• Taptu Opens US Office, Taps Former Yahoo Mobile Europe Exec Mitch Lazar As COO

    Hoping to conquer America, touch-friendly mobile search engine Taptu is opening a US office in Denver, Colorado. But, perhaps more interesting, it’s to be headed up by former Yahoo Mobile European MD, Mitch Lazar, who joined the Taptu Board as recently as March. Not long in that role, his new title is President and Chief Operating Officer, which will see him “heading home”… Read More

  • The Mobile Web continues to expand, according to Taptu

    The proliferation of mobile content has caught Taptu (and a lot of other people) by surprise. Perhaps unsurprisingly the number of mobile applications has also increased rather dramatically. There’s an interesting balance to be struck for content producers between device-specific applications and app stores, and the general availability, but reduced functionality, of a mobile web site. Read More

  • Ex-Yahoo Mobile MD joins Taptu as non-executive Director

    [UK] Cambridge, UK-based Taptu, the mobile search engine that targets the touch-friendly web, has appointed “industry veteran” and former Yahoo Mobile MD Mitch Lazar to its board as a non-executive director. Prior to Yahoo, Lazar “launched, ran and commercialized the mobile services and products” of various media brands, including Time Warner’s CNN, Cartoon… Read More

  • Mobile web may beat out mobile apps in the long run

    Taptu, the mobile search solution, has been keeping an eye on the mobile web — specifically what they’re calling the mobile touch web, which I guess is slightly different from the non-touch mobile web — and has produced a fairly comprehensive report of their findings. Of particular interest is the fact that “there are a higher proportion of shopping and services sites… Read More

  • Taptu iPhone app gets real-time search with OneRiot

    Taptu, the mobile search engine, announced a partnership with OneRiot last month to provide real time search results in their mobile-friendly web site. This worked from any mobile client, not just the iPhone. But one of the points of using a smartphone is the use of native applications. Today Taptu announced that they’ve rolled the real-time search results into their iPhone app. Read More

  • Mobile-friendly search engine Taptu releases half-baked Android app

    [UK] Cambridge, UK-based Taptu, the mobile optimised search engine that, in particular, targets touch screen devices, has released a dedicated Android app. The service already offers a generic browser-based version for mobile phones, along with a native app for the iPhone which disappointingly for Android users, appears to be at least one generation ahead. After playing with the Android app for… Read More

  • Taptu + OneRiot = realtime mobile search

    Taptu, the mobile search engine, is announcing today that they’re using the OneRiot search API to provide realtime search results to mobile devices at their touch-friendly mobile web page. The realtime search results will eventually make their way into the Taptu iPhone app. Full press release inside! Read More

  • iPhone app review: Taptu, the alternative search machine

    Everyone moans about the lack of Flash on the iPhone, right? Let’s face it: if someone makes a solid Flash implementation for the iPhone there would be substantially less interest in making native iPhone apps. You could create a rich user environment in the browser, and the iPhone App Store would be less and less relevant. As things stand now, I prefer native apps over browser apps… Read More

  • Taptu: new search engine, new partner

    News out of Barcelona’s 3GSM conference today includes some from Taptu, the mobile search engine startup launched in the UK in October last year. It’s unveiling an improved version of its search engine and the ability for results to be shared with friends via email, mobile-to-mobile and Twitter. The formerly music and trivia-focused search engine also now adds news and travel to… Read More