• Let The News Find You: Msgboy Reads The Web For You In Real Time

    Let The News Find You: Msgboy Reads The Web For You In Real Time

    Keeping up with the news is pretty much a full-time job these days. Thankfully, recommendation services like Zite and Flipboard have figured out some ways of keeping their users informed without overloading them with information. Ideally, though, a recommendation service wouldn’t just learn about the articles you read in a certain app and what you or your friends share on Twitter or… Read More

  • LeWeb: Superfeedr – the lube for the real-time web?

    [US] Superfeedr wants to help you out with all your feed needs and hope to be “the lube for the real-time web”. Interesting. The service promises to collect up to a 1000 feeds for free and push them to users in real time, which in reality means less than 15 minutes. The service turns feeds into one standardised format and users can add any atom or RSS feeds they want, but also… Read More

  • SuperFeedr Wants To Speed Your Feeds

    The first randomly selected audience winner today at the RealTime CrunchUp is SuperFeedr. They are an API service that works with both XMPP and PubSubHubbub (which launched at the first CrunchUp) to create realtime content feeds. As they noted on stage, it’s hard to demo something that is API only, but one implementation that we’ve written about before is, which we wrote… Read More

  • Exclaim Track: Track Twitter Search Terms Over IM In Near Real Time

    Twitter Search is great, but you have to be on Twitter’s site or one of the third-party apps to use it. This requires an active approach; you must enter terms and load or reload the results to get what you want. That’s why Twitter’s old “track” feature was so great, it would ping you every time a keyword you were searching for came up. Unfortunately, as growth… Read More