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  • This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Android Wear, Nintendo, And Microsoft Windows 10

    This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Android Wear, Nintendo, And Microsoft Windows 10

    Weeks keep happening with no end in sight, and so we press on with our weekly gadgets podcast. This week, TAG Heuer, Intel, and Google announced a partnership that would bring Android Wear to a TAG Heuer-designed smart watch. Meanwhile, Nintendo finally gave in to pressure and announced it would enter the world of mobile gaming, and Microsoft is making a land grab with Windows 10. We discuss… Read More

  • The Rush To Find A Dance Partner Is Causing A Wearables Misstep

    The Rush To Find A Dance Partner Is Causing A Wearables Misstep

    This morning at Baselworld, the world’s premiere luxury watch show, there was ample news about wearables. That’s a sign that wearable tech is coming of age in some ways, but this represents the awkward teen years, not the arrival of adulthood and maturity. The announcements at this event felt like when the music stops in a game of musical chairs, not like the culmination of a… Read More

  • TAG Heuer’s Android Move Means Switzerland Is Embracing The Smartwatch

    TAG Heuer’s Android Move Means Switzerland Is Embracing The Smartwatch

    Today the Swiss watch industry makes a major leap into embracing the smartwatch. LVMH Watch Group head Jean-Claude Biver is not a man to ignore pop culture and all that is modern even though he made his money running companies that sell traditional, mechanical watches. Today, sitting as the CEO of Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, he stands with representatives from Intel and Google announcing the… Read More

  • Intel And Google Team Up With TAG Heuer To Bring Android Wear Uptown

    Intel And Google Team Up With TAG Heuer To Bring Android Wear Uptown

    Your next Android Wear watch could be a TAG Heuer. Intel and Google are today announcing a partnership with the iconic watch brand that will result in a TAG-branded Swiss watch powered by Android Wear. The announcement came at the start of Baselworld, the world-famous watch show in Basel, Switzerland where companies like TAG and Swatch are looking to retain market share. The partnership is… Read More

  • Apple Poaches Patrick Pruniaux, Watch Brand Tag Heuer’s VP Of Sales

    Apple Poaches Patrick Pruniaux, Watch Brand Tag Heuer’s VP Of Sales

    Apple has hired another luxury brand exec away from an established brand. Patrick Pruniaux, VP of sales for watch company Tag Heuer, will join Apple on Monday after seven years in the world of luxury timepieces. Pruniaux, second from the right in the above photograph, joins the company just as talk of an iWatch has risen to a dull roar. Read More

  • Video: A Look At The Fastest Chronograph Watch Ever Made

    Video: A Look At The Fastest Chronograph Watch Ever Made

    The video below shows TAG Heuer’s Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept watch in action. This mechanical watch times things to 1/1000th of a second – 300 times faster than a human blink. As the watch spins maniacally, it’s actually meting out 1/1000ths of a second at 500 Hz. That means the small balance wheel inside pops back and forth 3.6 million times an hour – a speed… Read More

  • Tag Heuer's Android Powered Link Smart Phone

    No, it isn’t a watch but it does tell the time – this is the exclusive debut of the Link Smart Phone with pictures and details. It started with the Meridiist luxury phone in 2008 and now comes the Link Smart Phone – the second major mobile phone from Tag Heuer. It will run Android and be tough as nails according to Tag Heuer. One major complaint many people have about… Read More

  • TAG Heuer (Re)Introduces Their Fancy Android Cellphone

    We’ve been hearing about the TAG Heuer LINK for a while now and it’s finally launching in July. It’s basically a very expensive, very corny Android smartphone with a few specific features including a crown for winding, presumably, the battery. It’s my opinion that if you’re rich enough to afford/silly enough to buy this phone you should probably just buy a nice… Read More

  • Tag Heuer Updates Its Link Watches For 2011

    Among Tag Heuer’s mainstay watch collections is the Link. I believe it was originally introduced in the late 1980s, and has been a major part of the brand’s image since then. The Link’s DNA has always been linked to its bracelet – offering a special look that many have tried to replicate (but not very well). For 2011 Tag Heuer updates and refines the entire link… Read More

  • Tag Heuer Monza Calibre 36 Heritage Watch

    2011 saw both super high-tech and decidedly retro watches from Tag Heuer. The most retro of which was probably this “re-issue” Monza. The Monza came back briefly in 2003 with an updated look using the traditional cushion case. For 2011 original look from the 1930s is back. There is no hiding that this is a retro-themed timepieces. It doesn’t attempt to be… Read More

  • Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Precision Mechanical Chronograph Watch Hands-On

    Tag Heuer was nice enough to share the new Carerra Mikograph 1/100th of a second chronograph watch with me, but the room we were in was too dark to take video! So forgive me for having just the CG movie to show you what the watch looks like while the chrono is working. Though the Mikograph is much faster than a foudroyante watch, if you know what those look like to operate you get the basic idea. Read More

  • TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph: Measure 1/100th Of A Second Like A Boss

    I’m not a huge fan of the stlying in this TAG Mikrograph chrono, but this video is pretty neat. It basically shows the watch measuring a few hundredths of a second in slow motion, a feat that is quite impressive for a mechanical chrono. Read More

  • Tag Heuer Carrera MP4-12C Chronograph Watch

    Tag Heuer is moving in a very interesting direction up market. I don’t think (at least hope) that this means they are going to abandon their lower price segments (as that would be an awful idea), but with the success of the Monaco V4 (along with their vintage market), they feel as though they are justified in offering very expensive timepieces. As such, the new Mikrograph watch they… Read More

  • Video: Tag Heuer Caliper Chrono Ti2 is truly weird

    Another bit of news from Tag is the RS2 Caliper chrono Ti2 running the Caliber 36 movement for 1/10th of a second accuracy. The 36 isn’t new – it appeared in 2008 – but the “caliper” system is quite interesting. The dashboard is a stylish black 43mm dial designed for optimum readability and information. The spotlight feature is the exclusive Caliper Rotating Scale… Read More

  • Tag Heuer launches concept Monaco at Basel this year

    Tag has launched a number of retreads and a new concept at Basel this year. The Monaco chronograph, worn by Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans way back in 1971, is a TH stalwart and they’ve been tweaking the timeless design for years. This year they have a concept chrono with 36,000 bph movement that “floats” inside the case to ensure shock absorption even in a 20 meter… Read More

  • The first videos of TAG Heuer's Meridiist phone

    I originally thought they were moving away from the “phone” idea and creating more of a formal pocket watch, but I was wrong. What we see here is some of the first footage from TAG’s Meridiist phone line which is now available for “reservation”. I don’t suspect anyone but oligarchs and the odd will pick this thing up, but the luxury phone game is going to… Read More

  • TAG Heuer MERIDIIST Phone revealed

    This man loves merde Don’t ask me what a MERIDIIST is — it sounds like a French corprophiliac — but this is TAG’s new “hand assembled” phone. You’ll notice they mention the number of components below. This is a Swiss trick to convince you that their crap is fancier than your crap, so take it with a grain of salt. I’d have to see this thing up… Read More

  • Tag Heuer's $7,000 cellphone is $7,000 worth of "meh"

    I have a Helio Ocean and a Palm Centro I use as my daily dialers (I know, I know) alternatively, and between the two they do nearly everything a cellphone can do, but they’re lacking one thing: crocodile skin. That’s why I should look into this Tag Heuer Meridiist. It’s a very good looking phone from people who make very good looking watches. It’s luxury in your pocket… Read More

  • TAG Heuer watch: WTF?

    OK. If this is real — and there is some indication that it is — then we’ve got ourselves a genuine breakthrough. We reported that TAG is making a phone, but we had no idea that it would be a damn watch phone. TAG Heuer has pretty much gone the sports route, offering quartz pieces to unsuspecting rubes. However, if this phone/watch comes to fruition, they’ll have a hit… Read More

  • TAG Heuer phones are go

    signature.” “Through this agreement, ModeLabs Group is confirming its mission to respond to the expectations of the most prestigious brands in the most exclusive fields, such as luxury watchmaking,” said Stéphane Bohbot, ModeLabs Group CEO. He added, “Like the precision instruments made by the Swiss manufacturer, TAG Heuer mobile phones will feature impeccable… Read More