• Travis Kalanick: Uber Raised $37M In Its Latest Round, Not $32M

    Travis Kalanick: Uber Raised $37M In Its Latest Round, Not $32M

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took the stage to discuss the state of the disruptive limo and taxi startup and its prospects for the future. Kalanick spoke about the difficulties expanding into new cities, resistance from taxi unions, regulation and the growing competition from pink-mustache-wearing competition, like Lyft. Over the course of the… Read More

  • ZabKab Lets You Hail A NYC Yellow Cab With Your Phone

    ZabKab Lets You Hail A NYC Yellow Cab With Your Phone

    Services like Uber, Taxi Magic, Cabulous, and SideCar are completely disrupting the way we get around our cities. But almost all of them use private services, excluding the city’s public transportation. But a new startup has joined the pack of transportationally gifted companies, and (wait for it) with New York’s infamous yellow cabs. No joke. It’s called ZabKab. Read More

  • Uber Spins Its Latest Variation On Car Rides: DJs On Party Buses In Chicago

    Uber Spins Its Latest Variation On Car Rides: DJs On Party Buses In Chicago

    Uber is still growing its business as a disruptive (sometimes controversial) car service app, but in the meantime it continues to push the envelope on what else it might eventually do with the logistics infrastructure it is also creating. The latest development comes by way of Chicago, where Uber is now laying on busses with DJs and drinks. Yes, it’s bus bumping from Uber. Uberpalooza… Read More

  • Uber Learns To Drive On The Left, Soft Launches In London

    Uber Learns To Drive On The Left, Soft Launches In London

    Uber, the breakthrough car service app with big ambitions to do much more, is now making its way to international markets: today the car service company kicked off its London operation with a soft launch, just in time to start prepping for the summer tourist rush and the visitor onslaught also known as the Summer Olympics. The launch is still at a very early stage — with… Read More

  • UberCab Ordered to Cease And Desist

    UberCab Ordered to Cease And Desist

    Did Ubercab just crash and burn? Taxi and limo industry insiders in California today informed TechCrunch that the San Francisco Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of California have ordered the startup to cease and desist. UPDATE: Since the orders arrived on October 20th, Ubercab has remained in service under threat of penalties including up to $5,000 fee per… Read More

  • Cab drivers in New York could lose their cellphones (to promote safe driving)

    The Taxi and Limousine Commission in New York wants passengers to have a safe, swift ride every time they flags down one of its taxis. To that end the commission is studying several ideas that would make your journey all the more pleasant. One idea in particular deserves our attention: installing signal blockers that would prevent cellphones from being using by the cabbie. (Your cellphone… Read More

  • Charge your kids for making you drive them around

    Do you have no-good, bratty, whiney kids who think the world revolves around them and make you drive them to all the cool hangouts around town just so they can avoid having to sit by themselves in the cafeteria even though all that stuff won’t matter by the time they’re 30 and actually realize how ridiculously unimportant their lives were when they were in middle school? Me… Read More

  • EcoCabs: Environmental friendliness at 7.5 MPH

    Part rickshaw, part cab, but all green — it’s the EcoCab. Come to think of it, “part cab” might be stretching it just a tad, since most cabs can, oh I don’t know, go on the highway. This cab, however, is for getting from Point A to Point A-and-a-half. It’s pedal powered but features a small electric motor to help the “driver” achieve speeds of… Read More

  • Solar-powered taxi making its way around the world

    Fueled by a 65-square foot trailer covered with solar panels, this three-wheeled, two-seat taxi is making its way around the world without stopping for gas. It was developed by a Swiss teacher named Louis Palmer and the whole taxi thing is more or less a gimmick, although he is actively picking people up and giving them free rides. Palmer says that if the car were to be mass produced, it… Read More

  • The Ultimate Geek Cab

    Some of us have trouble pulling ourselves away from the computer and sometimes that can be OK. But if you need your fix of video gaming and Internet surfing and happen to live in Austin, Texas, you may want to call Ricky Gray for a cab. Gray has outfitted his minivan-turned-taxi with two LCD TVs on which customers can play Playstation 2 games on, watch TV, and surf the… Read More