• T3's "Netpad" puts a few new twists on the tablet format

    Product differentiation is getting more and more difficult these days. The lozenge-shaped, touch-enabled, all-purpose computing device is fast on its way, and while things like the Courier are still serving up surprises, you could be forgiven for thinking most of these big blank screens are pretty similar. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see some smart additions to the tablet… Read More

  • Exclusive video of the Litl Webbook

    When news of the Litl Webbook broke out on Wednesday, I was pleased to learn that the company is located here in Boston, since there aren’t nearly as many people in this area making actual hardware devices, as opposed to software and web companies. I got a chance to sit down with CEO John Chuang for a thorough overview of the Webbook, so check out the above video for some information… Read More

  • Dual-screen OLPC design binned; get ready for the OLPC tablet

    The One Laptop Per Child project has seen mixed success. With competition from similar, but more familiar-looking items from Intel and others, the OLPC found itself suddenly competing in a market it had no intention of entering. But they’re out there, they’ve had some serious orders, and despite some other speed bumps, has certainly lent a hand in increasing computer literacy in… Read More

  • Archos 9 tablet PC just now available for pre-order at $550

    Although previously targeted for launch on October 22nd with a price tag of $500, it looks like Archos’ 9-inch tablet is just now available for pre-order on the company’s web site and priced at $550. Read More

  • And now Creative is jumping into e-book readers and tablets and funcookers and such

    We’re withholding judgment on the Zii platform until somebody really gets a chance to use it in a final form (you can see video of it running Android here), but little did we know that Creative has more planned for the vaguely-defined media platform than PMPs. They’ve just announced that we can expect a sort of media player/e-book reader with the Zii branding sometime…… Read More

  • Gateway EC18T 11.6-inch tablet photos trickle out for all to see

    Ah, mysterious Gateway tablet. Were you not leaked to Engadget by an anonymous tipster, we may not even be talking about you. But your lack of pricing and availability makes you an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Read More

  • Archos 9 tablet due October 22 for $499

    Here’s a little more info on the Archos 9 Tablet. Apparently it’ll be available here in the US on October 22nd, the same day Windows 7 is available. The price tag is pretty aggressive at $499, too. Read More

  • Is 2010 the year of the tablet? Nah.

    There’s a lot of talk of 2010 being the year of the tablet or, more correctly, the year of the Mobile Internet Device (MID). These devices were supposed to change the world a few years ago (remember Origami?) but never did and we basically bumped over MIDs and into netbooks, resulting in the race to the bottom we’re now seeing. But now we learn that Dell might be making a MID and… Read More

  • ASUS T91 tablet netbook to hit US retailers soon

    If you’ve been holding out for a convertible touchscreen tablet netbook, your wait may soon be over. Asus has put the Eee PC T91 up on its US website. Still no exact pricing or availability info yet, unfortunately, although it’ll apparently be available to retailers sometime this week. Read More

  • Video: Archos 9 tablet looks nice, may cost under $500 this fall

    Ooh la la, here’s video of the Archos 9, straight from a recent Archos event in Paris. The quick and dirty: about three hours battery life, Windows 7, 8.9-inch 1024×600 touchscreen, 80GB hard drive, 1.2 GHz Atom CPU, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, kickstand, onscreen keyboard, and SIM card slot for HSDPA. Read More

  • Video: Hybrid HP Mini with pop-out tablet PC looks phenomenal

    Yes, yes, yes. Check out this prototype from VIA. It’s a hybrid tablet PC netbook. The screen pops out of the main body and functions as an Android tablet and when docked back into the body — in this case, an HP Mini 1000-series netbook — it runs XP. Read More

  • Tabletize your laptop via USB for $99

    If you’ve always dreamed of a tablet PC but you don’t want to pay those outrageous department store prices, Brando has a $99 USB kit that’s sure to tickle your giggle bone. Read More

  • Dell multi-touch XT2 tablet now available

    The second go-around for Dell’s multi-touch tablet line, the Latitude XT2, is now available from Dell’s business division with a starting price of $2,399. The company is promising over 11 hours of battery life with a six-cell battery (add $25) and an additional battery slice (add $249). Read More

  • Patent watch: Does this show an Apple tablet?

    What’s this, yet another patent filing that may or may not turn into anything? But, but! It’s from Apple, so let’s all gather ’round the electronic campfire and discuss the implications, together! Actually, she’s pretty neat: a “Display Housing for Computing Device,” or, in English, it’s a possible Apple tablet. Or, maybe, it’s merely a… Read More

  • Intel gets the ‘touchscreen netbook’ thing right with Convertible Classmate PC

    So Intel will officially be rolling out a new version of its Classmate PC at CES – this one, called the Convertible Classmate PC. It’s a tablet netbook with a touchscreen and an accelerometer that adjusts the display for use in both portrait and landscape modes. Read More

  • Netbook + Tablet = Amtek T10L

    A netblet, eh? Here’s the Amtek T10L, a device that’ll apparently be shown of at CES this year. While it’s quite possible that this would never make it to the US and/or it’s not even meant for consumer use, the specs seem to indicate that it could very well be sold as a low cost netbook-class device: Intel Atom N270 chip 512MB RAM, expandable up to 2GB Battery life… Read More

  • Intel Classmate tablet netbook first impressions

    By year’s end, we should see the first units of Intel’s second-generation Classmate PC hitting the shelves. The touchscreen netbook tablet (netblet?) should start at around $499 with Ubuntu Linux installed. Laptop got its hands on an early-production demo unit with a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 60GB hard drive, and Windows XP and put it through some initial testing. Read More

  • Motion LE1700 slate: Slightly durable

    Motion, for some reason, is still making tablets. Their latest, the LE1700, is a semi-rugged model with low voltage U7500 processor, 1400×1050 pixel display, and a 65GB solid state drive. The tablets start at $1,9999 and run Windows Vista. It’s imed at construction works, policemen, bikers, and Native-Americans who need something svelte, sexy, and flat to do their computing on. You… Read More

  • Circuit City pawns getting Microsoft-powered Tablet PCs

    There was a time that a salesman actually needed to have enough skill, or knowledge, to sell a product — not both though. Circuit City got away from salesman way back in 2003, and now they are further enhancing their minions with some tablet PCs. EDGE, which creatively stands for Enhanced Digital Guide Experience, was created with customer in mind, but to be used by the associates on… Read More

  • Lenovo's X200 tablet PC gets spec'd

    Although I’m sure that it will be blown out of the water by the $200 tablet PC Mike wants to build, in the absence of any actual competitor from that sector this X200 looks pretty nice. It’s got a nice laptop-oriented Core2 with a fast FSB, 2 gigs of DDR3 RAM standard, a 12.1″ screen at 1280×800, 3xUSB, express, and card reader slots. Like its predecessors it has a… Read More