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  • Meet Some Hackers And Their Promising Projects At The Disrupt NY Hackathon

    Meet Some Hackers And Their Promising Projects At The Disrupt NY Hackathon

    It’s only been about six hours since our Disrupt NY Hackathon officially began, and we’re starting to see our intrepid hackers hit their stride. Granted, some of them are a little farther along than others — Darrell found one guy who made an Arduino-powered robot for physically testing apps and devices — but there’s still plenty of time to bring some of these… Read More

  • Docracy.Com Hackathon Winner Presentation

    Hackathon Winner Docracy Is A GitHub For Legal Documents

    One of the winners at today’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon is Docracy, an open source site where users can share and sign legal documents, similar to what GitHub provides for code. The site is the brainchild of mobile app developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson, who are the founders of app development startup Larva Labs. Docracy is an online, opensource hub for quality legal documents… Read More

  • Hackathon Backstage Gilt-Ii Interview

    Gilt-ii Turns Flash Sales Site Gilt Into An Auction Marketplace

    At the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon today, local hackers Bill Magnuson and Jon Hyman presented an e-commerce plugin for flash sales site that is worth a look. Called Gilt-ii, the bookmarklet allows Gilt members to auction their items in their shopping cart during the actual buying process. So here’s the basic premise behind Gilt-ii. Everyday at noon ET, Gilt releases daily… Read More