• InkHunter is an AR app for trying tattoos before you ink indelibly

    InkHunter is an AR app for trying tattoos before you ink indelibly

    If you’ve been procrastinating about getting a tattoo here’s a neat little AR app, called InkHunter, that’s aiming to help you decide what and where to ink without having to regret that snarling wolf facial tat after the fact. Read More

  • HTC trademarks five names, get ready for more devices

    HTC has a long history of naming its devices after a strong noun. There was previously the Excalibur, Cavalier, Blackstone, Apache, Prophet, and more recently, the Hero. Well, get ready for five more devices that follow the same naming scheme after the jump. Read More

  • Blast from the Past: Robotic tattoo machine running Palm OS [Update]

    This is probably the oldest bit of news you’ll ever see get posted on CrunchGear, but I came across this today and just had to share. See, it’s a robotic tattoo machine that’s being powered by a Palm IIIxe (maybe?) that’s simply running Palm OS. Update: We now have video of the tattoo machine in action. Read More

  • Google, Windows and BlackBerry tattoos don't make you cool

    I want to jump kick the back of this dude’s head. Read More

  • Would you get a tattoo to win a BlackBerry?

    Look, I like BlackBerries just as much as the next guy, but this is beyond fanboyism. This is just plain stupid. TJ from Toledo, OH, fails to realize (maybe) that his tattoo, which probably cost him anywhere from $200-$400, is way more than what the Storm will likely retail for. Is the Storm so great that you couldn’t wait a couple weeks and possibly save a couple Benjamins? Kudos to… Read More

  • Video: Dell taps Mike Ming for five new Special Art Edition laptops Oh, how I loves me some graffiti laptops. Brooklyn-based Mike Ming is front and center once again with five new Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptops. Read More

  • Digital Tattoo Interface: creepy concept that runs on blood

    Concepts are usually beyond me since I have enough real gadgetry to get me worked up, but once in a while I’ll come across a few things that catch my attention. The Polaroid concept from yesterday is something I’ve been raving about to friends and I hope it comes to fruition. The other happens to be this digital tattoo interface submitted by Jim Mielke for the Greener Design… Read More

  • Sailor Jerry + Rock Band = my dream life

    As the resident tattooed freak at CG, I feel inclined to inform those of you with Rock Band that you’ve got some great Americana included besides those classic rock tracks you’ve been jamming to the last few months. Being able to tattoo your band members in the game isn’t anything new, but do you know any of the history behind some of the tattoo flash that’s available? Read More

  • Stop with the 'Tattoo Designs' already

    This is more or less addressed at CE and/or CE-related companies. Stop making products with stupid tribal tattoo designs. It’s a fad that’s been long gone, like 10 years ago or something, and one that I hope never returns. I don’t even care what features this bag has, Case Logic. I remember back in the day when I exclusively bought your CD cases and no one else’s. Read More

  • 3/4 Sleeve Mario Tattoo

    I bet the ink gun sounded like this: Doo da doo da do do Doo da doo da do do Doo da doo da do do do do do do dododododododo da da da doo. (Hint: 1-2) Remember kiddo, it’s on there forever. Your grandkids with the PS9 are going to bust on you. Official Site [Sam M.] Read More

  • RFID Tattoos Leave No Place To Hide

    Think those barcode tattoos we used to see in the movies were just a fantasy? Think again, Somark Innovations has tested a special ink that changes pattern with each injection of the needle. A proprietary device that operates at a high frequency has been able to pick up the distinguishing tattoos on cows, mice and rats from as far as a meter away. It looks like Somark’s next step… Read More

  • Tattoos for the Indescisive

    For years I’ve considered tattooing various lines of verse and prose all over my back. The problem is that I often change my mind on what lines I’d want to stick on my body (although the opening verse of “The Waste Land” and various lines from Blood Meridian have endured as ideas for sometime). Fortunately for people like me, a new type of ink will soon be introduced… Read More