• Live From All Things Digital: Gates and Ballmer Preview Windows 7, Multi-Touch

    Live From All Things Digital: Gates and Ballmer Preview Windows 7, Multi-Touch

    Michael is at the D6 conference in Carlsbad, California where Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are set to take the stage this opening night and preview the user interface of Microsoft’s next operating system, known as Windows 7. It is expected to be released in 2010 and to replace Vista. During the keynote, Corporate VP Julie Larson-Green demoed new multi-touch functionality based on the… Read More

  • Microsoft Research: Silicon Valley Sneak Peek Event

    On Thursday May 22, Microsoft will open up its Silicon Valley office to a select crowd. The agenda – Rick Rashid (SVP Global Research) and Roy Levin (Director Silicon Valley Lab) will show twelve new research projects, focusing on search, graphics, security, privacy. No word if they’ll be showing off TouchWall, but it’s worth trying to get in just in case they do. The event is… Read More

  • Arrington Gets His Hands On Microsoft TouchWall

    Mike had a chance yesterday to try out the new Microsoft TouchWall, which debuts at the CEO Summit today (more video at that second link). Watch the vid above to see how it responds to the touch of a new user. Not bad, I’d say, although it does get a bit jittery at times. It’s impressive that all of this is possible with just a few hundred dollars worth of off-the-shelf equipment… Read More

  • Touchwall: Microsoft's Inexpensive Wall-Based Multi-Touch Interface

    Touchwall: Microsoft's Inexpensive Wall-Based Multi-Touch Interface

    Bill Gates will demo a new multi-touch computer and interface today called TouchWall at the Microsoft CEO Summit in Redmond. TouchWall refers to the touch screen hardware setup itself; the corresponding software to run TouchWall, which is built on a standard version of Vista, is called Plex. TouchWall and Plex are superficially similar to Microsoft Surface, a multi-touch table computer that… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface tables at five AT&T locations starting today AT&T is rolling out Microsoft’s Surface today. There are no new features other than what we saw at CTIA a few weeks back. It’s… Read More

  • Video: AT&T, Microsoft Surface demo This video is unedited, so my apologies for the inclusion of any unwanted extra footage, but I wanted to get it up ASAP. Read More

  • Surface coming to AT&T gets a date: April 17

    Earlier this year at CES I got to spend some time with Microsoft’s Surface device, and I was impressed by what they’re doing. I’ll admit I went in with the attitude of “oh, touchscreen table, big deal”, but it’s far, far more than that. Earlier today we brought you news that Surface was going to start appearing in AT&T stores, perhaps as customer… Read More

  • Surface to surface in AT&T stores

    Surface to surface in AT&T stores

    And you thought the Surface was all hot air! Microsoft and AT&T have teamed up to place Surface computers in AT&T stores. By placing a phone on the machine, you can call up information and specifications for any phone in the store. We’re not yet sure if you can put your drinks on the Surface machines or order back rubs from store employees. These machines will have 30 inch… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface Coming To AT&T Stores

    Microsoft Surface Coming To AT&T Stores

    Microsoft’s Surface computer will make its commercial debut April 17 in AT&T stores in New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Francisco. Microsoft first unveiled the Surface back in May 2007; the coffee-table like computer allows touch screen interaction with various surfaces, can recognize objects places on it and even interact with things like mobile phones. AT&T said… Read More

  • Surface-alike table

    It’s a big freaking table. Read More

  • Microsoft looks to turn Surface into sphere because consumers like spheres

    [photopress:msftsursph.jpg,full,center] Microsoft may be redesigning the Surface in order to make it more appealing to consumers. Current rumors point to a sphere-shaped Surface, which may or may not have been making the rounds in Redmond’s rec rooms. Apparently the thinking is that the current table-top design of the Surface isn’t consumer friendly enough, never mind the fact… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface gets its' first game, Firefly

    Matt was impressed by the Surface back at CES so I’m inclined to go along based on his judgement. The Sarcastic Gamer gets up close and personal with the Surface’s first game called Firefly. Check out the video and see what it’s all about. It looks really neat. Read More

  • Microsoft is trying its darnedest to get a Surface to your home

    Microsoft is trying its darnedest to get a Surface to your home

    When our own intrepid reporter took on the Surface at CES, he came away completely convinced and eager to acquire one to use as his coffee table since his current one (and his dog) were ruined by a vengeful and intoxicated lady friend. Well, Microsoft really, really wants to make his dream a reality, not least because they could charge him like $15,000 for the privelege. At the moment… Read More

  • It's Spreading: Multitouch the lunch box, multitouch the breakfast cereal, multitouch the flaaamethrower!

    It's Spreading: Multitouch the lunch box, multitouch the breakfast cereal, multitouch the flaaamethrower!

      Big surprise here. The wonderful “multitouch” interface used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and new MacBook Air is; A) not Apple’s invention, B) famous because of Apple, and C) will begin appearing in more and more devices. Read More

  • CG's CES Highlights: Hands on with the Surface Matt Hickey got a chance to sit down with the Microsoft Surface and discovered that it’s not just a bigass table. Read More

  • Sony does Surface-like photo transfers Hey, look at this doodad. It’s similar to a near-field technology feature that Microsoft showed off a while ago with its Surface technology except this is from Sony. You basically drop your camera on top of that cube, which is actually a media storage device. The cube senses that your camera is there… Read More

  • The Truth That Dare Not Speak: The CES Keynote Sucked

    The Truth That Dare Not Speak: The CES Keynote Sucked

    Another year and another keynote speech at CES tops the headlines on Techmeme. The team over a CrunchGear did a good job under the circumstances live blogging Bill Gates and others from Microsoft as they spoke on stage, but it’s a speech no one is yet seriously telling the truth about. The Microsoft keynote at CES sucked. Sucked is not a word I usually throw around with glee abandon… Read More

  • Microsoft delays Surface technology

    Microsoft delays Surface technology

    Microsoft had hoped to get its Surface technology up and running by the end of the year. It’s now not going to be ready until Spring of 2008, which doesn’t surprise me a bit. This has been happening a lot lately. Before you ask me if and why I hate Microsoft so much, let me tell you that I’m typing this using Microsoft software on a Windows Vista computer. I’m not a… Read More

  • Microsoft Reader Optimized for Origami, All Five Origami Lovers Rejoice

    Microsoft Reader Optimized for Origami, All Five Origami Lovers Rejoice

    I thought UMPCs had gone the way of the Tablet PC and polio, but not so. Apparently Microsoft has just rewritten its Reader application for Origami, allowing at least a VW Beetle-load of people the opportunity to read ebooks in all their magical, blazing glory. Next: MineSweeper redesigned for maximum Microsoft Surface compatibility. Product Page via Origami Project Read More

  • Microsoft's Surface: The Truth

    It’s not an iPhone, it’s a bigass table. via FurryGoat Read More