the front, a process that requires a spunger, suction cups, and a sense that life is futile and electronics should be destroyed on camera for the edification of an audience. Read More