• Taser Adds Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor To Its Board

    Taser Adds Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor To Its Board

    Taser, the public safety company probably best known for its eponymous electric stun-guns used by law enforcement people to immobilise suspects, is announcing a new board appointment that points to its ambitions to expand the other side of its business in connected wearables and cloud-based services to manage the data collected through them. Bret Taylor, the ex-CTO of Facebook and now… Read More

  • Photo-Sharing Service Familiar Gets Acquired By Taser’s Evidence.com For An Enterprise Turn, After Offers From Twitter And More

    Photo-Sharing Service Familiar Gets Acquired By Taser’s Evidence.com For An Enterprise Turn, After Offers From Twitter And More

    The consumerization of enterprise services is one of the more persistent trends in the world of IT today, and today it’s gaining yet more ground by way of an acquisition: Familiar, a private photo and video sharing service, has been bought by Evidence.com, a division of Taser. With Taser probably best known for its eponymous stun-guns that police and others use to subdue people… Read More

  • Taser, Taser, FUN: Reporter Gets Shot By The Guts Of The Taser Grenade

    Sure this is a permutation of the old old news chestnut, “Reporter gets shot by Taser, falls to ground,” but this one involves the Taser Grenade, a little lump of Taser goodness that shoots out 50,000 volts of sweet crowd control. Watch as Justin Rocket Silverman feels the wrath of the great Electricity Goddess and feel just a bit safer knowing that some dude with a hair trigger… Read More

  • Taser Shockwave will take out a herd of charging rhinos

    Taser, taser, burning bright
    in a show of force tonight When I posted that triple Taser the other day (apparently it’s for taking down your female coworkers, watch the video), I speculated that the criminals would come back with greater numbers, creating an arms race between muggers and the mugged. But if there was one of these on every corner, all you’d have to do is get behind it… Read More

  • Because the world needed a semi-automatic Taser

    Thugs the world over are learning to outwit the Taser. As long as there’s more than one of you, you’re scot-free! The single-shot nature of the air Taser has always been frustrating to victims, too: once you zap a fool, you’re done! No “and here’s one for your old man” to be had there. But fear not, Taser hears your cries (and the cries of those… Read More

  • Jack Cover, inventor of the Taser, dies at 88

    Taser inventor Jack Cover died of pneumonia last Saturday at 88 years of age. A life-long inventor, Cover began work on the Taser in the 1960s before it finally saw widespread use in the 1990s. Read More

  • Taser may have affected man's heartbeat, which they're not supposed to do

    Sure, we all get a laugh at someone else’s expense when watching taser videos on YouTube, but did you know that the device may affect your heartbeat? That’s not cool, especially since Taser, Inc. says its devices are totally safe and in no way affect your biological functions. It all stems from a recent incident where a man was running from police and hid in a lake (?!) to… Read More

  • Tasers are all the rage with consumers these days

    Do you own a man-stopping Taser? According to today’s New York Times magazine—where’d I put my elitist latte and copy of Harper’s Bazaar?—more and more consumers are buying Tasers, especially the recently released C2 model. Available in a variety of colors, including a leopard skin print (tacky?), the consumer-level Taser does just enough to knock out any… Read More

  • Taser to Sell Tasing Shotgun Shell

    All we are saying/Is give potentially lethal shots to the head with an electronic shotgun shell a chance Taser is one of our least favorite companies — they make weapons and then deny their lethality — but at least they keep some of our boys in blue safe and offer another way of stopping folks without putting a bullet in their leg. They’re announcing a new product, XREP… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Mixed MMORPGs

    The Coolest Halo 3 Figurines Ever
    Help Key: Burning Discs, Not Coasters
    But I Never Have a Second Cup at Home
    Tampon Taser
    CrunchArcade: Get a Life… Online Read More

  • Tampon Taser

    Want to freak out an unshaven man with a flashlight and black watch cap? Shock him with the leads of the Tampon Stun Gun, a pink Taser-like device designed for ladies — or the men who dress up like them — and a couple thousand volts could mean the difference between a bad situation and a quick getaway.

    I don’t know if this thing actually exists but it does seem like a… Read More