• PRIMEHPC FX10: Fujitsu To Market New Supercomputer To Companies

    PRIMEHPC FX10: Fujitsu To Market New Supercomputer To Companies

    Fujitsu announced it has adapted technology from its supercomputer “K” (which is the world’s fastest) into PRIMEHPC FX10, a commercial model that will be offered globally. The PRIMEHPC FX10 can be scaled up to a 98,304 nodes/1,024 rack configuration with a top theoretical processing performance of 23.2 petaflops (23,200 trillion computations per second). Fujitsu is marketing… Read More

  • Fujitsu “K”: The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Is Now Even Faster

    Fujitsu “K”: The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Is Now Even Faster

    Japan took the top spot from China in the ranking for the world’s fastest supercomputer back in June, when the International Supercomputing Conference said “K”, a supercomputer made by Fujitsu, is outperforming China’s Tianhe-1A. In August, the Japanese government said it is ready to pump another US$1.3 billion into supercomputer development, and today, K is faster… Read More

  • IBM supercomputer of unheard-of size to monitor nukes

    The US Government has decided at last that it’s time for Skynet. They’ve tapped IBM to create a supercomputer nearly twenty times as powerful as the current world champion: IBM’s Roadrunner, running at 1.1 petaflops. The computer is to be in charge of making sure that America’s nuclear arsenal is in a working state at all times. That seems like more of a job for guys… Read More

  • Cray's CX1: a supercomputer for your desktop

    Actually, it might not fit. Aside from the awful photoshop job Giz points out, there’s no way of saying how big this thing is. I’m guessing somewhat bigger than a microwave, but I could be wrong and it could be as tall as Cleopatra’s needle. The CX1 has a bunch of “nodes” that you can customize with CPUs, hard drives and so on, and actually runs on Windows. You… Read More

  • Intel and Cray getting in bed together – wait, Cray?

    Who knew that Cray was still a player in the supercomputing field? Not only that, but they’re making news. Cray computers have been using AMD processors for a while now, but Intel has convinced them to include Xeons in their 2010-scheduled "Cascade" series of machines instead of the current Opteron configuration. Getting Cray isn’t exactly a lethal blow to AMD, but… Read More

  • Playstation 3's used by scientists as mini Supercomputers

    [photopress:psthree003.jpg,full,center] Now that Blu-ray is the decisive winner in the next-gen format wars, it’s time to take another look at the PS3. Game play and disc features aside, it’s a sound system. Did you know that scienticians use them to frickin’ model black holes? Maybe you can find one on sale. Why scientists love games consoles [The Telegraph] Read More

  • Iran builds supercomputer with illegal AMD chips

    Oh, wonderful. Apparently Iran has used 216 AMD processors to build the largest supercomputer in the country. AMD immediately responded by saying that it’s never shipped anything to Iran due to the big fat embargo the US has that prohibits exports to Iran. The computer system will be used for weather research and forecasting, according to Iranian scientists. Iranian Scientists… Read More