• ARM guy: 50 tablet computers coming out in 2010

    Man oh man. This is going to be like the netbooksplosion that happened after the EeePC hit. Roy Chen, a big man at ARM, said at a press meeting that they expect perhaps 50 tablet computers to be made available worldwide in 2010. Of course, in the US, we’ll only see a fraction of them — maybe 15 or 20. Some of these will be knockoffs, some Android devices, some this or that or the… Read More

  • Notice the Windows alternative in HP's slate device. This is a good thing.

    We have written repeatedly that Windows itself is one of the main reasons why touchscreen computers have never caught the general public’s attention. The interface just wasn’t designed for finger input. Like it or not, that’s the truth. Windows was designed to be used with a mouse, and to a lesser extent, a pen or stylus. That’s fine. Windows 7 works great. Read More

  • Ezy Tablet PC features 10.2-inch multitouch screen, runs Windows

    I’ll leave the comparisons between the Ezy Tablet PC and a certain device to be launched in a little under a month up to you. Actually, aside from the casing and the 10.2-inch multitouch LCD, there’s not a whole lot else in the way of commonality. Read More

  • Hey, Doc, looking for an iPad for the ER?

    Barco, makers of high-end medical displays, just launched the CliniScape and ProScribe tablets. The screens are 10.4-inches and 12-inches respectively and are ruggedized and drop resistant. They are also, presumably, blood-proof. The devices run an Intel Core Solo and Windows XP. Read More

  • Panasonic Toughbook C1 claims world’s lightest 12.1-inch convertible tablet crown

    Just 3.2 pounds, folks. That’s all. Jetsetting, globetrotting, running after trains and then jumping into that one open car with all the hay in it. That could be you. Except once you’re in the hay car you could get on Twitter and be like, “Just ran alongside train and jumped in open car filled with hay. Need a Claritin! Blah! ROTFLOL!” Read More

  • Budget 7- and 8-inch Android tablets coming from Archos

    Archos is gunning for the more budget-sensitive crowd with the 7-inch “Archos 7 Home Tablet” running Android atop a 600MHz ARM9 CPU due in April for around $179. Read More

  • OpenTablet 7: sure it looks nice, but all Flash? I don't know about that

    The OpenTablet from OpenPeak looks like a pretty decent little piece of hardware. I don’t see any specs in the release, but it’s based on Intel’s Moorestown platform, has a 7″ screen, and probably is respectable in the areas of RAM and so on.It’s even got two cameras, HDMI out, and more. The thing is, though: it’s all Flash-based. I don’t know about… Read More

  • Color e-reader uses butterfly-based technology to save power

    Oh, biomimetic desigin. Is there anything you can’t do? Well, at any rate, you’re doing this, which is cool enough for now. Qualcomm is putting out a new display technology they call “Mirasol,” which uses reflective bits of color to display an image, much like the way the iridescent scales on butterfly wings do. They claim it draws even less power than e-ink, which… Read More

  • Video: First hands-on with the Notion Ink Adam

    We’ve been looking forward to the Adam for a while now, and some of us think it may actually be a contender against the iPad. Personally, I’m not entirely convinced yet, since I think Android is the wrong OS for a tablet device, but with some custom software on there, this thing really looks like it could kick some butt. The first hands-on goes to Technoholik, where they’ve… Read More

  • Panasonic's Toughbook H1: a tablet for you and your favorite hazardous environment

    Pretend you’re Gordon Freeman. Who am I kidding, you’ve been doing that for years — so this should be easy. The lab is self-destructing around you, a resonance cascade has just torn open a hole in the universe, and there are soldiers everywhere with orders to kill you on sight. You need a tablet, but what with the rocket launcher and seven other weapons, your HEV suit can… Read More

  • Asus confirms: "killer" product coming in early June

    We noted a few weeks ago that Asus would be putting out a sweet tablet during Computex Taipei, and now the internet is all a-twitter after their CEO re-confirmed this. He seems pretty optimistic — but the real question is whether they can bring it to market. I mean, I saw the Eee Keyboard more than a year ago and it’s still not in my living room. Can they really make this… Read More

  • Archos 7 Android tablet specs leak out

    Archos has tablets too, you guys. Let’s not forget about Archos. Whether or not the company purposely let details of the 7-inch “ARCHOS 7 Android” tablet slip out on a product page of an online retailer in the UK (that page has now been removed), you’ve got to admit that the timing is interesting. Read More

  • HP shows off its slate computer while revealing a key disappointing detail (Windows)

    Apple isn’t the only company with tablets. HP and Dell showed off its slate concepts at CES ’10, but their demo’s left us with so many questions. HP’s CTO Phil McKinney at least reveals a bit more about his company’s offering. But hopefully he’s out of the loop a bit and HP actually has more planned for the device. Otherwise, the HP Slate will be about… Read More

  • Boogie Board writing tablet costs $30, features ‘no power LCD technology’

    Going completely paperless just got a bit easier with an LCD tablet that – wait for it – actually seems to be an affordable and useful way to replace paper pads. The Boogie Board from Improv Electronics features  technology from Ohio’s Kent Displays called “Reflex LCD,” a pressure-sensitive, flexible plastic that requires zero power to retain what’s written… Read More

  • ASUS expected to announce sub-$500 Eee Pad in early June

    You guys like tablets? And Tegra? Well according to DigiTimes, “Asustek Computer plans to unveil a tablet PC based on Nvidia’s Tegra processor at Computex Taipei 2010.” That conference runs from June 1st to the 5th. Read More

  • Why in the name of all that is wonderful would you want a slate with a 5" screen?

    Dell debuted some sort of slate product at CES. At first I was intrigued, and then someone told me the size. Five inch screen. Five inches, people. That’s one and a half inches more than an iPhone. Take your thumbs and index fingers and make a little window with them — you know, like a photographer or director does. That’s about five inches if your hands are at all like mine. Read More

  • Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 tablets! Some less than $200! The future! Now!

    You know what’s so hot for Y2K10? Tablets. If you want to get just about anybody in the technology journalism industry all riled up, just talk about tablets. It’s also a good way to make small talk. Texas-based Freescale, purveyor of fine ARM Cortex chips for various mobile devices, is getting in on the tablet madness full force by promising to demonstrate strange and wonderful… Read More

  • The Mag+ shows how we might one day read magazines, if mags don't die first

    See that tablet concept thing designed by design agency BERG? Yeah, that might be the future of print publications. But you probably already knew that. For the past 20 years tablets have been deemed the next-gen magazine, but so far nothing has been produced that actually steps up to the task. And don’t get excited, that tablet isn’t real. It’s just a concept of the format… Read More

  • Tablets, tablets, tablets: What to expect at CES 2010

    Every year at CES there’s a theme, a trend that runs through the event like a seam of CE gold. A few years ago it was GPS devices and last year it was netbooks. There was a period of laser TVs in there somewhere along with some 3D stuff, but generally you could watch almost every manufacturer fall over themselves to get something out the door that matched the zeitgeist. This year… Read More

  • "This means something:" Why the magazine industry is suddenly crowing about tablets

    Whenever companies do something inexplicable, the nerd in me always comes back to that scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when Richard Dreyfus keeps building models of a mountain, culminating in a huge, muddy mess in his kitchen. Throughout it all he keeps saying “This means something.” Well, the latest molehill into a mountain is the move by Time Inc. and Conde Nast… Read More