• The top seven iPad knockoffs

    Either you lead or follow and Chinese manufacturing houses have been chasing Apple’s designs for years. The iPad is just their latest victim. You can’t blame them, really. It’s the hottest device since the rotary phone. We’ve seen a steady stream of clones flowing onto the web for months. Here’s the seven best starting with the just-found iPed. Read More

  • OLPC tablet to have dual-mode screen, run Android, be at CES 2011

    The One Laptop Per Child program’s leader, Nicholas Negroponte, showed off some renderings of the XO-3 tablet, and announced several new details. The occasion for the presentation was a partnership with Marvell, whose extremely low-cost Moby tablet design surfaced a few months ago. They’re working with Marvell (and Pixel Qi, reportedly) to produce this new tablet, which they are… Read More

  • Via to flood the US market with five sub-$150 Android tablets by year's end

    2010 was called the year of the tablet and Via might make that come true. The chip maker plans on releasing five tablets by the end of the year. The kicker is that these five models will cost between $100 and $150 — or so says a Bloomberg report. These tablets are said to run Android and will be available in the states in the second half of the 2010. Via’s upcoming tablets are… Read More

  • Intel to debut dedicated tablet "solution" at Computex

    Intel is ready to take on the Apple A4 CPU and will show off its solution at the upcoming Computex conference. The chip maker is apparently almost ready to unveil a silicon meant specifically for tablets. Who knows if Intel PC Client Group VP actually had the green light to reveal the upcoming announcement, but that’s exactly what he did. Read More

  • Two minutes' hate: competitors smash ice apple at Windows tablet event

    I know, it’s all in fun. But it’s kind of funny that Apple is now the one being hammered. Read More

  • The Inkia inPad 701 and inPad 702 breaks onto the scene

    >Inkia isn’t a new player in the tablet game and so the inPad 701 and inPad 702 might be solid contenders. Details are a bit light but we know that both run Android on a 7-inch screen with the 702 model getting a 3G module. It’s probably safe to assume that the target market is Asia but retails such as Dynamism has a long history of bringing similar products to the states. That… Read More

  • Dell's Streak micro-tablet to hit Europe in June, US "later this summer"

    I’m not sure who among you is really pumped about a 5-inch tablet when we’ve got phones approaching that size, but hey, diff’rent tablets for diff’rent… users, right? It looked okay when we saw it a while back, but who will buy the 5-incher knowing there are 7- and 10-inch variants on the way? I guess maybe if you want one for each pocket. Read More

  • Acer to debut Chrome OS devices at Computex?

    Acer has said for a while now that they would be the first to market with Chrome OS devices. Seems like that would be up to Google, but I guess it helps to be willing and able. Sources are now saying that these devices will debut as early as June 1 at the Computex show in Taipei. Read More

  • The ExoPC's release date and GPU, everyone

    We’ve been following the ExoPC‘s development with a bit of curiosity and excitement. It’s one of the only tablets, along with the Notion Ink Adam and WePad, that has a chance to grab a bit of marketshare away from the iPad. The ExoPC just got a bit more interesting, too. Blog Geek just got confirmation that the slate will use the Broadcom BCM70012 or Crystal HD, which should… Read More

  • AigoPad re-revealed, sports 7-inch screen, Tegra 2, and Android 2.1

    This is the second Android-and-ARM-based tablet to hit just today. At this rate, we’ll be buried in them. This one is called the Aigo N700, and although it looks completely different from the AigoPad we saw announced a couple months back, I’m guessing that they just decided to redo the shell. There are also 5-inch and 4-inch versions coming, but I really don’t see the… Read More

  • The Archos 5 Internet Tablet gets access to Android Market's paid apps

    The Archos 5 Internet Tablet just got a bit cooler. It finally has access to paid apps from the Android Market thanks to the latest firmware. This solves one of the biggest gripes we’ve heard about the small Android tablets. Previsously users could only download the free Android apps, not the preimum apps that cost something. This is actually a significant move in the Android tablet… Read More

  • NetWalker PC-T1: Sharp announces mini tablet for Japan for next month

    The iPad hasn’t landed in Japan yet, giving domestic competitors some room for their own announcements for tablet PCs. Sharp, for example, today unveiled [JP] the NetWalker PC-T1, which looks like a tablet variant of the PC-Z1 the company introduced last year. Both models look pretty similar, it’s just that the older device lost the keyboard to become the T1. Read More

  • Lenovo's hybrid laptop-tablet U1 is approaching release

    Lenovo has just updated its site with some encouraging words, saying that its freaky U1 hybrid tablet-laptop is “coming soon.” The news isn’t really the imminence of its arrival, but rather that it’s arriving at all. I gave it a thorough hands-on at CES, and it seemed pretty beta — but a cool idea. Maybe they’ve worked out some of the kinks? Read More

  • Well, of course Google is working on a tablet

    There is much excited talk right now about Eric Schmidt letting slip that Google is indeed working on a tablet. Yeah, I think we all knew that. The only real surprise is that it’s running Android, possibly with Chrome tacked on as the browser. Why not ChromeOS? I suppose Google thinks it would be pretty ridiculous to debut a new OS with a new device, with only web apps available, when… Read More

  • The WePad gets a price and launch date (update: Now with a demo of the interface!)

    The WePad made headlines a few weeks back when the tablet launched out of seemingly nowhere. It’s really the anti-iPad with multitasking, Flash, SD card slot, USB, along with the Android Marketplace, but while maintaining Apple’s sleek design. But the pricing and availability wasn’t mentioned with the hardware specs. The company just went public with those deets’ along… Read More

  • Meizu up to their old tricks, clones the iPad this time

    It looks like Meizu has done it again. This Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for its iPhone clones has recently revealed a new product that looks surprisingly similar to the iPad. Read More

  • More details about the ExoPC slate surface

    The ExoPC is shaping up to be a major contender in the tablet PC space with the iPad’s good looks and an affair of ExoPC UI-Layer on top of Windows 7. And if these leaked capabilities are in fact coming, the HP Slate better look out. This guy will steal some of its thunder. Read More

  • Nokia plans to join the tablet party with Intel team-up

    The iPad may be the first truly viable tablet product on the market, but can it withstand repeated blows from serious rivals like Google, HP, and Microsoft? Within a year, we’ll be looking at 15-20 tablet options and if you don’t think some might approach or surpass the iPad in quality and usability, well, you’re a fanboy. The latest addition to the lineup: Nokia is working on… Read More

  • Review: Viliv S10 Blade convertible netbook

    I hate it when a product like the Viliv S10 Blade looks so good as a concept but fails to live up to its potential. The S10 has a late-model Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a multitouch 10-inch screen. Should be solid, right? Wrong. Read More

  • The Archos 9 PC Tablet makes room for the Atom Z515 CPU

    Isn’t it grand when companies somewhat silently update their products with new hardware but keeps the previous price. That’s just what Archos did with the 9 PC Tablet. Overnight it went from the Intel Atom Z510 1.1GHz CPU to the Z515 1.2GHz Atom with Hyper-Threading and Intel Burst Performance Technology. It’s a nice little spec bump, actually. Read More